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Well, there had to be a weak episode sooner or later, and "One Is Silver and the Other Pagan" filled the bill. Honestly, I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Admittedly, I have had a love/hate relationship with Nora. She hasn't had the best time of it since she's been introduced to Being Human, being turned into a werewolf almost immediately upon her arrival into our little family. Slack had to be cut. I even understood where she was coming from regarding her protection of Erin. After losing her child, she felt a very motherly bond with Erin and there was nothing wrong with that. Even her suspicions of Aidan were warranted.

Aidan's Blood

What I could not abide, however, was her complete dismissal of Josh's suggestion that Liam had something to do with Erin's possibly decision to plunge a stake into Aidan's heart. Nora has never been written as a stupid woman, and that was out of character. She had no right to question who Josh would choose, especially given how determined he was to protect his family from the likes of Liam.

The death of Erin was ridiculous. The writers of Being Human must think we don't watch any other television shows if they expect us to believe that a doctor, a nurse and an orderly would be stupid enough to miss petechial hemorrhaging in the eyes of Erin proving her death by suffocation. I hope I am proven wrong next week, and they know exactly how she died. Erin, we barely knew you, and yet the havoc you wreaked will last....too damn long.

On top of his other troubles, Aidan had to deal with an arrogant baby vampire named Blake. I say baby, but she was about 11 years old and cocky as all get out. Nothing about her was mildly appealing, and her takeover of poor Kenny put her high on my crap list. The poor bubble boy wanted so badly to be free he made a deal with her, even being scared to death of her and what might happen.

The honesty in which Aidan talked with Kenny was refreshing. Kenny needed to understand exactly what he was getting into with his desire to become a vampire, and Aidan laid it all out there. Then, to protect him from Blake, he promised to be his maker.

One confusing bit that tangled up the Aidan, Blake and Liam story was Liam capturing Blake in the alley. Was she talking about Aidan when she threatened Liam? If she was, why did he have a look of surprise on his face? Could he really not know who he's dealing with when it comes to Aidan by this point?

My favorite Aidan entanglement was Aidan getting a little closer to Kat, Nora's tenant. As a student with a very specific thesis studying the era in which Aidan lived (and died), it put such a sparkle in his eye to be able to share something about his past with someone knowledgeable about the subject. It's kind of cool to think about how many little historical moments are out there just waiting to be discovered and loved by students like Kat. If only there were Aidans to share them with!

Finally, Sally took a step into her past and visited Bridget. Poor dear went a little wacko after almost reaching the other side with Sally's visits before Danny died, and she was a practicing witch (ish). Thankfully, Sally stopped her before she lost herself to ghost rapists completely. I'm not sure if her meeting with Bridget was connected, but immediately following the removal of her necklace, given to Bridget for protection, Sally started to lose her hair. Perhaps she is decomposing. Maybe that's part of the plan the real witch didn't share with her, a speedy delivery of her soul.

All in all, meh. I suppose the episode served its purpose, if that was to swivel everyone into a direction other than where they were heading a week ago. Mission accomplished! Last season ended on a pretty sour note for me with "It's My Party and I'll Die if I want To" so I'm happy to report we still have six episodes to right this train.


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As a former Nora supporter, I feel I've given her as much leeway as possible. She has a lot of nerve treating Aidan the way she does when she lives at *his* place with her boyfriend, and brought in a baby wolf to crash indefinitely. Aren't Aidan & Josh co-leasors of that brownstone? Aidan was more than generous allowing her & Erin to stay there, and she's been acting like a total beyotch since he returned. If she doesn't like Aidan's presence in her life, why doesn't she get the h*ll out of there? And, Josh, you weenie, there are roommate rules that you are violating left & right by allowing your lover to act like she owns the place. Get a backbone, man!


