90210 to End After Five Seasons

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After five seasons on the air, 90210 will come to an end this May, The CW announced tonight via TV Line.

90210 Cast Celebration

The news should not come as a huge surprise, considering ratings for 90210 this season had fallen to under a million viewers per week and just a .5 demographic in the all-important demographic of 18-49-year olds.

As a result, the series finale will air on Monday May 13 and likely be teamed with a retrospective of some kind, similar to how The CW bid farewell to Gossip Girl.

Will you miss Naomi and company, TV Fanatics? Or has the writing been on the posh Beverly Hills wall for months now?

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I kinda have to blame the Silver/Teddy baby plot for really dragging out way to much and for really getting dull. Characters should end up like this,
Adriana w/Navid.
Naomi w/ Max.
Annie w/ Liam.
Silver w/ Dixon.

Zaidah rahim

ok that was sad. I want Maxomi to get together again, but I guess I can only dream. RIP 9O21O, RIP MAXOMI... :(


no no no i'm so sad,if next monday have realy good ratings did going to be 6 season ???? can some one tell me that????


I'm really glad to hear this. I hope the last few episodes and especially the season finale will be worth all the time I've spent watching this show.


I'm ok with the show ending as long as Naomi and Max end up together. If they don't ill be mad.

Spindae 2o

I'm so sad . After 2 and a half seasons of really good drama the 2nd half of season 3 and season4 ruined the show. . Season5 is really good and had some really nice developments. Hopefully they end it on a really good high note. . . by my loves can't wait to see Annie Naomi Silver and Liam in new shows.


I'm sad but who didn't see that coming. The ratings have been pretty bad. I'm gonna miss my girl Naomi. She was the only thing that kept me watching the show when it was at its worst.


The cancelation really doesn't come as a surprise, but moving it to 9PM only made it much worse. So kind of The CW's fault for not thinking that one through.
I guess I'm only really bothered here seeing as they could have at least extended it by 2-4 more episodes and then aired back-to-back episodes seeing as TCD will be out at April. This way it's giving the writers more time to write and to complete the storylines seeing as they wrote the final script back in late January/early February and have probably started filming it, seeing as filming ends around March.
I just really hope it's enough time to give all of the characters and storylines closure, because if not, I'm going to be pissed!


Sad but not surprise. I will always be a fan of the show but I don't enjoy it as much as I did in its early seasons. Goodbye 90210, you will be missed. RIP 90210, 2008-2013


Thank you for finally axxing it !!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.