90210 to End After Five Seasons

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After five seasons on the air, 90210 will come to an end this May, The CW announced tonight via TV Line.

90210 Cast Celebration

The news should not come as a huge surprise, considering ratings for 90210 this season had fallen to under a million viewers per week and just a .5 demographic in the all-important demographic of 18-49-year olds.

As a result, the series finale will air on Monday May 13 and likely be teamed with a retrospective of some kind, similar to how The CW bid farewell to Gossip Girl.

Will you miss Naomi and company, TV Fanatics? Or has the writing been on the posh Beverly Hills wall for months now?

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I love that show it was my favorite show on Netflix but I think the should had two more seasons the last one should have had a wedding


I always watched every episode of the original 90210 and now I have never missed an episode of this new 90210. I am saddened it will no longer air. I loved all the shows.


Can't believe this show is ending. I love this show its my favorite I look forward to watching it every Monday. Please don't end it find a way to keep it on its a GREAT show and i LOVE the characters please don't end..............


Please do not end this show! I love it and look forward to watching it.


please don't end the show!!!! Nothing good is on now and I look forward to Monday nights to watch 90210!!!! this is very sad news


I really loved this show, I watch it as I am studying. I am very sad and disappointed to see it go.


Why! they haven't given a good reason! I mean REALLY!!! It's a great show I have been watching it since the beginning. If you are a true fan you would know why they called it 90210. Change your mind there are enough shows being cancelled don't let it be this one!!!!!


I mean how can they do that? Ok I admit the new 90210 had absolutely nothing to do with the old 90210 but all the actors moved on. There wasnt the same kind of "we want it to happen" from actors and producers of the old 90210 like you have it at the moment with Dallas. This still is 90210 a great series on its own. I loved it most of the time but here is what I wish for. Naomi and Max ending up together - they both open a new IT-Event company together working side by side as a power couple, but not before they both apologize for not having worked hard enough in the first place with Max saying he should have married her right out of highschool. Silver and Liam. They are great friends and hey Silver deserves a great, good looking man in her life with Teddy and his husband helping with the child. Dixon and Mikela. The new couple, Dixon makes Mikela into a star and has a fresh start all together with no ghosts in the closet. He ask Silver to be his part in his company. Mark and Ade. Mark and he is perfect for Ade, grounded and he will look after her. They end up with the restaurant where Ade can be the perfect hostess all evening. Side effect Annie-Naomi become from being best friends to sisters... Annie and...? Caleb! He is coming back from the monastery or where ever he went to find god realizing that after a lot of thinking and praying all he needs to be happy is Annie. He will open a community center for street kids. So that is what I wish for. But as the writers cant sync with my mind, can you please, please let Naomi and Max end up together???? Please?!


yeah i blame the writers for splitting lannie up, i hope they#re back together by the end of the season. 1-3 were good, the writers lost their way in 4 and 5. liam sleeping around and silver sleeping around. everyone was just sleeping around; ALOT.


It's sad that its ending, especially since there is a big possibility that it will end on a cliffhanger. Just hoping for Lannie at the moment. Hopefully Sixon and Navade fans get something as well. I would've appreciated a short sixth season, heck even an added 2 episodes to this season.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.