The Vampire Diaries Review: Hitting the Mark

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You got me, Vampire Diaries.

Following a few lackluster Season 4 episodes, you reeled me back in with "A View to A Kill" and, yes, you did it by bringing out the humanity in both Rebekah and Klaus. You did it via some very cool action sequences that resulted in the Gilberts taking out Kol. You did it by making me believe in Strebekah as a couple.

But, let's be honest: you mostly did it with your shout-out to Bon Jovi.

Reacting to Stefan

Unlike the rock anthem that helped turn Rebekah on to the 80s, this episode was all about wanting Kol dead... or dead. It was a mission shared by Elena, Jeremy, Matt, Stefan and even the Original's siblings.

Was the return of Kol random and unexplained? Yes, but not as random and unexplained as Bonnie's father having "sources" that can pump vervain into the town's water. But more importantly, it served an important purpose here: the hour felt coherent, it felt well-paced, it built to a fatal crescendo that heated up both Kol's body and the search for The Cure.

Everyone is now on the same team, really. They may want the elixir for different purposes, but that will simply serve to make it that much more interesting when they actually find it. For now, everyone and everything has been brought together.

There's a common purpose among our favorite Mystic Falls residents, as that concluding scene perfectly combined interpersonal relationships and conflicts (Damon vs. Stefan! Bonnie vs. her parents! Matt vs. the temptation to wear his varsity jacket!) with one over-arching storyline. High drama/suspense? Mixed with well-layered, intriguing character developments? Sounds like the recipe for what's made The Vampire Diaries so great over the years, doesn't it?

You might say that the closing few moments really hit the mark. Eh? Eh?!? Okay, perhaps only I might say that.

But what made the episode so delightful as it made it way up to the Jeremy shirt rip and the growing of the map?

  • Joseph Morgan. Granted, I could write this every week. But the actor pulled off Klaus' vulnerability with a single look upon asking Damon what he says to Elena... and then went in the complete opposite direction when he flipped the eff out after witnessing Kol's death.
  • Related to the first bullet point, but great exchanges between Damon and Klaus, the show's two bad boys who are sort of alike, except for this well-put difference, as uttered perfectly by Big D: You do bad things for no reason. You do them to be a dick… if you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose.
  • Lexi mention!
  • And a Lexi mention that actually fit the situation perfectly. Same for Klaus taunting Damon with how Stefan resisted his compulsion in that gymnasium on The Vampire Diaries Season 3. Great use of callbacks on both accounts.
  • Also a Katherine Pierce mention. Yes, this means she's coming back. Yes, my money is on her being behind that mystery team who sent some random dude into Shane's apartment last week.

Overall, a very well-written episode. Damon quasi bonded with Klaus, Stefan really bonded with Rebekah, Jeremy and Elena worked well together and even the return of Bonnie's mom made sense and brought some intrigue to that dysfunctional family.

Is Bonnie really a ticking time bomb? Can Shane be trusted to lead this giant team to the Cure? Will Silas really bring about the end of the world? Will we ever see Caroline and Tyler again? Are Stefan and Rebekah totally going steady now? You said it, Damon:

Here we go...


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3/ Loved powerful Bonnie who dosen't let anyone tells her what to do anymore even that I'm afraid about the consequences of the expression practice.
4/ I really enjoyed watching Elena fulfilling her smart plan (it worked for the 1st time), it was great to see her fighting Kol along with Jeremy as one family and defeating him without anyone else's help. I knew that Kol is going to die but watching him getting burned was scary and seeing Klaus' look at them was scarier and tbh Klaus being so furious and trapped in Elena's leaving room was delightful.
5/ I loved Damon/Klaus scenes. They had a wonderful conversation, it was funny, frustrating and interesting and sure it gave us this brilliant quote : « If you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose. » .


