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Lost Girl returned to the true heart of the show in "The Kenzi Scale:" The friendship between Bo and Kenzi.

Instead of Bo and Kenzi's friendly banter sessions to open each episode, Lost Girl season 3 has spent more time on Bo's romantic and sex life. 

In "Fae-de to Black," Bo basically shunned Kenzi at a time that her friend needed her the most. The outcome was that Kenzi was abducted and replaced by Faux-Kenzi. It was only then that Bo remembered how much she cared about her friend.

The Person Bo Trusts Least

Just as Bo dismissed Kenzi back then, her friends discounted her belief that Kenzi wasn't Kenzi at all and they turned on her ... even her girlfriend. Lauren not only believed that Bo was out of her mind to think Kenzi was a fake, but was scared by Bo. Ouch.

Bo: I will never forgive you for this.
Lauren: Well, I hope that's not true. | permalink

Shockingly, it was the least likely person who stood up for Bo: Tamsin. The Dark Fae thinks Bo's a killer, but believed that Kenzi was taken and offered to help. She even Valkyerie'd Dyson to clear their way out of the Dal.

"The Kenzi Scale" was about the quest for and the strength of friendships. Inari didn't want to hurt Kenzi; she wanted Kenzi's friends. She strived for that bond with others and was willing to take it even as another person. Inari's seduction scene with Dyson was uncomfortable to watch. She was animal-like in her moves, aggressive, and Dyson and Kenzi are friends not lovers.

It was unclear how Inari took Kenzi's form, but she was drawn to Kenzi because the human "took" her glamour abilities from the Norn. This outcome from Kenzi's rash was anti-climatic, though it was unclear whether Kenzi still has Inari's abilities. It would be a fun turn if Kenzi is able to glamour now and learns how to use it. As for the rash, that symptom was a bit odd. Regardless, I hope that this story is not over.

Like Inari was enamored by this group of friends, Tamsin was growing to appreciate them as well. She was envious of the "Happy Sunshine Gang" as she watched the reunion of Bo, Dyson, and Kenzi from the outside. 

This character shift from the mean-spirited and rough gal that we first met is a pleasant surprise. She's gone from out to get Bo to better understanding the Succubus. Even if Bo attacked the two Fae, Tamsin realized that they weren't malicious acts

She proved her shift in loyalties by lying to the Morrigan about who the comatose Fae saw attack him and then out of protection for this lie and to put him out of his misery killed him. This new Tamsin is one to watch. I never expected to even like her an inkling, but after she helped Bo, I find her actions admirable.

One big and unresolved reveal was Bo found out that Kenzi went to the Norn and that was what started all of this. Will Bo forget this tidbit? Or, will she question it and then find out that Dyson has his love back?

Given the unresolved status of Bo and Lauren's relationship, this revelation probably wouldn't influence whether or not Bo forgives Lauren, but it could alter whether or not Bo and Lauren are girlfriends again.

It's possible Bo will forgo any relationships until she figures out how to pass The Dawning. This new wrinkle is a life-altering situation that should take precedent over any romantic entanglements.

Even though Kenzi seems to always get the worst of it from the Fae world, the return to a real sense of danger made the episode more enjoyable. I prefer when the story arcs revolve around the Fae mythology in addition to the interpersonal struggles of the characters. The introduction of The Dawning should create that sense of urgency and add to the show's tension and complexity.

Odds and Ends

  • Faux-Kenzi's overuse of Bobo should have been a giveaway that she wasn't the real Kenzi.
  • The Fauz-Kenzi set-up was odd. How did she know some information about Kenzi and not others? And, how was she not aware of human eating needs?
  • What is it about Tamsin that made her a "different" and seemingly more exhilarating feeding for Bo?
  • The confrontations between Lauren and Trick were uncomfortable to watch. She was defensive and he was borderline rude. Will this tension subside? Or, get worse?
Will Bo and Lauren remain girlfriends? Or will they break up because Lauren didn't support Bo? Are you intrigued by the introduction of The Dawning? And is Tamsin on a path to join the "Happy Sunshine Gang?"


