The Vampire Diaries Review: Hitting the Mark

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You got me, Vampire Diaries.

Following a few lackluster Season 4 episodes, you reeled me back in with "A View to A Kill" and, yes, you did it by bringing out the humanity in both Rebekah and Klaus. You did it via some very cool action sequences that resulted in the Gilberts taking out Kol. You did it by making me believe in Strebekah as a couple.

But, let's be honest: you mostly did it with your shout-out to Bon Jovi.

Reacting to Stefan

Unlike the rock anthem that helped turn Rebekah on to the 80s, this episode was all about wanting Kol dead... or dead. It was a mission shared by Elena, Jeremy, Matt, Stefan and even the Original's siblings.

Was the return of Kol random and unexplained? Yes, but not as random and unexplained as Bonnie's father having "sources" that can pump vervain into the town's water. But more importantly, it served an important purpose here: the hour felt coherent, it felt well-paced, it built to a fatal crescendo that heated up both Kol's body and the search for The Cure.

Everyone is now on the same team, really. They may want the elixir for different purposes, but that will simply serve to make it that much more interesting when they actually find it. For now, everyone and everything has been brought together.

There's a common purpose among our favorite Mystic Falls residents, as that concluding scene perfectly combined interpersonal relationships and conflicts (Damon vs. Stefan! Bonnie vs. her parents! Matt vs. the temptation to wear his varsity jacket!) with one over-arching storyline. High drama/suspense? Mixed with well-layered, intriguing character developments? Sounds like the recipe for what's made The Vampire Diaries so great over the years, doesn't it?

You might say that the closing few moments really hit the mark. Eh? Eh?!? Okay, perhaps only I might say that.

But what made the episode so delightful as it made it way up to the Jeremy shirt rip and the growing of the map?

  • Joseph Morgan. Granted, I could write this every week. But the actor pulled off Klaus' vulnerability with a single look upon asking Damon what he says to Elena... and then went in the complete opposite direction when he flipped the eff out after witnessing Kol's death.
  • Related to the first bullet point, but great exchanges between Damon and Klaus, the show's two bad boys who are sort of alike, except for this well-put difference, as uttered perfectly by Big D: You do bad things for no reason. You do them to be a dick… if you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose.
  • Lexi mention!
  • And a Lexi mention that actually fit the situation perfectly. Same for Klaus taunting Damon with how Stefan resisted his compulsion in that gymnasium on The Vampire Diaries Season 3. Great use of callbacks on both accounts.
  • Also a Katherine Pierce mention. Yes, this means she's coming back. Yes, my money is on her being behind that mystery team who sent some random dude into Shane's apartment last week.

Overall, a very well-written episode. Damon quasi bonded with Klaus, Stefan really bonded with Rebekah, Jeremy and Elena worked well together and even the return of Bonnie's mom made sense and brought some intrigue to that dysfunctional family.

Is Bonnie really a ticking time bomb? Can Shane be trusted to lead this giant team to the Cure? Will Silas really bring about the end of the world? Will we ever see Caroline and Tyler again? Are Stefan and Rebekah totally going steady now? You said it, Damon:

Here we go...


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I thought they had to leave the stake in the vampire? When they wanted to kill Klaus at Tyler's house...Jeremy took it out of Kol before he left.....anyone know for certain?


"The fact that we're not even sure why a vampire of Kol's age even bothered to risk pinning Elena to the wall shows that there's a weakness in the script." @Marissa Didn't I explain this already? I said that Kol was obviously overconfident and screwing around, that's apparent because Kol was more than capable of killing or restraining them both before they even knew what hit them. He thought he was an all powerful immortal vampire and they were two helpless bugs he could take out whenever he felt like it, so he figured, why not torture them a bit? It's perfectly in character too, considering how sadistic and bloodthirsty Kol is. He had no idea they were planning to kill him and had the white oak stake necessary to do it. His overconfidence and sadistic tendancies got him killed by two people who otherwise wouldn't have stood a chance against him. As I said, that happens all the time in fiction AND real life. Art imitates life after all.


Enough of the boring Stefan !
Klaus and Damon talking was so interesting because Damon was damn right ! And Klaus's weak spot is Caroline...or not lol, since he's bro died...
When will we see her again btw? and Tyler?
I loved the episode and hope that the next one will be as good.


