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Body of Proof concluded its two-part premiere with enough twists and turns to keep me guessing until the very end of "Abducted - Part 2."

Megan Hunt's snarky disposition made avoiding her coworkers questions about her odd behavior easy, at least for a while. She simply bit their heads off whenever they asked her something. For someone else that might have sent up a red flag, but for Megan's colleagues it was just another day in the morgue.

Can Megan Trust Tommy?

That was, until she lied to Tommy. The short walk Megan took as she approached that girl's body was enough to make my stomach churn. The tension was well played, considering I never really believed it was Lacey. 

But when Megan blew off the detectives' questions and lied about the time of death, Tommy immediately knew something was up.  

Tommy might have driven Megan crazy but he also seemed to know just when and how to push as he admitted in this Body of Proof quote

 I've probably got more patience for you than any other man in the world but right now I'm running out of it. | permalink

I'm desperately hoping we get to learn more about the history between these two characters. With these kind of sparks happening 20 years later, there story must be good.

Hopefully just as good as the serial killer story which kept throwing in twists that I didn't see coming. As if bombs inside of human bodies weren't scary enough, how about a human being looking forward to being the one to go boom?

I was shocked when Karl opened that van door. I didn't see that coming. And as horribly twisted as his logic was, it was truly disturbing to learn that over 6,000 veterans kill themselves every year. If that statistic is true, I find it incredibly disconcerting that we haven't heard more about something so alarming.

Yvonne's husband killed himself after returning from Afghanistan and apparently she lost her mind since it suddenly became okay to hack apart other soldiers and murder a 14-year old girl.

With Lacey being held by a crazed serial killer, Megan, Tommy, Adam and a group of cops so loyal to Tommy that they were willing to work off the grid and risk their jobs all raced to save her. But I think that Adam made the biggest sacrifice as he had to bail on his date…

Adam: Do you know who you just hung up on? A lingerie model. That's right, a lingerie model. This is her last night in town before she moves to Rio to teach a class on pole dancing. | permalink

You had to feel for the guy. That opportunity probably won't be coming around again any time soon.

As I kept expecting Tommy and his crew to swoop through the door, I was once again surprised to find out it wasn't going to happen any time soon. Yvonne and Karl had somehow managed to swap vans, ditch Megan's tracking device and Lacey's insulin.

At that point I had no doubt that Megan was going to pocket a scalpel and try to slash Yvonne's throat because that's how far a mother would go to protect her child. I almost wished she was able to do it. 

But Tommy's rescue was all the more satisfying when in the end it bought him a smile from Megan and an introduction to her daughter. I see great things ahead for these two.

A few side notes….

  • As much as I love the heels, perhaps a pair of flats might be more appropriate for the next bomb drop to a crazed serial killer.
  • Poor Ethan. The guy lasted longer than I thought he would before he cracked under the pressure.
  • Watching Kate flip flop over the case because she was concerned about covering her ass was more than a little disconcerting.

Are you looking forward to more Megan and Tommy this season? Any chance Megan will set a good example for her daughter and seek help of her own to deal with all the trauma in her life?  What are you hoping to see in this new season of Body of Proof?


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Great episode. I watched all of season 1 and 2 to make sure I was all caught up on it then watched part 1 and part 2 of abduction. This new cast is interesting and hope the show is still as good with them or better. This was one of my favorite episodes of the whole series. Megan introducing tommy to lacy at the end was nice and sweet.

Sue ann

Thank YOU, Christine! It's nice to know that at least you are trying. Good luck!

William e bruce

I hope we get to see Bud and Sam back maybe for a show arch. Have all the team work good and maybe see the ratings climb.


Hi Sue Ann, Yeah, the picture thing bugs me too. Although I can't update them myself, I'll see what I can do to get it changed. Keep your fingers crossed and give me a little time. I'm working on it. Thanks for the push. Christine


Great recap Christine. I am officially a Megan/Tommy shipper now. I liked the way he pulled her back to reality about how she could not handle the situation alone. I really enjoyed all the plot twists - I did not expect Karl to be in that van, or for them to switch vans. I did expect Meagan's co-workers to come through with forensics to locate the kidnappers, Meagan and Lacey. I think we are going to be in for an interesting ride with Kate going into politics. There is a lot of moral shades of grey - not really black and white good or bad in politics and I get the feeling Kate will be making some decisions that impact her team and their jobs just so you can appease people. That is gonna create a lot of office tension. I am liking the season so far and I am glad I got a season 3 pass. (I like to watch the next day without commercial interruption.)

Sue ann

I'd like to see the picture at the top of the Body of Proof page on TV Fanatic changed ... One of those characters is dead, and two more have left the show. It is always disconcerting to see how you never update those pictures. Kate Beckett with short hair? Etc., show after show. Is there a shortage of suitable pictures? I am not trying to be snarky. I really want to know. I like the actor, but I don't especially like the character, Tommy. And if he just transferred from another city to take another run at Megan, how did he get so many local cops so loyal to him that they would work off the books? This show has never made much sense, but that one really bothers me. So do the shoes.


Okay, I want to say first that I like Body of Proof, had my fingers crossed last year waiting for it to get renewed. I'm sad to see Peter, Bud and Sam go but I did really enjoy the interactions between Megan and Tommy, as well as Tommy and his partner. There was one thing that bothered me, and I know I should just go along with it as it's a TV show but having grown up with two diabetic brothers it just seemed like this would have been easy enough to get right:
Megan said that Lacy was hyperglycemic, which is high blood sugar, and needed insulin. I don't understand how Lacy's blood sugar could have gone up so high since her abductors probably fed her little to nothing the whole time they had her. It is more likely that that Lacy would have had low blood suger (HYPOglycemic) from not having eaten anything. In this case she would not have needed insulin, but to eat something high in carbs. Also, if her blood sugar was high, as they said it was, exercise can burn energy/lower blood sugar. Obviously taking insulin is the best thing to do, but in a case like this, with no other options, exercise would be better than nothing. Sorry for the rant lol. Was thinking it as I watched on dvr last night and just had to get it out.


I agree with everything Christine said above. I thought the twists and turns were great. The shocking reveal of Carl being in the van was well done. I think my very favorite line from the conclusion was Tommy's that Christine quoted. I love how he stands up to Megan! I, too, am looking forward to getting more of their back story. I loved Peter but I have to say that the possibilities with Tommy are making the new version of the show very appealing. Plus, he's a real looker!


I have always been a fan of Megan Delaney and love seeing again but honestly, WAY WAY WAY too much botox. Her face is unable to show any emotions. Also those high heels are totally ridiculous, it makes her movements unnatural. I'm rooting that this series excels. I love Mark Valley and happy to see him back on TV. So pls redo. Megan's appearance.


They are trying to make this show "Castle II"

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