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I've finally figured out the overarching theme of Arrow.

In "Betrayal," Detective Lance threw everything on the line, including the life of his daughter, to get to the vigilante known as The Hood. We'll have Green Arrow canon characters swinging in and out of the series, but it appears none will stick while the main offensive is Lance vs. Arrow. Oh, please let me be wrong.

Oliver and Moira

What an incredible waste of the otherwise talented David Anders. They could have used anyone in the role of Cyrus Vanch to kidnap Laurel and get situation with her father thrust to the forefront for her. His appearance really served no other purpose. The entire part consisted of him eating cereal while watching television and generally being an annoying nuisance.

He was never a true threat, not even to Laurel. He had to take her down with a taser for goodness sakes, after his entire team of ruffians was thwarted by her hand-to-hand combat skills.

After all his posturing, when Laurel's life was on the line, good ole Detective Lance realized he couldn't trust a single soul in his coveted police department to help him save her life. Who did he call? The Hood. The person he hated the most was the person he chose to save she who was most precious to him. While it could have been a nice moment if I'd given it a thought, I was more angry at his arrogance at taking the attitude of a vigilante himself when he wanted to hurt the man who had taken Laurel.

Is Det. Lance really so blinded by hatred, as Laurel mentioned to him (and was noted in the Arrow quotes) that he could not see the similarities between what he was feeling in that moment and what he had been chasing in The Hood? If something doesn't turn around in his behavior after what he experienced in this episode, then Det. Lance is being written as a petty, sad little man.

Thankfully, that was not the only story of interest for the week. After it was revealed to Oliver last week in "Vertigo" that Walter had given the exact same book to Felicity to research that Oliver had been using as his guide to right the wrongs of Starling City for his father - and that it belonged to his mother - poor Ollie was a bit conflicted.

Oliver's immediate reaction was to trust Moira. Frankly, his implicit trust of her surprises me. I've never understood what has driven him to have so much faith in her, but after this week, that has certainly been lost. It wasn't that long ago in "Trust but Verify" that Oliver needed to remind Diggle about the perils of trusting someone based on a past relationship with them instead of their merits. It would have done him good to circle around to his own advice, because not doing so left him stunned and hurt.

The first red flag should have been when Moira so quickly tossed the second copy of the book into the fireplace, but Oliver somehow saw some good in her decision to do so. Diggle wisely remembered all that Oliver had taught him and diligently kept up with Mrs. Queen, even taking on light chauffeur duties to get as close to her as possible.

He finally hit pay dirt when she met with Malcolm and he recorded their conversation about the compromised yacht, that she had it hidden in a warehouse and chattered about something called the "Undertaking."

It was enough to spur Arrow into action. Oliver needed to have a chat with his mom, but The Hood showed up to her office instead,. Through the window. "Moira Queen, you have failed this city." Fade to black, we have to wait to see what happens next. Now that's the kind of stuff I want to see.

Some final thoughts:

  • Detective Lance, I'm over your arrogance and ignorance. Catch a real criminal.
  • Did anyone else notice that Malcolm's voice was altered on the recording Diggle made, but Moira's was just....Moira's? What was up with that?
  • Laurel finally showed some of what I expect will earn her the Black Canary costume. If the only thing that can keep her down is a taser? Damn....
  • I totally missed the island tie-in this week. Was it really that boring?
  • Cyrus Vanch - about a 3 on the frightening criminal scale. AND he chewed with his mouth open. Such a disappointment.
  • Did you catch Arrow/The Hood talking like Oliver when he was saying goodbye to Laurel? When she catches on, will she become the Canary?
  • Loved Oliver telling Tommy how wrong it was that he was letting Laurel cavort with The Hood since he's dangerous.

Now it's you're turn. How did this week stack up against the rest of Arrow Season 1 so far? Hit the comments!


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Though why she should be surprised I don't know. The weird difference in voices on the recording would be suspicious if it weren't Diggle, no? And why are they jumping to conclusions again? Why didn't it occur to them that Moira was cooperating because she knew her first husband had been murdered, and Walter's disappearance (aka kidnapping) was to ensure her continued cooperation? (That and threats to her children.) Of course Moira lied to Olliver. He's given her not a scrap of evidence he could handle the truth. He's convincingly pulling off the act that he's still an immature party boy, same old Ollie. We know better but she has to hire a bodyguard/nanny to keep him safe (or so she believes and Ollie and Diggle have convinced her). Plus, he's her son, her little boy. She wouldn't want to expose him to the danger she obviously knows is there if she fails Malcom. I'm not sure why Diggle didn't give her a little benefit of the doubt, or tried to find another explanation, given how obviously genuinely she's grieving Walter's absence, as she did Olliver's father. I feel for Moira. Having your family threatened and harmed to ensure your cooperation only to get Green Arrow condemning you with incomplete information puts her or her family on death's doorstep regardless of how she turns.


