90210 to End After Five Seasons

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After five seasons on the air, 90210 will come to an end this May, The CW announced tonight via TV Line.

90210 Cast Celebration

The news should not come as a huge surprise, considering ratings for 90210 this season had fallen to under a million viewers per week and just a .5 demographic in the all-important demographic of 18-49-year olds.

As a result, the series finale will air on Monday May 13 and likely be teamed with a retrospective of some kind, similar to how The CW bid farewell to Gossip Girl.

Will you miss Naomi and company, TV Fanatics? Or has the writing been on the posh Beverly Hills wall for months now?

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im not surprised the show is ending what has it become the characters cant have a relationship for longer then 5 eps without the writers splitting them up, the show is predictable and recycling its old story lines and copying from other shows. Viewers need something new and refreshing to watch like PLL has a huge following and the old shows are growing old with the actors and ending the best one always do Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls , OTH, The O.C desperate housewives , these are what i grew up with and there arnt many shows that are as good


Sad but the show has been a piece of crap ever since Season 4 so I'm not at all surprised. Almost all the teen drama shows I enjoyed in high school are ending! Only glee and pretty little liars will be left (although I really wish glee would end already, it's gotten really bad)


stop blaming the CW, blame those showrunners/writers.

Michael b

I'm so sad! I wish they would give the show a shortened sixth season! What a slap in the face to the fans. Bad move Mark Pedowitz!!!!! If the ending doesn't give us closure I am going to be SEVERLY PISSED! Well at least I'll have some free time now because 90210 was the only show I watched on the CW.


The fact that they even called this 90210 is pathetic. Like most things in life stuff rarely compares to the original. The real 90210 was truly ground breaking and a head of it's time!


I've watched the show since the beginning. It's been good it's been bad and I can't believe it lasted 5 seasons with how much shit people talk about it. But I'm excited to see how they sum up the lives of the cast :) Hope it's as good as the finales of One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl

Sarah silva

While not shocking I am still bummed! It should have been able to come back for a shortened 6th season like they did with OTH and with Gossip Girl.


well this site will b happy about this news it always bashed this show and was way harder on it then any other tv show its barely reported anything on it or even said the nights when it did air NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worst news ever !!!!!!!!!!!! my fave show ever been a massive fan since the first episode and its the cws fault for the rateings slide the moved it around every year and havent promoted it in 3 years shocking that the rateings suck when NO ONE knows its on !!!


All I want is Lannie together by the end and Navid with Ade (long LOOONG stretch at this stage of the game but this is 90210!)and it'll all be worth it to me!


It never stood a chance to go on as long as, and be epic like the original 90210.

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