Vampire Diaries Spinoff Rumored, To Feature Klaus in New Orleans

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What started out as a joke on Twitter has turned into strong possibility, as Deadline confirms The CW is considering a Vampire Diaries spinoff titled "The Originals."

The series would feature Klaus returning to New Orleans and reuniting with his former protege, a character named Marcel who TVD fans are yet to meet.

Network sources say the April 25 installment of the show will be penned as a backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff, meaning it will likely focus on Klaus, Marcel and The Big Easy in some manner.

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Julie Plec would write and produce any Vampire Diaries follow-up, with Phoeboe Tonkin also set to star as Hayley.

No word yet on Rebekah, Kol, Elijah or the status of any other Originals in the project.

So... WOW. Major news, TV Fanatics. Nothing is definitive yet, of course, but considering the popularity of The Vampire Diaries and the trouble The CW has had establishing other hits, it would be very hard to believe that this spinoff does NOT happen.

Would you tune in for a Vampire Diaries spinoff all about The Originals?

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i don't see a point to hayley being on the show...she's not an original


YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, Brilliant news!!! The Originals are the most compelling part of TVD and deserve their own spin-off! Can't wait for some quality air time with the fabulous Klaus and Elijah, and I can happily ditch the tedious TVD love triangle.


It may not mean The Originals are leaving TVD, as the spin-off is a prequel to the series. Other that scheduling conflicts with the actors, it could still mean appearances in present-day Mystic Falls and what not. :-)


I'd like to be happy for Joseph but I can't think about anything else than Klaroline. So much wasted potential.


My dream cast in that new series - Klaus, Elijah, Kol, Becks, Caroline and Stefan. The rest can stay in MF and watch the Delena diaries. Hell yes!!!!I can't wait for something like this to happen!


if the spinoff is featuring all the orginals as played by the same actors in VD- also caroline and stefan- they hell yeah!!!! we're always complaining about not having the opportunity to delve into the minds of the orginals- especially klaus- as to why they say and do the things they say and do... this is our opportunity. especially if there's hope for caroline and klaus romantic relationship- klaus and stefan bromance. i mean damon is with elena now- stefan is gonna turn darker and different- he'll fit right in with the originals like he used to. they're vampires- this is gonna be so much fun. but only if the same actors are in it. if i have to see a new face for a most loved vampire diaries character, that will totally kill it for me.


"that" meaning the new series, lol.


My dream cast in that new series - Klaus, Elijah, Kol, Becks, Caroline and Stefan. The rest can stay in MF and watch the Delena diaries. Totally agree! I'd watch that :-)


@DarkWhisper- so you think julie plec is a brilliant writer cause she made your crack!ship fantasy come true? STFU please, Klaroline is as awful as other pairings on this Show cause that moron can't write anything. I'm pretty sure she will screw this spin off too, But If this means more Kol, I'm all for it :))Ps: If she make him Hayley's love interest I will find and slay her :))

Spindae 2o

ohhhhhhh! YES! Him leaving TVD would be perfect for me! He really ruined TVD! him being so them overPowered and not killing all of the Mystic fall Vamps and compelling Elena to making baby doppelgangers just made the show sad. He is so strong and still running! Come on! He is so bad, and has no mercy blah blah blah Him having his show would maybe even be interesting but I don't know how it could be interesting with him being so powerfull!

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