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I thought the "Duel of Two Women" would be about Bay and Natalie, but the real duel took place between Regina and Melody - and that was extremely disappointing.

And while Bay and Natalie came to a truce, did the other two women do the same? Let's see what a weekend at a tolerance retreat brought about...

Shouldn't Melody have planned the required student tolerance retreat on school time? They were already discontinuing programs left and right and grating on both the deaf and hearing students last nerves. Was cutting into their private time really the ideal way to go about bringing them together? Including all of the hearing kids and only some of the deaf kids clearly set the former even farther apart from their deaf counterparts. It could have been done much better.

Bay's Retreat

The first group formed for an exercise was comprised of Daphne, Natalie, Bay, Emmett and Noah. Really, Melody? Targeting students much?

The school's guidance counselor took her unease with the pilot program on the tolerance retreat. Sitting them all in a room and telling them to grow up might have been just as effective. Neither group understood the other, and someone like Noah, who was transitioning between the two, had the best chance to grasp the consequences of not fitting into both worlds. She should have known about his condition.

That there was a breakthrough with Bay and Natalie made it worthwhile, and I'm guessing they will eventually end up friends. The thing we've lost in our world is the ability to yell at each other and call each other names without repercussion. It's that lack of outpouring of grief and tension that leads to things like schools shootings, so the underlying idea behind the retreat was wall thought out, even if it seemed a bit heavy handed and targeted. After two people do what Bay and Natalie did - get their anger out and begrudgingly admit their positive attributes - friendships often blossom.

It was a shame that Melody couldn't do that in her own life. What's going on with her? Regina was fighting what every doctor was telling her about signing, and she lost her career as well as her ability to indulge her artist's creativity - but Melody immediately decided she must be faking it for attention because she'd never known anyone who was broken enough not to sign before.

It was a stunning development between those two friends, highlighting exactly what was happening with the pilot program at the school and why she was against it.

Kathryn's interview about her family to promote John's Senatorial run was horrid. The way she jumped into a political speech on immigrants and being inclusive felt so false, especially when John has said so many negative things about Angelo, as well as expressing his displeasure about the immigrant population and the poor in general by his over-concern about Daphne taking the food truck to her old neighborhood in "The Awakening Conscience." John took Kathryn to task about her discussion and they were out of sorts again.

In an odd little outlying story, Toby somehow got tied up in Lana's baby drama. He was getting his car fixed and since hers wasn't done, he offered a ride. Paying attention not being his strong point, he smashed his car and at a trip to the hospital he learned she was planning on giving the baby up for adoption. That's not great news for Lana, of course, but at least it means she wasn't after Angelo for money. She was honestly giving him the opportunity to be involved in her baby's life if he wanted to be involved.

Since out of family adoptions rarely happen on television and are only slightly less prevalent than abortions, she will most likely end up either sticking around and adding to the already extended and interesting brood or giving the baby to them directly.

Do you think it's really the end for Bay and Emmett? It was easy to work out that he thought she went to Carlton to be with him, but there was much more to her decision than that. The retreat was very stressful, and Bay's first week at school has done everybody in, so I'm not going to hold him to cutting off his friendship with Bay just yet. What they have runs so deep that he'll realize as difficult as it was to be with her without being with her, it will be even more so to be near her without being her friend.

I'm sticking with that. What about you?


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I just to need to say as someone who wears a cochlear implant since the age of two I am completely offended in how the show portrayed someone wearing a cochlear implant in tonight's episode with John's heart attack. They made a negative view of the cochlear implant on Daphyne. They made her look like she had no struggles wearing a cochlear implant and so in denial of being deaf. They made her look like she had it so easy and snobby with the cochlear implant. And I'm here to tell you that is not the case. Listening and learning to speak with the cochlear implant was not easy but I wouldn't trade it for the world because it gave me more opportunities in the hearing world. And now I'm in the deaf community thriving in the hearing world. I am learning sign while I prefer to speak. And I'm not in denial of being deaf. The view of the cochlear implant on the show looked so close minded and inaccurate.


Anyone know the song they played at the end of the episode when Emmett walked away from Bay?? Thanks


I too hate how much hate Angelo gets from this bunch. They never gave him a chance. I hate to see next week how him and Bay get into an argument. He needs a little more understanding from these people. I hated how angry Melody got with Regina. It is not Regina fault she can't sign. Why would she fake that when that is a special thing between her and Daphne. I like the Noah character but I not sure I want Bay to start liking him. Her being alone right now seems like a good thing. I also don't get why Regina doesn't try to spend more time with Bay. They never really have any moments together. I wish the show would give them more time together and see how their relationship would grow.