Loved it. I initially expected more from the scenes on the Hood rescuing Laurel, some more action and less predictability. But this episode was all about blind spots, so the episode ended extremely strong.


This episode was mostly such a big disappointment to me. I love David Anders and Paul Blackthorne (as actors) but Anders was truly wasted as a bush league incompetent villain and Det Lance (Blackthorne's character) has gone from sympathetic to annoying. Now Lance is only annoying since we're on Olliver's side. But Ollie has killed a lot of people, not just the ones on his list, but everyone surrounding them. Now those guards may have been deserving of a death sentence, but what if they were just private contractors for whom this is just a job, like Diggle used to be. They, or some of the other guys could just be trying to put food on the table for their families (now some were obviously Bad Guys). We just assume that all the guards are bad guys like the targets on the list. So Detective Lance does have a point. The last thing the police generally ever want or need are vigilantes. I hope Lance can come to a more reasoned approach in his hunt, and not use his daughter, though why she should be surprised, I don't know. A voice recording that masks one person's voice (like a Go'auld - love the reference @Dreamrose) but not the other person's is just fishy if I didn't think the writers were in a jam and took the lazy way out. Why wasn't Ollie curious about the person with whom Moira was talking or why she was working with him? How did Diggle and Ollie not think that Walter might be a hostage and Ollie's father killed to ensure Moira's cooperation, especially given Moira's genuine deep sorrow? Jumping to conclusions they are, again.

Sarah silva

I too wonderd why Malcom's voice was distorted and Moira's was not.
I too caught on to Olvier using his regular voice to say bye to Laurel.

Sarah silva

Another fantastic episode.
It was a bit of a reversal this week with Diggle not buying Moira's story and deciding to look into things further. Oliver getting upset at him only to find out there was truth to what Diggle found was just like Oliver knowing Diggles old war buddy had turned bad. These two are a good team they are able to see things the other one does not.
From the previews it looked like Laurel would be in more danger than she was but it was very easy for Oliver and Detective Lance to rescute her.
David Anders sure is good at playing a bad guy.
We did not see much of Thea this week.
I really like Tommy and Laurel eventhough we know that in the end it will be Oliver and Laurel.


I think the distortion coming from the recording (regarding Merlyn's part of the exchange) was due to his low voice on a recording thru the wall. With those kinds of conditions you could easily imagine a bass voice getting a bit garbled while a higher treble voice would cut thru. I was a bit surprised as well tho that Oliver wasn't more curious about the other party, but he is trying to digest the fact that his mom was involved somehow w/ his father's murder... Makes me wonder if Tommy Merlyn Sr.'s name is on the list. What do you mean you don't remember the island flashbacks this ep.?! I mean they only revealed Crixxus from Spartacus as Slade AKA Deathstroke. He tells Oliver it was his partner that tortured him... but I don't buy it.


Good episode. I'm glad that they've finally caught on to Oliver's mom I've been wondering when they would. I knew when laurel found out what her father did she would react that way. When lance asked the hood for help I was happy because even though he hates him so much he can still go and ask him or help. When the hood bust through the window of Moira's office was so cool. In the next episode it looks like she might shoot the hood which would be very interesting. Can't wait till the next episode.


I am a singer for a blackmetal band.... I have a taser gun and use it sometimes on myself while on stage, and it does not make you drop like that lol.


I only caught the last half hour, but I enjoyed the show. I guess that may have something to do with my liking this episode. Glad to see Lauren know how to defend herself so well. I guess this comes from being a cop's daughter. I did find it strange that the voice was changed and only Moira's voice was the same. I have mixed feelings about the flashbacks this week. It seemed not to fit within the storyline, but it did serve to help understand how rigorous the training was on the island. It puts the oliver's skills into context. I hope that Felicity puts two and two together she needs to be a part of the team.


I really want to like this show but each week is getting harder and harder. The island tie-ins make no sense (would like to have a full episode devoted to the island). In a comic book the villain would have heard the machine guns going off and reacted. First thing I noticed was the muffled male voice vs Moira's clear as bell voice. I would have wondered who that was and why his voice is muffled. Also looks like Felicity will learn Oliver's secret next week from the previews.

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