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I'm really liking this show, I really am. The writing is great, the acting is fantastic, and I find myself loving probably most of the characters. But I do have one major issue with it - usually I'm the last one to jump on a ship, I rarely care about it and usually think it's over-rated and over-shadowing the rest of the plot lines. But in Arrow, I find myself in need of it. One of the biggest parts about any superhero story, is the girl. It's just the way it goes. And the fact that Arrow doesn't have it, is really starting to bother me. According to the comic, his love interest is Laurel, and when the show aired, I thought that the dynamics were really good and that it was going in a right, reasonable pace. But now, not only is Laurel pushed aside, but the love story is missing completely. Like I said, usually - I don't care (ie - TVD), but here, it is really missing.. I hope this changes soon, because I think that a huge chunk of the plot is simply missing..


Good.. I liked it, especially the ending. And I hope Tommy will go darkside soon. :) I also love to see someone from Oliver's island time get introduced in Starling City... someone like Slade.


This episode was one of the best since Vertigo.
I'm so glad that Felicity is getting heaps of screentime. I'm enjoying the trio that she, Dig and Oliver have, as her personality really does add to the dynamic of all of their characters.
Coltan Hayes has also managed to take up some acting classes, as his portrayal as Roy Harper was really well done. I noticed the sparks between Thea and he.
Was hoping for some more Tommy and Laurel has last week didn't even feature him (as well as this weeks) and Laurel has been sidelined. Hopefully a change for what seems to be a really good episode next week!


I think the point of the flashback story was Oliver had to make a choice: help somebody he wasn't sure he could trust and run the risk of not getting back to the other dying guy in time. A guy who gave up getting on that airplane to come back for Oliver and save him. Loyalty. Honor. Hard choices you're not sure are always the right choice. I think that was the takeaway for that particular set of flashbacks.

And I actually did think there was a very small, very subtle reaction to Felicity's change of appearance from Oliver. They did that pan up from her legs with him doing a little eyebrow arch sliding into a faint dip after we saw her face. The actor seems to go for subtle over hug facial reactions which I kind of appreciate. But then, maybe it was just me.

As for Roy... I wasn't overly blown away. I didn't particularly care for him and I'm really hoping I don't find him and Thea annoying.

But I totally agree on the much needed dynamic of Felicity to the Green Team (or Team Arrow or whatever you want to call it). I like the banter, I loved her challenging Oliver (which totally surprises him I think) and I definitely love the ethical discussions her presence forces. Good stuff there.


James Callis was wasted on another underdeveloped Villain of the Week epiosode (he had less screentime than Thea!). Carissa, the episode was awkward and embarrassing enough without Diggle/Oliver complimenting Felicity at the event. Felicity was great. I overwhelmingly prefer the toned down make-up for Felicity.


Good episode. Wasnt worried about felicity one bit knew she would be ok. I was glad to see Roy Harper and hope to see a lot more of him. Can't wait till the next episode it looks much more exciting.


So excited to see the addition of Roy. I do wonder how long it's going to take to for him to put on a red hood and join Oliver as Speedy 1/Red Arrow/Arsenal/Red Hood. I know a lot of people think that Thea is going to be Speedy (there have been more than few clues), but I don't know... It just feels to expected.

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