Well, I LOVED THE EPISODE ! Except Kol's death...but as I've been reading, he did die on Silas' behalf, so maybe they'll bring him back...
The way he said he'd chop both arms just to be sure made me laugh soo hard...way too funny.
Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, being a bad girl...doing this to her mama, yup, there aint no coming back.
Klaus, wow, the way the actor played it, damn, he deserves an award ! It was soo scary yet I couldn't look away... So he can dagger them whenever he wants, but no no don't kill them ! Okay...
I felt so sad for Rebekkah. That girl needs some happiness ! She can NEVER go to a dance, when that's all she wants ! I want her to be human, then maybe all this rage will go away...
Elena seemed so happily naive lol, it was funny. hey, she got what she wanted, ppl are dead, the mark is complete, let's go find the cure ! Except wait, Bekkie hasn't been daggered ! Stef slept with her, Damon REALLY was waiting to say this one. Stef as a douche, AWESOME ! Enough of the boring Stefan !
Klaus and Damon talking was so interesting because Damon was damn right ! And Klaus's weak spot is Caroline...or not lol, since he's bro died...
When will we see her again btw? and Tyler?
I loved the episode and hope that the next one will be as good.


i think TVD's writers are becoming lazier....relying more and more on convenience. Huge question is ...Jeremy's hunter's mark. I thought it was said earlier that the mark can only be seen by ANOTHER potential hunter? How is it everyone can see it now?


"Here, if Elena and Jeremy didn't kill Kol, Kol would have killed Elena and chopped Jeremy's arms off, or compelled somebody else to kill Jeremy." @Immortalfieza, If the quoted statement above is true, then why didn't Kol kill Elena when he had the chance instead of staking her in a place where she would clearly recover? I'm sorry but your explanations are an indication of why I think this show needs better writers. The fact that we're not even sure why a vampire of Kol's age even bothered to risk pinning Elena to the wall shows that there's a weakness in the script. Kol's character had potential but it also was poorly written. He was enormously and unbelievably careless for a guy who was so passionate against Silas being raised. Do I find the show entertaining? Yes. Do I think it's well written? No.


Oh yeah, one more thing. I sincerely hope that Bonnie (forcibly) telling her parents to back off and using the expression magic against them is just a sign that she's growing up, becoming independant, that she's tired of them and those spirit dicks ordering her around, and that whole "It doesn't matter what you use it for! Black magic and expression are evil!" thing is just a load of bulls#$@ so we don't have to deal with one of those corny "Evil Bonnie" storylines like Buffy's Willow's magic addiction and Dark Willow storylines. The last thing I want to see is Bonnie losing her newfound power and independance because of a "oh woe is me I got drunk with power and nearly destroyed the world and I'm SORRY! Boo Hoo!" That inevitably follows those kinds of storylines.


6/ Seriously whenever these two (Damon and Elena) get close to each other they look like merging into one body and their hug (after parting for one day only) was so so so telling and beautiful. And Damon's punching Stefan made me so happy 'cause Stefan need to learn to face the consequences of his actions and stop blaming everything to the sire bond and lying to himself saying that Damon is taking advantage of it .


using the word "secrete" as a definition of how special relationship Damon and Elena share and that the sire bond is inadequate to influence Elena's capability of forgiveness so in another words he sees something there that the sire bond can’t affect and can’t create which is the love, trust and friendship they share but sure he knows nothing about these terms. 2nd he brought up all of Damon's fears and even that I loved Damon's react toward that deep down he has this insecurity and that fear that Elena's feeling aren't real and that she may comeback to Stefan the moment she return human again and I hope that these insecurity vanish by the end of this season. And the most lovely part was Damon not trying to find Jeremy and kill him even that Klaus' compulsion has no affect on him 'cause of the vervain in the water. Damon:"I'll stay hear until you return... OR NOT." Love you Damon Salvatore.


5/ I loved Damon/Klaus scenes. They had a wonderful conversation, it was funny, frustrating and interesting and sure it gave us this brilliant quote : « If you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose. » . I didn't care about Klaus' point of view concerning Damon/Elena's future as a couple and how he (Damon) couldn't fight the compulsion unlike Stefan 'cause we and Damon knows that's wrong and he (Klaus)'s someone who knows absolutely nothing about love but sure he knows about the sire bond and hearing him saying that the sire bond isn't all that it is about Damon and Elena's relationship was a big deal.1st I loved that when Klaus was trying to figure out a way to make Caroline forgive him for his latest murder (which is something Damon see through) he was trying to find the solution through Damon and Elena's relation ship (the one that has no farytail ending from his perspective) and not through Stefan and Elena's (the only love that he can see)

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