Question? Isn't what is going on with Noah what happened to the actress who plays Dap?


I see a love triangle with Bay, Dap and Noah. I loved when Noah said wheres a volleyball when you need it. I think Bay is tring to get her life back on track and is not looking for a boyfriend at all. I think Emmitt and Bay will end up together but later. Emmitt and Melody did not like hearing people but where ok with Regina. I was surprised that Melody did not understand what Regina was going through or what the hearing kids where going though. Also I don't understand why the deaf kids are hating the hearing kids so much when this is suppose to be a program for family of deaf kids. You would think they would be more understanding. But I can also see Regina cant even do little signs from time to time? I did feel bad for Regina now that she has to get a new career. I don't like the Angelo hate. Angelo should care about Dap because she "is" Regina's daughter. And if it wasn't for Dap he would not have his millions. I have always wondered why there is not more of a relationship between Regina and Bay. Something tells me Angelo will end up keeking the baby. Angelo's has to give permission to give the child up if it is his.


Repition and the other characters' frequent talk about him but without actually showing me why he's any worse than any of the other characters. Because,that I've yet to see! Especially out of the adults, and I'm not a fan of any of them but I suppose them being flawed is the purpose


@LelahRose Angelo wasn't obligated to tell Regina anything about this pregnant woman when he didn't know everything going on with her either. Then he told her and she behaved as though he somehow cheated on her when they weren't even together. I think the lines about honesty are a bit too murky. At what point is he allowed to have private business that he's dealing with? I don't like or understand why he's required to be an open book and no one else is. I also don't understand why his being dishonest is any different than Regina being dishonest. And while they've been known to villianize her on occasion it is never to the extent of Angelo. Just like I don't understand how. Regina is allowed to be changed and recovered and no one chooses to believe that he is. He's paying and taking the blame for he and Regina 's past, and he's blamed for everything imaginable now. I just don't see where its warranted, I feel like they're trying to brainwash me into seeing him a certain way with repitition and w/o showing me why he's any worse than any of the other characters.


Noah's storyline is cool. And I can understand why he didn't want to tell anyone about his ailment, after Bay found out she started neurotically worrying about him. That would get annoying really fast. He's obviously going to fall for Daphne while Bay falls for him. Which is great because Daphne and Bay always have great love triangles. Those two actresses do a wonderful job with drama. Just as I was starting to like Melody. Her speech to Daphne was badass. I get she's hurt that her friend can't sign but to say that she's doing it on purpose was WAY over the line. Melody's hate of hearing people is becoming over the top. Isn't acceptance amongst hearing and deaf people the goal of any teacher or parent? Guess not.


Angelo lied to Bay directly, after she defended him. He also lied about being a fugitive. Adrianna doesn't like him because her daughter used to get drunk with him, an old bias. Angelo also failed to tell Regina that he impregnated another woman, while trying to re-new a relationship with her. I think the point the writers are trying to get across is that Angelo isn't honest. He's the guy that looks like he's going to deliver all of these amazing things and fails to do so. We get that he's trying but he just doesn't seem to be able to be truthful. Ignore Kathryn and John, they're always judgmental. Remember what they used to say about Regina? I think Bay has every reason to hesitate about getting back together with Emmett. They just started being friends again. I thought it was very mature of her not to jump into a relationship she wasn't ready for. I understand Emmett's hurt but Bay's got a lot going on.


I don't get the Angelo hate, it is turning me off of this show. He hasn't done anything to merit all the hate, especially from Daphne and Bay. What's wrong with him not being interested in Daphne? She is not his kid, keeping her was Reginas decision and he left because he knew she wasn't his. I see NOTHING wrong with that. He has done nothing but try to get to know Bay, his daughter and still I just don't know why he is being demonized by the writers. The reason I was so interested in the show was to see Bay get to know her parents as well as Daphne. But they've all turned on Angelo. What's up with Regina having so little contact with Bay? Seriously its like they are purposely not giving them scenes together. Its annoying and at this point I'm losing interest in this show:(

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Noah: Where's a volleyball when you need one, huh?
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