Daniel Gillies Confirmed for The Vampire Diaries Spinoff

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In case you needed another reason to be excited for The Vampire Diaries spinoff...

Multiple sources confirm that fan favorite Daniel Gillies will reprise his beloved role of Elijah on both the April 25 backdoor pilot for The Originals AND the series itself, with Deadline reporting Gillies will be a regular cast member if the show is picked up for the fall.

Daniel Gillies as Elijah

The spinoff will find Klaus back in New Orleans and dealing with his diabolical protege, an uncast vampire named Marcel. Look for Elijah to side with Marcel's enemies in an attempt to keep Klaus in line and maybe even find redemption for his brother.

Phoebe Tonkin has also been confirmed for the series as Hayley, while The CW is casting for Camille, a human psychology student who will take an interest in Klaus as she tries to determine the basis for evil.

So... are now more excited for The Vampire Diaries spinoff? Will you watch it?

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Elijah being in it definitely changes things. I might watch.


@ Flora (=liarsunited) I'll agree that sometimes they are, but more than anything it's really just annoying

David and sabrina 2014

It would be cool if Elijah can help out to fix this crazy topsy turvy madness and if this show would feel normal again.Forget the Delena fans. Please bring back the Stelena moments we used to love. ;P =(


I wasn't that excited to watch the TVD spinoff BUT now that Daniel Gilles has joined the project I'm really considering watching it. I have a questin thou: is he gonna be a series regular or hust a recirrent special guest? Coz , correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't he one of themain roles on Saving Hope tv show along side w/ ( my beloved) Erica Durance from Smallville?

Fruit salad

YES! Looks like there's some hope for this spinoff after all! I'll certainly watch it, at least the pilot. Thank god Daniel is finally getting some appreciation for his work.


i was just thinking about why they want Hayley so badly...she's from the original werewolf family so she is somehow related to Klaus! Oh well, just a theory lol


FINALLY!! The best actors will not be wasted on TVD watching the bermuda triangle of doom going around in circles. Now these brothers I can watch as long as they don't BOTH fall for some insignificant little twat!


Cant wait i love Daniel Gilies !! and Elijah !


show is better with the Originals!


llk_vomit LMFAO I think they're pretty funny.

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