Great and awesome episode. I really loved it.
1/ I loved Rebekah and Stefan, he's more alive around her (he's fun, he dance) which is good to see and I really got teary eyes for her when she realised Stefan's real intention from asking her as his date and when she revealed her want to be human, having kids and a man to love her but I can’t trust her fully specially after Elena killing her brother. And loved Stefan saying that he won't let the people that he loves get hurt including Damon, it's not something that I didn't know but hearing it felt good.
2/ It was funny watching Elena complaining about Jeremy and Matt playing videogames and them saying that they're training (like a mother and her two kids , that was hilarious).


@daniel I would bet money that Shane's either lying, misinformed, or found that out from a bunch of texts that are trying to bulls%$t people into raising Silas when it comes to that "everybody that dies in Sila's name gets resurrected" plot point.


2. "A NEWBIE VAMPIRE AND VAMPIRE HUNTER SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO KILL A 1,000 YEAR OLD ORIGINAL!!! RAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!! STUPID LAZY WRITERS!!!" And just why not? They had the stake, Kol was obviously overconfident and was screwing around the entire time, probably out of sadism and a belief that he was invincible. Thus, he wasn't careful enough and missed staking Elena when he had the chance (or pinned her to the wall intentionally, wanting to go back and torture her at bit later, it's unclear which) and then he was caught completely by surprise, sprayed with vervain-laced water and then staked. This time what's forgotten is the fact that it doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, or how powerful you are, both in real life and fiction, if you're in a fight and get caught by surprise and/or your opponent gets lucky, you can and probably will get dead, millenia old vampires are no exception.


Remember Silas will bring back everyone who died on his behalf. I guess that includes kol, unless the writers r going to mess with us again


The haters here seem to conveniently forgetting many things so they can justify their hatred.
1. "ELENA IS SUPPOSED TO NEVER WANT TO KILL INNOCENTS EVER! KILLING KOL KILLED LOTS OF INNOCENTS! SO WRITERS ARE FULL OF IT!!! Oh, and I suppose you forget the kind of situation these people happen to be in at the time? When Elena refused to allow innocent deaths in the past, there were ways to avoid it, at least as far as she knew. Here, if Elena and Jeremy didn't kill Kol, Kol would have killed Elena and chopped Jeremy's arms off, or compelled somebody else to kill Jeremy. Kol was going to stop at nothing to prevent Sila's return. That, and the fact that Klaus would have continued turning innocent people left and right and leading them to Jeremy for him to slaughter to complete the mark. In short, there was no magical third no innocents die option available this time.


I hated this episode, it was so aweful. The only good part was when Elena and Jeremy killed Kol. I don't see how Stefan and Rebekah have anything in common and their scenes were so forced and fake and cheesy, I couldn't believe the writers did that. And now, everyone is working together to find the cure? That is soooo lame.
Not looking forward to the next episode at all where they all seemed to be in search for the cure. This show has lost it for me completely.


Well the Originals spin off is gonna be set in the past
How do you know that? They've already cast HAYLEY for it and there never ever was a sign that she and Klaus already knew each other! At this point, I'm really frustrated with the show's progress. I didn't even like Kol as a character, but had to admit there was A LOT of potential. Killing him off so easily was lame and unworthy. Don't you all remember when Elena threw a vervain grenade at Elijah? How effin' fast he healed? Why didn't Kol? The writers don't seem to remember their own rules (Originals being the most powerful beings on earth, for example, but can be taken out with vervainwater and/or a teenage witch).


Well the Originals spin off is gonna be set in the past, so it doesn't really matter if he's dead now ! Which I'm sad about but hey, the show must go on !!!


Why the hell did they kill off Kol when there is an Originals spin-off coming??!! Ridiculous! Bring Kol back! And it really doesn't make much sense anymore- if a newbie vamp and a lame hunter can kill and Original then the whole logic of the show crumbles really. And the fact that Bonnie can overpower Klaus so easily is lame- Klaus is supposed to be super powerful, the ultimate villain, and yet a teen witch can do what she wants with him. sucks. And it seems like the way the show is going Klaus is going to be next or even worse, they are going to find the cure and use it, and everyone will be human again- lame! Can't wait for the spin-off - I hope it will make more sense and be more for grownups then for teens.Like Daniel Giles said : sort of like the vampire sopranos. That will be cool!

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