Hawaii Five-0 Review: Shrimp Truck Lock-Down

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As the greatest minds of our generation have said, time and time again: the first rule of fight club is that you do not talk about fight club, not even if you're Summer Glau.

But, luckily, I let my fight club membership lapse (I forgot to send the renewal slip in on time), so I am ready and able to talk my head off about "Kekoa (Warrior)."

McGarrett Hire a P. I.

A lively, nicely-paced episode, "Kekoa (Warrior)" stripped things down to basics - no high-tech weapons or elaborate conspiracies, just straight-up bad guys, people getting kicked in the face and someone hitting on Steve's mom.

Though it didn't quite provide the high-stakes drama of recent episodes like "Hookman" or "Hana I Wa'la (Scandal)," I thought the hour was very effective, in no small part due to Glau's turn as Maggie, the mourning daughter/ martial arts bad-ass.

I've been a fan of Glau's since her time on Firefly (yes, I write about TV on the Internet, so I am legally required to love Firefly; it's in the Constitution, look it up!), and I thought she turned what could have been a ho-hum part into something memorable with her formidable acting chops (as well as her formidable face-kicking chops).

Glau - who also did great work on the gone-too-soon Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - is always pretty excellent at combining expressiveness and depth with ass-kicking skills in her roles. She's a true gem for anyone who likes their action-adventure to be emotionally engaging, and I hope she finds her way to a regular TV gig again soon.

One of the consistent delights of Hawaii Five-0 has to be the guest stars - from Firefly's River Tam, to Freaks and Geeks' Bill Haverchuck, to Alex Mack herself, you never know which iconic star of cult TV or film is going to wander across the screen at any given moment. We can now add to this list Treat Williams, the man perhaps best known as "the dad from Everwood."

Williams charmed, wheedled and grabbed almost all of this week's best Hawaii Five-0 quotes as the private eye who mixes business with pleasure with Doris McGarrett (ah, but who among us could truly resist Christine Lahti's charms, right?).

The episode also included an important public service announcement: if you attend a rowdy bachelorette party that ends with the bride-to-be getting humped on by a guy in leather chaps , you will witness a murder within the next two hours, no ifs, ands, or buts (or butts) about it. Be careful out there, ladies!

Did you dig the mixed martial arts action? What did you think of Kamekona's brief flirtation with the wrong side of the law? Who's been your favorite "famous from another show" guest star so far?


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I enjoyed this episode. Maggie has some serious fight moves. Kamekona...i loved that he showed his softer side and promised Maggie that he would be there for her..awww, so sweet. I think it hilarious that Steve has no idea on how to handle his Mother or what to do with her. Danny's admonition that no good will come of tailing his Mom and the option to just ask was . Mama Mcgarrett did not disappoint when she turned the tables on Mick. I would have been disappointed if an operative of her caliber had been fooled by Mick. It was good to see Christine Lahti back. Steve's expression when Mick showed up was priceless. : ) Steve eating MREs was very cute and Cat's suggestion that she get her camo's out of the car to put to complete his....was another great moment.


After Scott Caan's statements about how much he hates it here, it's really hard to watch H5O. Add to that the way the show stomps all over local customs (and police prodedure), I find myself walking away from the screen. Throw in that white people are a minority here, but every guest actor they bring in is Mainland and white, makes H5O a serious disappointment. Yes, it's just a tv show, but Hawaii deserves better.


"Glau - .... a true gem for anyone who likes their action-adventure to be emotionally engaging..." LMAO. How many other actors on the show had the only emotion as crying and had so many cut aways to add fake tears to make the performance plausible?
I'll give you she is hot and kicks ass... but emotionally engaging? She played emotionally stunted characters in Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles... which made her believable. Even in Dollhouse she was non-emotional. Other than this issue, I in general liked the episode. And I agree that Glau's fight scene was awesome.


This episode was amazing. My favorite part was when Maggie was thrown into the pool to fight Kat and after getting thrown around and getting her arm broken she came back and kicked her ass every part of that fight was amazing. Steve stopping Shane before he could kill Maggie and asking him to fight him instead then shooting him in the leg was a little funny and totally Steve. It was great seeing Catherine again and having them start to mess around and Steve's mom come down the stairs walking in on them was great. Steve's reaction to his moms date was great.


Nice episode! Nothing great but solid! The guest stars stole the show this week! Summer Glau was so freaky good in Firefly I was pumped to watch her in H50, and she certainly pulled her own weight - the fight scene at the end - WOW! Treat Williams was certainly a treat as PI Mick (Mick? Really? Cue "Moonlight" theme here!) I have heard Treat will be back for at least 1 more ep. as Mick this season - so that story is not over yet. Taylor Wiley's Kamekona blossomed this week. We got to see 2 different sides to his big bear persona. First, he obviously did not start out life as a big teddy bear! He's done his time in Halawa (for something I hope we actually find out about in the future) and he still has his connections. Taking care of Ohana - yes, Steve you SHOULD know about! Then Taylor brings out the big guns to impress us with his warmth, devotion and love for his dead cousin's daughter. Wonderful acting by Taylor Wiley - he's not just the clown of the show!


what good would it do for steve to ASK his mother, what she's up to?....HE'S DONE THAT....and she has LIED to him....he's NOT a child she needs to PROTECT any more...per-say. and is catherine the ONLY navy contact, steve has that he can get HELP from? alisa


i liked it....and i had a feeling, that doris would KNOW that her son had sent the PI to follow her....steve needs to realize, that he's NOT dealing with an EVERY DAY person here....his mother was and STILL is imo, a SPY and she is NOT stupid.....to be honest: i wish they'd WRAP IT UP and GET RID OF HER.....what was the use of having CATHERINE on, when she was only on at the end...and he wasn't really paying her attention, until she said something...for him to jump her?....i DON'T like her...steve is only gonna end up HURT, when he finds out that his mother asked her to LIE to him....and i'm NOT the only fan, who doesn't like her. i LOVED danny trying to figure out, HOW he was gonna handcuff KameKona....lol. i want MORE of McDanno and GRACE. alisa


i loved it


I loved this one:) it gave Kamakona a tender side, Steve an even sexier side, and we all know Doris is up to something. All these things are clues leading up to the season finale, the gun will come in to play, Wo Fat/Doris connection, I for one don't want it all tied up in a neat little package that's why I love this show it knocks us for a loop come the cliff hanger.


To Dough-H. I also want to know what they are planning to do with Catherine. Im glad Im not the only one seeing that the Catherine role needs somethign to change. Others I have chat with in other forums believe there is nothing wrong with her character and she is just fine. Even one lady at these forums say that the main reason Catherine is on this season is just to be Steve gf and the Naval role is just secondary and that the Naval issue was just a vehicle to let the fans know they met there and she is a Naval officer but her job is not like a main role in the season, but the focus is mainly to bring Steve softer side out as his gf. So maybe that is what the producers or the show are doing, just let Catherine beign Steve gf and that is all she needs to do, her duties on the Navy are not important even if at some point what she knows in Intel may be part of solving cases.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Mick Logan: You told me to keep an eye on your mother.
Steve McGarrett: An eye, not a hand, not any other body part.

Kid, you don't need a P.I., you need a therapist.

Mick Logan