The CW Adds Julie Plec/Greg Berlanti Drama to Pilot Slate

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Julie Plec may soon be the busiest woman in Hollywood.

Already in charge of The Vampire Diaries, and set to run The Vampire Diaries spinoff (assuming that goes to series), The CW now confirms that The Tomorrow People is in development, with Plec and Greg Berlanti (Arrow) set to executive produce.

The pilot - adapted from a 1970s UK series - tracks a group young people from around the globe who possess superhuman powers and are considered to be the next stage of our evolution. Think X-Men meets... all other shows on The CW aimed at a young demographic.

Tomorrow People

The network has also ordered the pilot for Blink, a dramedy that focuses on a father who is stuck in a coma-like state following a car crash, yet can see and hear everything around him.

These shows join a slate of other pilots from The CW, including another stab at The Hunger Games-like drama The Selection.

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Interested in the tomorrow people... Could work especially with X-Men's new movie now getting started. I sincerely hope that Berlanti fires Plec because all she will do is destroy the show. Case in point Season 3 and parts of season 4 The Vampire Diaries.


I think Tomorrows People could grab people's attention. People are complaining about wanting The CW going more sci-fi, so it could work out.
As for Blink, I don't see that going anywhere. Wasn't The CW told to get away from drama shows? Possibly not the best pilot.


I remember the orginal Tomorrow people, not sure at all about a remake.

Sarah silva

Spindae 2.0 I feel the same way!

Spindae 2o

I'm really not into the cw pilots. They are trying to hard and not in the gopd way. But I won't judge rhe pilot-possible shows before the castings are revealed.


Give it to them, CW got mad perseverance.

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