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I'm glad you say the heart of the show is the Bo/Kenzi friendship. I agree! I have been so fed up with the endless scenes of Bo and Lauren in bed. Puhleeze! I guess if I were that way inclined I would like it, but it is getting really tiresome now. Since the essential Bo is a good-hearted person, as has been commented on by Dyson and Trick in past episodes, it especially does not make sense that she has pretty much been ignoring Kenzi for months now. This is really breaking Kenzi's heart. No wonder K does not like Lauren - neither do I! I simply killed me that Kenzi got Dyson his love back, only to have Bo become fully committed to tedious, whiny Lauren. If only she knew that Kenzi had done that for her and Dyson! Dyson was way too gentlemanly by not telling Bo what has happened an that he loves her again. He is putting himself in the background because he thinks Bo is happy with Lauren. What a waste! As wolves mate for life it is particularly tragic that his earlier
relationship with Bo was spoiled. But they could get bak together if only Lauren would die or get someone else. I wish the writers would get over their girl-on-girl fetish and get back to Dyson. That is one gorgeous hunk of man and how Bo can let him languish is beyond me. I have not seen Kenzi Scale yet, but hope to soon. It sounds like things are getting better - I hope so. Does anyone know why she waited months to tell anyone about the rash she got from the Norn's spilled potion? And then when she tried to tell people, no one would listen. AArghhh!!!


Best episode this season despite an abrupt end to the rash storyline and too much ambiguity in general.


We know that at the end of season 2, the quest to kill the Garuda awakened a darkness inside of Bo. We saw that darkness come out when Bo fed on that dark fae and left him in a coma, and again when she nearly went medieval on everybody in the satyr's club. One thing we need to know is whether Bo's early-onset Dawning and her problem with the darkness are one and the same. I hope they are. As for Tamsin deciding to overlook coma guy's last words ... it's difficult to accept her changing sides so quickly and easily. She's been trying to nail Bo for the assault on coma guy since she first appeared. Is it because she decided she really just wants to nail Bo, period? As for the kitsune Inari, we still don't know whether she murdered Bo's casual bedmate or was instead a witness to Bo murdering her. Let's hope it was the former.


I really liked this episode even though I had a hard time believing that Bo would blow off Kenzie so much. I know her relationship with Lauren is new and fun, but I thought it was out of character for her even if you take all that was going on. I also liked seeing Tamsin work with Bo and take a stand against the Morrigan. I'm liking her character more and more!


im undecided about kenzis rash it wasnt what i was expecting.ill be happy with kenzi still beeing human or geting new powers. it is a balance having a human in the picture but we still have our doc so whatever they decide for next episode ill keep watching!


Great episode. Love that we have the real kenzi back and one of the ways you know it's her besides her being chained up in a cave and Bo coming and saving her is that she wanted a cheeseburger and fry and another cheeseburger which is something kenzi would ask for. I'm still wondering why Tamsin believed that kenzi wasn't kenzi because she seemed to believe it before then she changed her mind after seeing fake kenzi and Dyson hug. Inari was crazy I understand that she just wanted friends but she was completely insane. I liked that Bo admitted to Tamsin that he was a horrible friend because kenzi kept tying to tell her something and she blew her off an she doesn't even know how long she's been missing. When Tamsin asked Bo what was so special about kenzi and she said kenzi's kenzi was great because that's what you say you can't really describe her you just say kenzi's kenzi. I hope the norn stuff doesn't get dropped and Bo starts asking kenzi about it and I hope the whole rash thing is still kind of a story and they don't completely drop it. In the previews for the next episode it doesn't look like any of that is talked about that's fine I just hope they don't drop it completely. I'm really starting to like Tamsin she's becomeing much nicer and finally understanding Bo. 2 weeks till the next episode is to long for me I don't think I'll be able to wait.

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Bo: I will never forgive you for this.
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