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The Vampire Diaries met The Twilight Saga in this week's edition of our feature, as reader "TVDfan" had no choice but to compare a shirtless Michael Trevino to the look so often donned by Jacob Black in that movie franchise.

Hey, we understand.

Who actually does look better shirtless? We'll leave that to fans to debate.

But read the winning entry below and do not fret if you did not come out on top this week. There's always next time! We post a new Caption Content photo every single Friday!

Shirtless caption pic

Tyler: My body is better than Jacob's, right?

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Caroline: "What are you smirking at?" Klaus/Tyler: "I just thought you were more stacked than that. Seriously, I have bigger pecs than you."


Klaus (in Tyler's body): What, isn't this your dream come true? Tyler's six-pack actually attached to a brain?


Klaus: How did you know it was me?
Caroline: How can you be that bad at kissing? You're a thousand years old!


Caroline: Quick, what’s 3 x 9?
Tyler: Twenty-seven.
Caroline: So it is you, Klaus! Tyler would have had to count on his fingers.


Caroline: We staked Klaus, you should be dead... Tyler: Why the hell do you sound really - REALLY - disappointed?!


Tyler: Damon and Elena may have stolen my sire bond storyline, but we still have made out in more places than they have.


Tyler: U look like little red riding hood minus the whole cape.
Caroline: oh yeah, u look like the big bad wolf, minus the big and bad.


caroline : erm tyler why are you naked ? tyler: the question is why arent you? caroline tuche


Tyler: Yes its true. I wear a mouth guard at night.

Ava mila

Tyler: Caroline, you look upset! What's wrong?
Caroline: Dan is Gossip Girl! Dan freaking Humphrey!!! I've wasted so many years on this show and now it's all ruined.
Tyler: Yeah, I know the feeling. I cried for a week when the love of my teenage life, Jen Lindley died on the Dawson' s Creek series finale. (getting all teared up)
Caroline: Oh baby, I bet some hot vampire sex will make you feel better.
Tyler: Since I'm already shirtless we should definitely give it a try.

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