Vegas Review: The Welcome Wagon

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In Vegas, only the strong survive - and the welcome wagon may just as well be there to show you the door.

"Paiutes" juggled multiple stories, but they all had a common theme: Who was in control?

It certainly wasn't poor Vince. I had no idea Savino wasn't already a made guy in the organization. The truth is, he never will be. Because he's not 100 percent Italian, he will never be given true power within the mob. 

It begs the question, why bother playing a game you know you'll never win? 

Katherine's Partnership

Vince gave up his prized Tumbleweed in order to save himself and Rizzo, not that Johnny seemed to care. He'll use Savino for what he's worth and then spit him out when he's taken all he can.  But not if Laura has anything to say about it.

Laura's playing a dangerous game. If Rizzo, or anyone in the organization, got wind of her relationship with Katherine, Laura and Vince would wind up as two more bodies in the desert.

Yet, I give Laura credit. Like most of the woman on this show, she's got guts. She's both ambitious and protective of her husband. She doesn't want to see him lose what he's earned to a low life like Rizzo. 

Unfortunately, I'm not sure Katherine realized that Laura could never testify. Doing so would be a death sentence for both her and Vince and in 1960 I don't believe the US Marshall's Witness Protection program even existed. Could anyone possibly protect them from the reach of the mob?

And if Katherine ever gave the DA Laura's name as an informant... again, that's a quick trip to the desert for Mrs. Savino. It's scary how many possibilities lead to that same destination.

Sheriff Lamb's abduction felt a little anticlimactic in comparison, despite the flashes of him being buried in a deep, dark hole.

And just how much dirt was Hal planning to throw on him? That shaft was huge. Why not just shoot Lamb and leave him down there? Burying him alive seemed silly. Plus, it gave Lamb the opportunity to pull Hal into the hole with him, which was kind of fun to watch.

Finally, we get to my favorite Vegas couple, Mia and Jack. It's interesting that when Mia needed help with a troublesome guest she turned to Jack. Of course he was more than willing to step up.

These two make a great tandem. They are both sweet and sexy with good chemistry and great flirty banter. 

There's also just enough risk to keep things interesting, as Mia reminded Jack in this Vegas quote

Jack: My family doesn't bite.
Mia: Mine does. | permalink

I can't imagine things going well once Daddy finds out his daughter is sleeping with a law man. And how will Mia feel if Jack end up arresting dear old Dad? We'll just have to tune in for next week's Vegas.


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@Suzamba - Recently Jason O'Mara (who plays Jack) referred to the Jack-Mia relationship as "Romeon & Juliet." So, yeah, some people are going to have to die if that's the case. And, there is only one person that Mia is related to at the moment. How on earth did she come from such a lowlife? Must have been raised by her mom on the East Coast somewhere.


Laura is showing some back bone, which wasn't too common back then. Maybe the women of VEGAS will kick butt with the men of VEGAS. I'm waiting for the moment when Mia's father is knocked off, you know it's going to happen, he's rotten to the core!


Arrest Mia's dad, ha, he gonna end up shooting him. That's the end of that terrific romance.


Really enjoyed this episode because we FINALLY see that it's not going to be only the boys who have a say in the action. Katherine is becoming more than a glorified file clerk, and Laura continues to impress me with how willing she is to get in the thick of things, especially when she has two little girls to consider. I don't think Katherine ever considered that Laura would testify. She can't because she's not a witness to Diane's death. She didn't even see the body, and would make a horrible witness. Ultimately, I bet she wants to snag Savino to give her evidence against Rizzo. Does the reviewer know anything about Vegas history? There's a reason they built this show on the reputation of Sheriff Lamb. He was able to drive organized crime out of the state because two bigger "bosses" jumped into their place - namely publicly-traded gaming corporations, and the state of Nevada.

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