Blue Bloods Review: Rats!

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The start of  "Inside Jobs" made me groan, as Danny Reagan stepped back on the merry go round with yet another new partner.

I'll always miss Jackie but Kate was just starting to grow on me when the rug got pulled out from under her. Now we're introduced to Detective Candace McElroy, aka Mac.

Danny's Newest Partner

Has anyone else found it odd that the majority of Danny's partners have been beautiful women? Or that a rookie detective's first assignment was Major Crimes? 

Giving Mac a back story of being a veteran with three tours in Afghanistan certainly helped - but still. There was a little voice in my head that just thought, Ugh. Not another partner.  

Sigh. At the very least I hope this one sticks around for a while. This ride makes me dizzy.

But on to other story lines... The rat theme was a fun twist and as a fan of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio I was thrilled to see her in the role of the Goddess. It takes a strong women to not let a rat infestation slow down her fundraiser. 

I liked that Erin recognized that a commitment to the charity would impact her already busy schedule and quite possibly take time away from her daughter. Then she sat down with Nicky to discuss it, over cupcakes.

I was a little surprised that Erin didn't tell Danny right away about Sophia's nickname being the Goddess. That woman must have made quite an impression on Erin in her younger days to solicit such loyalty and trust. Too bad she hadn't earned it. But sometimes our heroes are just a mirage and Sophia quickly turned out to be nothing that she appeared. The moment Erin began to question her, the Goddess couldn't have turned on her any faster. 

Frank's run-in with the bigoted radio show host made for some entertaining conversation at the Reagan family dinner. As Henry pointed out in this Blue Bloods quote...

Henry: The nut cases also have rights. That's what makes this country so great and so incredibly confusing. | permalink

When Swint gave Frank that hate-filled diatribe of what he thought of New York City and assumed that Frank was on his side just because he was white, I was almost as speechless as Frank. How do you even respond to something like that?

If you are Frank Reagan, you introduce the man to the finest police department in the world. It's also one of the most diverse and it would protect Swint during his stay whether he liked it or not. 

As usual, Frank Reagan managed to get his point across with quiet class and that's a rarity, both on TV and in the real world.


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They got rid of whalbergs partner Jackie on blue bloods? Wtf? Bring back Jennifer. This new partner needs to go.


miss jennifer esposito and wish you would brung her back, she was perfect for the role. Maybe Marisa will worknout. The other two did not. Although she isprobably the most beautiful. She also has an edge, which shows like jennifer. If The Following folds, how about the girl that plays the Nannie.....not too beautiful, has edge and sparkle. Maybe you can work around celiac, which might be easier.


I am so steamed at CBS and Blue Bloods for firing the actress who plays Jackie Curatola, Danny's partner, because she has Celiac Disease, because I live with Crohns, and I know how hard it is to work long hours when you have to make time for the bathroom and being sick. She says that they not only wrote her character out after she collapsed on the set, they won't allow her to work elsewhere (probably because of her contract). I think that is horrible, and I though I have watched Blue Bloods since it began, I am thinking of boycotting the show over their treatment of Det. Jackie, who was a great partner for Danny. I think the gals he's had since have been pretty boring, really.


When Hollywood decides to push their left wing agenda, their hypocrisy quickly takes center stage. When the Commish said that he had to "take a bath" after talking to Swint, he dropped to the same level of bigotry as Swint. The denial of his free speech confirmed it. The only way to defeat bigotry is to make sure you are not a bigot yourself.


I loved the story line about the police and the hate-monger and thought Frank's solution was brilliant - up until the punchline about 'your own Kansas State Wildcats'. Why call out any university by name. Visually, the viewer could see that the university produced good men like the police officer in question, but why imply that it also produced the hate-monger? The script ending came off sounding like a snide cheap shot, regardless of the University called out.


GREAT ending. We got ample TS smiles...ah, Thomas Magnum!!

Sarah silva

This was a good episode. However not enough Jamie. I loved the references to the Burberry trench coat Danny had, it made for some funny lines during this episode.
I too was speechless when the radio host made his speech to Frank in the office, I loved it at the end when Frank brought in all those police officers! PERFECT!
I also laughed when Danny said at the beginning "why do I get stuck with the new girls"?


I loved the Mustache's comeuppance to Swint at the end of the episode, prominently placing a sergeant on stage with the bozo - a sergeant who just-so-happens to be black! And stacking the hall with the the diverse array of the NYPD. The look on Swint's face was hilarious.

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