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Wintergreen needs an actor, not just a


How evil is Moira? Merlyn Sr had her first husband killed, tortured her son to satisfy himself Oliver knew nothing (luckily for us, Ollie's a good liar), threatened her family to ensure her co-operation, and kidnapped Walter for good measure. She may be working with the bad guys, but does she really want to? Of course she has secrets she's hiding, but given Arrow's reputation, I can genuinely believe she was scared for her life.

I really like Felicity. I hope she's around more. I like how she made the distinction about "collateral damage". With her perspective can she really hang around Ollie for long once/if they rescue Walter? Oliver's life is exciting, but I don't think she entirely approves, not that she'd ever turn him in.


can you someone please just catch me up on what we know so far on the island


Great episode I loved how felicity finally found out about Oliver and especially love how she agreed to help them even if its only for a little while. I was so glad to see a lot more of the island it's one of my favorite things to see and more than half the episode being on the island was great. Can't wait till the next episode.


I am more excited about the Island than I have been before especially when learning more about everyone...I am guessing Slade trains Oliver in the hand to hand they manage to rescue the girl and she teaches him archery..gets pregnant maybe falls for Slade they betray Oliver and Xao Fai and somehow get off the island and then Xao Fai focuses Oliver's skills. I kept wanting to snicker with Felicity's demands...she is going to put together what the undertaking is in like a half of an episode and be unable to let it go (and I think she and Helena might get along). It is funny you still feel so bad for seems like he will be screwed on the island and we know he is being betrayed now (heck, another reason for the Huntress to reappear she might be able to get to the bottom of things without the emotional baggage that Oliver has)


In the comics, William Wintergreen was Slades butler so Im glad to see him go as he was really just another reference to the comics but I would like to see Slade become Deathstroke for real.

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