Vampire Diaries Spinoff Rumored, To Feature Klaus in New Orleans

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What started out as a joke on Twitter has turned into strong possibility, as Deadline confirms The CW is considering a Vampire Diaries spinoff titled "The Originals."

The series would feature Klaus returning to New Orleans and reuniting with his former protege, a character named Marcel who TVD fans are yet to meet.

Network sources say the April 25 installment of the show will be penned as a backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff, meaning it will likely focus on Klaus, Marcel and The Big Easy in some manner.

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Julie Plec would write and produce any Vampire Diaries follow-up, with Phoeboe Tonkin also set to star as Hayley.

No word yet on Rebekah, Kol, Elijah or the status of any other Originals in the project.

So... WOW. Major news, TV Fanatics. Nothing is definitive yet, of course, but considering the popularity of The Vampire Diaries and the trouble The CW has had establishing other hits, it would be very hard to believe that this spinoff does NOT happen.

Would you tune in for a Vampire Diaries spinoff all about The Originals?

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Without Klaus...I am not sure about that show myself. I love Caroline and Klaus, and everyone I talk to feels the same way...we are so wanting that relationship to grow. Caroline became a major star when Klaus came to the show. Actually, the show was better in general for everyone. Maybe you are giving Klaus his own show because he has taken over Mystic Falls, and no one in the cast is happy about the situation. Taking him off will not solve the problem unless the two shows are somehow blended. My truth: Tyler is worse than Klaus...even before he was a Vampire he had a terrible temper and took it out on everyone like a spoiled brat. Chances like this do not come along often.If Caroline and Klaus are not together on the originals, maybe a movie.


w0w..that would be awesome.All ORIGINALS in their own show,that's like a dream come true.But, i wish they keep the same cast.I


I think it's a wonderful idea, and the show will do well. But like so many ohers, I still see Caroline and Klaus together! It will ruin both shows if that relationship ends. She does not belong to fact that relationship makes me dislike his role. The two shows should blend together...not as regulars mind you, but as guests. However, Caroline should be one of the main stars on each show because of her relationship with Klaus.


no no noooooo!!!!! this just sucks...i am probably about tearing up. I love Klaus so frigging much and him leaving TVD would mean klaroline would never happen...that sucks cause that's the only reason i still watch the frigging show. This would just be like Max and Payson on make it or break it. We all waited for that kiss but it never happened! I really don't know why Julie would ever think this is a good idea. Theres no mystic falls without the originals...hayley should just die i mean wtf???? Is it cause the writers don't know how to write Klaus and Caroline together while Tyler's there? i mean they did it with stefan and elena and damon even though stefan was the much better guy...i hope they just cancel this stupid spin-off cause splitting those amazing characters would just mean the downfall of both tvd and the originals..what makes tvd amazing is the awesome cast..Julie open your damn eyes


If it means getting rid of Klaus on the Vampire Diaries, then I am all for the spinoff! If Plec is the writer for this spinoff, does this mean that she'll have to pass the Vampire Diaries torch on to someone else? One can only hope......


Well if a spinoff means it's the last we'll see of klaus on TVD, then I'm all for it! He's a gret actor and not bad to look at, but klaus has over stayed his welcome in mystic falls. He should have died( or at least gone away) at the end of season 3. If he were to stick around, would he foLlow the gang to college next year? Be that creeper who kids let hang around as long as he buys them Booz? That would be beyond pitiful!
As for Caroline, I can't see her switching shows (hopefully ever!)? Klaus online shippers be crazy! What relationship? They don't have one- she doesn't even like much for crying out loud! He orders her to be bitten, kills her boyfriends only family, terrorizes everyone she's ever cared for, but some jewelry and a few pictures of ponies and snowflakes has everyone shouting it's true love?! I will never understand that.
Kill him off, Keep him around, give him his own show- I don't care, just please put an end o this klausoline nonsense.


All of you who don't want the Originals to leave the show because "you'll miss them" on TVD are not thinking clearly. Ask yourself could the show really survive another season about trying to kill Klaus? I don't think so. This show needs a new threat to develop fresher stories, because at this point they have no reason to kill Klaus and Julie put herself in a corner making him the originator of their Bloodline. If he dies ,so does the entire cast so it would be extremely hard and overall redundant to find creative ways to kill Klaus with out actually killing him.


I think it's a great idea... I love the Originals so more of them would be great and by having their own show they won't be pushing out Damon and Stephan and the rest of Mystic Falls.
I LOVE Eljah, Kol and Rebecca (and Klaus of course) - I would see the premise of this show be like somekind of vampire-Dallas, where the Michealsen's fight among themselves and maybe try to gain control of the superntatural world.

David and sabrina 2014

Sometimes I'm not very interested about episodes talking all about the originals when I thought that it was mostly about them in season 3. It's probably still continuing but I mostly want the show to run like it used to be just like in season 1(no more Delena,bring back Stelena). ;P =|


the writers need to concentrate on one show.Some of the storylines this
season have sucked.

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