Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: The Guilt

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Five clips from this week's Grey's Anatomy show some of the personal and professional drama to come in "Hard Bargain," with the hospital's financial situation growing more tenuous by the week.

The survivors' views on what happened, what they are entitled to and what to do next are currently divergent. Arizona wants to keep it so she has some sense of control over her daughter's future.

Derek has other ideas. According to Arizona, this is because of his guilt.

What they decide regarding the money is unclear, but Owen is shocked to learn in another clip that Derek is on tendering his resignation ... along with Meredith, Cristina, Arizona AND Callie. Wow.

Will it stick? Is it just a negotiating tactic? We'll see Thursday.

Meanwhile, Cristina questions her interns' loyalty, only to have them throw her condemnation back at her, and Jackson and April try to have a conversation like back when they were friends. Watch:

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They'll need more than the total of all the compensation money to buy a hospital. So will they go to see Callie's dad? I wonder if Webber will quit too?


they probably just quit to try and buy the hospital..


the "I quit" clip promises a mass exodus of the best surgeons and the very foundation of the hospital's surgical department!!! wow! the Pegasus group will hopefully not like it enough not to want to buy it! here's to the coup!

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