Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Transplant Wasteland"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Transplant Wasteland" in great detail. Now, TVF's Christina Tran, Sean McKenna and Steve Marsi are back for a Q&A discussion of many of the episode's events.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Christina: There are plenty to choose from this week, but Jackson announcing his plan to re-name the hospital Grey Sloan Mercy Hospital takes the cake. That was awesome!

Sean: I don't know why, but I thought it was funny when Derek was chasing after Owen in his car. I think these two can be great buddies, but they've got to get past all of the blame game stuff with the plane crash.

Steve: "Can your mind be blown on your own time?" - Cristina.

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2. How’s Jackson doing so far as the new boss?

Christina: He had a rough start, but is doing just fine by showing true leadership with his newest decisions. I’m rooting for him.

Sean: I think he's doing well. Sure, it makes sense that he wouldn't be the greatest at the very start. Of course, he was going to stumble, but he's still afloat and taking on the task. It'll be interesting to see how that progresses.

Steve: There is only one Chief, and that is Richard Webber. Compared to him, all others will seem inadequate, especially someone with no management experience. Still, he's doing as well as he can learning on the job under difficult and unexpected circumstances.

3. This week’s episode featured a bunch of medical cases. Which was your favorite?

Christina: I liked April’s the most. I’m a sucker for sad moments, and it made me cling to my Kleenex. What a heartbreaking story!

Sean: The one where the doctor chose to let himself die. It was a heartbreaking moment watching the parents in those last seconds, but realizing that he was going to be helping others with his organs. What a dilemma but a choice that did mean something in the end.

Steve: Agree with Sean. You almost forget about it sometimes, but a strength of this show has always been its ability to provide compelling stories like this one as the backdrop for our characters' journeys.

4. Everyone seemed upset and frustrated. Who did you feel the worst for?

Christina: Jackson. Sure, he was handed that position by Mama Avery, but he didn’t ask for it. He was doing the best he could, and it couldn’t be easy with everyone demanding his attention and constantly throwing it in his face that he didn’t deserve it.

Sean: Jackson definitely. The changes are going to cause problems, but Jackson was thrown into a position he didn't sign up for. He has a lot on his plate, he's got doctors who are upset he's in the position, and he's just trying to keep it all going for everyone, himself, and the hospital. Good luck, man!

Steve: Gonna make it 3-for-3 for Jackson. It's interesting how someone who inherited a position like that can actually win sympathy, but as Christina said, he carries not only enormous responsibility but the burden of proving his appointment isn't tainted.

5. What do you hope to see next for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

Christina: Hopefully, we are done with the lawsuit and plane crash storyline. I’m ready to see the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital back to saving lives. I want to see medical cases that are heartbreaking, unheard of, and truly inspiring.

Sean: I agree with Christina about concluding the airplane storyline. Hopefully, this is sort of a revamp for the show to start things over. There's nothing I'm specifically looking forward to seeing, but it'll be nice seeing the regular relationships, drama, cases, without it being bogged down by the lawsuit.

Steve: More on-call room hookups. Yes I said it. Back to basics, people.

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses below!


1.Callie teasing Avery to sign his name and not his mother's.
2.Avery is following the hopsital plan drawn up between the five doctor board members. Avery is lucky to have them. I think Avery is out of his depth as a manager.
4.It feels like by nameing the hospital Grey(Sloan) is a way to cover for the lack of a Grey if Ellen Pompeo leaves. I am not convinced that GA should continue after the character of Meredith Grey leaves anyway.


It was totally the best moment when Jackson said it was the Grey/Sloan hospital.


I feel like the name of the hospital was changed only in case Ellen decides to leave the show. When they had the problem of Ellen may be leaving before, the fact that they had Lexie on the show seemed to help make sure the name "Grey's Anatomy" still made sense even if Ellen left. Now that Lexie is gone :( and Zola/McBaby is no where near old enough to continue the show (assuming that is even what their last name even is) they had to figure out another way for the name to make sense. So every time I hear the hospital's new name, it makes me sad, since it might be the "back up" in case another original leaves. I might just be paranoid :P but the name Seattle Grace has been the name for the last 9 seasons. Even when they added Mercy West, the first part was still stable. I feel like they would not have changed it unless the had a external reason to.


I agree on the back to basics. I would like to see more basic story lines about their challenges at the hospital without artificially heightened drama from shootings, drownings, ambulance crashes, plane crashes, or asteroids hitting the principal cast. I think the show is at its best when the relationships shine, not just cruelty inflicted by the writers upon the characters.


You don't have to want a baby to be "coming of age" -- I think there are many women who know exactly what they want, have learned, chosen wisely and just because that does not include a baby does not mean they have not "come of age." As Meredith said herself when she was trying to explain Christina to Owen, Meredith experienced a mother who did not want her because she preferred to focus on her career -- that's a choice you get to make when you have "come of age"


The transplants have been reviewed so I won't go there.
The finale reminded me of the scene where Izzie gives Bailey money for her clinic and calls it the "Deny Douquette Memorial Clinic". The expressions on the doctors' faces of sheer amazement and emotional acceptance as Avery suggested the new name was reminiscent of Dr Bailey saying "Izzie Stevens"! I think Derek and Meredith and Callie will be able to live with that tribute and find a healing of their hearts. I enjoyed the scene where Avery stepped up to dictate who used which OR. It reminded me of the time when he was the "gunther". You see what goes around comes around especially with Rhonda and her writers. GREAT SHOW - Like someone said "back to basics". Glad to see that Cristina is standing up for Owen. They were always a perfect couple. It took a little smoothing out the rough edges. Now Cristina has to get pregnanat and actually want the baby. That would be Cristina finally "coming of age" That's it. Keep up the good work.

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