NCIS: Los Angeles Review: All Good Indeed

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Action! Bullets! Lives at risk!

"Kill House" was a standout episode for NCIS:LA season 4. Not only was there plenty of tension, it was one of the rare circumstances when the entire team worked together. It makes sense that they usually break into two units to investigate, so it was a special treat to see the foursome in action. 

Kensi Kill House

After a tactical team's mission was compromised and ambushed, NCIS was tasked to find out who was responsible for the intelligence leak. They quickly tracked the likely source to be from the military contractor responsible for training the tactical team prior to the mission. The boat house crew went undercover as a tactical team to train to complete the compromised mission.

This NCIS crew was not properly prepared for this hardcore, life threatening training, but they went in confident and with a bit of fear. Even though it was training, it was as real as it could be with modified bullets, dull knifes and full force punches. When the team entered the Kill House, it was very real.

The first mission was going well until the end when their mission goal became unclear. They found a laptop on the table, but there was also a woman being held hostage. What were they supposed to do? They went after the hostage and were "killed." They were set up to fail the training exercise. Being top notch investigators, they used this failure to their advantage.

The two main trainers, leader David Inman and Chad Parish, went after the team for their lack of teamwork. NCIS pushed back to try and determine which one of the trainers could have leaked the information. Parish was the only one married and had a kid on the way. That both worked in his favor and against him. And then there's Inman himself. Could the former military man have sold out his trainees?

On the next training exercise, NCIS got its big break when someone killed Parish. It gave them a reason to bring in Inman for questioning. And just when Granger had started to gain the trust of the team a little, he bust that with a huge lie. He was friendly with Inman! What?

Nell showed up at the crime scene to analyze the cameras there and see if there was any proof that Parish was murdered. The rest of the team left her to work and they continued to investigate. After their training, why would they leave Nell alone? She's at a crime scene where a military professional may have killed his teammate. She should have had a partner with her. Safety! This took away from the otherwise well done episode.

Inman kidnapped Nell. The team had to go into the Kill House once again and this time for real, with live ammo and weapons. Their approach was quiet. They made their way to Nell who was being held by Inman. She trusted her team, grabbed the magazine from the gun, ducked and her teammates took Inman out. It was brilliantly executed. A sign of a well-synced team.

Case closed.

Eric and Nell's reunion after she was rescued was touching. They do work well together. The idea of Nell becoming a field agent is both exciting and saddening. She could follow in Hetty's footsteps of a huge presence in a small package, but her ability to analyze data and help the team would be sorely missed. Plus, she would be leaving her banter buddy, Eric, behind.

"Kill House" was a nice return to an action packed hour. There were military maneuvers, guns fired, knives thrown and Deeks' incredible take down of the red vest in the restaurant.

Should Nell get out into the field more often or permanently? Was it believable that Nell would have been left alone at the crime scene? Can the team ever trust Granger?


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This has just screened in the UK. What utter rubbish - farcical story and awful acting. Won't be watching the rest of the series.


ok so first nell should go out in the feild a little bit but hell don't scare me that bad(cop/cops daughter speaking hear, i had just left my partners funral thought i'd whatch some NCIS LA. bad idea), she should never be aloud to work out in the field by her self. the idea that she would work in the feild by herself... granger I swear i would have but a bullet in his head by now if i was hetty or callen the stuff he does is just stupid. ok, nell, they have been potraying her as mini hetty for a while now and while i like the idea, i beleive they need to give her a little bit of her own personality. ...oh and while not many may agree but due to the fact that nell and eric are tech's and not agents who go into the field every single episode i think they should just declare themselves a couple and jump in the sack already this whole unfilled desire with a dash of akwardness thing they have is driving me up the wall and there's only so much this israeli american girl can take when it comes to this kind of thing on shows that she watches.


...continued; and him having to guide Gibbs through the building to the main computer. McGee realizing that the scene was just like a video game and having to play through it like one. 6. Awesome move from Nell, pulling the magazine from the guy's gun and ducking out of the way so the others could shoot him. Though, still, wouldn't there have been one in the chamber that he could've fired off? Risky trick, but it worked.


1. Nell should not have been alone. Other agents or Unis should've been called in to keep the scene secure while she did her thing. 2. I seem to remember Eric going in the field once and Nell about losing it when Eric got frelted. 3. Callen giving Granger the ultimatum was nice. Being in charge doesn't give you the right to withhold critical information like that. That said, he was using that relationship to lead into the interrogation, which worked. But it's hard to back your play when your team doesn't know what it is. Should've given Callen a heads up. 4. We STILL didn't find out what was in the box! Curse you, writers! Though I agree. Deeks bringing up the issue during an op was a bad idea, though typical for him. 5. The kill house scene being replayed at the end, only for real, was a bit predictable, but not an uncommon tactic in shows like this. They did the same thing on NCIS, season 8 episode 16, Kill Screen, where the episode revolves around a video game and him having to guide Gibbs through the building to the main computer. McGee realizing that the scene was just like a video game and having to play through it like one. 6. Awesome move from Nell, pulling the magazine from the guy's gun and ducking out of the way so the others could shoot him. Though, still, wouldn't there have been one in the chamber that he could've fired off? Risky trick, but it worked.


If anyone to blame for what happen to Nell its sam and callen rule number one of being a cop YOU don't Leave anyone at the crime sence by themself


Kudos to the writers for the "kalinga" head hunter least you did your research


I love Hetty. She reads people like a book. She knows who she can trust. Same as Gibbs. That being said, she seems to trust Granger - just as Gibbs does trust Vance. That's good enough for me.


I love this show but this episode boarded on the ridiculous ... Whilst I like over the top hard to believe/wouldn't happen in real life tv... The training house first failed mission that repeated in real life for the team 24 hours later in the training house with the exact scenario was stupid. The start of the episode with the cartel wiping out the American crack team seem to fadeaway to nothing in the storyline ... Not that any of this will stop me from backing up next week and watching Kensi and the team (particularly Kensi) next week...

Sue ann

No to all three of your concluding questions. I think Eric would have a nervous breakdown if Nell goes into the field much more. This is twice that I can think of, and this time she definitely was hung out to dry. If the team trusts Granger, then the more fool them. The writers on this show periodically have a person in power over the team do something monumentally stupid to no good purpose, like when the woman who was blown up made the two pairs of agents split up, and partner with a different team member, for no reason except sheer bitchery. This week, Granger nearly got Nell killed. He is no more trustworthy than Vance, who I would not trust an inch.


Kudos to everyone on this fantastic show.I love Tuesday night TV with NCIS and then NCIS -LA AND Then Vegas as well. It is like going to the Cinema and you can be sure we bring out the caramel popcorn!!! Thank you CBS for a wonderful evening.

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Callen: Somewhere Granger is laughing.
Sam: Can't hear it. We're dead.

Deeks: ... if you hear my yell "noodles," that means I'm in trouble.
Callen: If I hear you yell "noodles" I'll shoot you myself.