@lut008 - Great point! @Varrius - I also thought about the stake. If Josh cleaned up Aidan & took away any weird evidence before the ambulance arrived, he should have seen it because Aidan wasn't in any shape to hide it. Sloppy writing. @jollyjumper2000 - During all of Nora's scenes in the hospital, I also couldn't help thinking "Why is she so bent out of shape about Erin? Erin isn't an infant. She doesn't even know the girl and she's acting like she loves her as much as Josh." The emotion was way overplayed. She spent more time with the purebred twins, and didn't care about them that much. Time for Nora to be killed by Liam, then for Josh to kill Liam and get scratched in the process.


when Liam killed Erin, where did Erin's soul/ghost went to? Why didn't they see her?


Poor Sally, Dislike Nora! Love Aidan and Josh.


The writing just seemed a little lazy. Where did Erin's stake go? I'm sure it was still there and could of been used to back up Aidan's story. Also why didn't Josh check the left over blood. He mentioned he had to pull some strings to make sure Erin's blood work showed up normal "human". So if he has to do that, why couldn't he check the blood to verify Aidan's story, although seeing him bleed through his eyes should have been enough. Also, if you're in a hospital and somebody codes, there is usually at least one person going in to make sure the lines didn't get disconnected accidentally. So it just seems hokey to have her killed that way. Nora seeing no reason is a little understandable but you have to bend over backwards to go with it. Sally is still great, but it sucks she's going to be a ghost again, at least that where it looks like it's going.


I try to remember a time when I actually liked Nora....I came up blank! I don't understand how she was so gun-ho to help Josh find Aidan when he was missing and now she's done a complete 360 on Aidan. She barely even knows Erin and really...what has Erin even done to have Nora like her so much...other than a little muzzle nuzzle during Erin's first turn. How can she not even entertain the thought that Liam might be involved in Aidan's poisoning. Dear writers...I think you are doing a poor job on this story line and I may in the very near future fastward my PVR during Nora's appearances.


I love that Josh as a human is braver than Josh as a werewolf. Aiden's compassion toward Kenny only emphasized Blakes greed. And when she offered taking over Boston as a reward for their partnership, I almost laughed out loud. Aiden's smirk said it all "Been there. Done that. Bought the
No one else sees what the old which did? Yes, when Sally meets someone from her past they won't die. But she will, piece by piece. this could get ugly fast. First her hair, then her teeth! (Shudder) she may well begin to look like the zombie she is!
Nora's dislike of Aiden can go to the werewolf-vampire conflict. But hey, come on Nora Aiden is Josh's best friend... Give the guy a break.
Erin was a stranger- Aiden isn't. If you don't trust Aiden, trust Josh, he always tries to do the right thing regardless. And hey, you spent a year looking for the guy... what happened to your concern?


Agree with everyone. Can't stand Nora. I've tried my best to like her & they aren't making it easy especially when I became a fan of Julia in the short time she was on there. She was a more likeable actress maybe? For some reason I can't really believe that Josh would actually choose Nora over Aidan, I just don't buy it. I miss the scenes between the roommates & hope we get more of that soon. And less Nora please! Let Liam find out what she did to his daughter & take her out:)


The second Nora asked Josh to choose, I thought, here comes the Nora hate parade again. Not that it isn't deserved. Bad writing. Ugh. I'm scared for Sally. Will she stay corporeal through the whole season?


Agree with all you said. Nora lately...I really can't stand her. Why would Aidan lie about hurting Erin? As Josh pointed out, she liked him the best. Josh and Nora both are well aware of Liam's tricky ways, why would she dismiss the idea so fast? I wasn't expecting him to kill Erin but I agree, I really hope they determine her true cause of death because I won't be able to take Nora blaming yet another thing on Aidan. How much Aidan violence has she really been exposed to? I don't recall all that much. You would think non-humans would stick together but they definitely don't on Being Human. As for Sally, maybe I watch too much Supernatural but my immediate thought when the witch said she claimed her soul when she died was how long will Sally actually get to live? I suspected her of speeding up the process and tonight's episode seemed to go along those lines.

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