Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: "Transplant Wasteland"

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ABC has released photos from Grey's Anatomy's next episode, airing March 14.

When the show returns for the first of three consecutive episodes airing next month, discord and chaos created by the hospital's new management causes one physician to question his future at Seattle Grace.

Who do you think it is? We have some ideas, but that could apply to a lot of people.

Meanwhile, the doctors and the interns must juggle several transplant surgeries at once, each with its own set of obstacles. There's never a dull moment, whether the crises are medical, financial or both.

Click to enlarge photos from "Transplant Wasteland" below ...

That Handsome Man
Owen and Derek
Avery on Grey's
He's Mine Thank You
Jackson, Owen Pic
Mc Handsome
Derek: Handsome Fella
Owen Looking Serious
Owen and Der
Hunt on the Move
Der With Mer
Jackson and Calzona Pic
Five Doctors
Jackson in Action
Those Piercing Eyes
'Zona Pic
Cal-Zona Pic
Table Read
Yang Reads

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honestly I think Richard should own the hospital and dr. bailey should be chief! Owen as chief is driving me crazy! I hope meres baby is going to live mere and Derek have been through sooo much!


@uklaas: As far as I know, Owen's still the CoS, but you never know what Pretty Boy and his mother will come up with (yes, I don't like Jackson at all and I don't fancy his mamma either). Now that I think of it, Owen losing his position would explain him fighting with Avery and running to the woods. I just hope Derek and Cristina will talk some sense into him. He can't give up!


Why is it airing in 2 weeks and not this week?


i cannot wait for this really isnt clear whether the conflict is between derek n owen or derek n jackson with hunt merely intervening as chief...its going to be intense for sure!


Is Owen still the chief of surgery? To have the owners of the hospital possibly guiding the way the hospital is run can't be an easy for a chief. Conflict seems to be rife between Der and Owen. That'll have an affect on Mer and Cris backing up their men. Perhaps Owen will get ready to move out of Der's trailer if he's at logger heads with Der.


I don't love this idea either, but I do not like Jackson so perhaps that why.


Seems like Derek is not loving the fact that Jackson is in charge of the hospital now.


Awesome photos, looks like a very tense meeting.

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