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Necessary Roughness touched on a timely tale in "Regret Me Not," broaching the subject of gay players in football. According to Rex, there are no active gay players in any major sport. I found that unbelievably sad.

Imagine having a blossoming career, getting to play the game you love, but having to hide everything about your personal life to the point of denying an integral part of who you are. It must be like living a secret life. And I understood why Rex's partner Jim had grown tired of it.

TK's Issues

In Rex's defense, he was right. If he announces to the world that he's gay, nothing will ever be the same. He and Jim will become overnight celebrities in our tabloid driven society. So to stop hiding who they are, they'll have to sell off their privacy. That's a hard way to live. 

Speaking of the Hawks, they don't own the ground under their cleats. Marshall Pittman was selling off pieces of the stadium before he died. No one will buy a team that might end up with no place to play. As Nico said, it was Pittman's final screw you.

I've been amazed at how much TK has grown over the course of this season. Recovery over addiction hasn't been easy but the results were evident in every part of TK's life.

First, he's learned to ask for help and having Joe as his sponsor was perfect. He understands the type of pressure TK's under at work and also gets TK's special line of BS and won't put up with it.

Second, TK's figured out how to control his reactions. When Toes was making fun of his ballet slippers, the old TK would have gone off on him and lost his temper  Now? TK used humor to fight Toes digs and threw his stupid remarks right back at him.

Joe was great when he set TK straight. He's not 20 years old anymore and he's survived a gunshot wound. He will never be the player - or the person - he was. He's not going to get younger, but he can work to get smarter.  The best thing about TK's recovery was that he seemed to be trying to do just that.

Finally, there's Dani. I don't even know what to say.

Dani loves Matt but felt they had no future because he wanted kids. She kissed Nico but felt she shouldn't be with him. Now suddenly she's convinced she and Matt are meant to be.

I don't know about you but I'm getting dizzy. In my opinion Dani jumped back in with Matt because she was reeling over her mother's heart attack. I don't believe she really wants to start another family. I think she panicked.

And as much as Matt hasn't always been my favorite character, I had to agree with him. He's been back and forth with Dani and he's got to feel jerked around, especially since he's finally moving on with Noelle.

The sad part was that I don't think Dani ever thought that Matt would walk away if she told him he wanted him back. It looks like she was wrong.

So where does that leave us with next week's season finale? Will Rex come out? Will Dani run back to her therapist for help? Will Matt change his mind? Tune in next week as Necessary Roughness season 2 comes to a close.


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Are there no more on line episodes going to be released for viewing? It has ended with the first episode of this season on line.


I too think it is crazy for a partner to force another parte out of the closet. I kind of felt like Jim only wanted Rex out so it could be know that Jim was his partner and not for the god of Rex. I hope TK helps him out in the next epode that would be the ultimate growth for TK, who I loved as a bad ass and love recovering TK even more. Oh Dr. D I am at a loss for you I have always loved you with Matt, I think he is great, but you broke is heart and then when you did your “sole searching� and “realized� your mistake you totally tried to get him back on your team in a 5 min monologue in the office! If he was really was your one true love you would have done something a little nice, had this chat over dinner tried to “whoo� him a little. I am however sorry that Matt did not scoop you up and sweep you off. I am still hopefully that he will come around and you tow will end up together again. I like Nicho but he is not that one form you!


I'm afraid I'm reaching the point of liking all the characters on this show except the main one. Dani has become so needy and whiny. Would you take advice from her? When the show started I used to be very impressed by her professional demeanor and even though she had problems with her kids, she didn't let it spill over on her patients. Now she is often in worse shape than her clients. Thar scene where she thought she could lure Matt back was positively embarrassing. I hope she comes to her senses before the season ends.


Also loved the evolution of TK. He's maturing and becoming a better person. Seeing Toes just makes me realize how much of an ass TK was. As for Dani, I too am tired of the back-and-forth between Matt and her. He was right to reject her, and try to move on and she should too. She could have something great with Nico and I hope she realizes it.


@YouWon'tLikeMyComment, you're right, I don't like your comment. People don't CHOOSE to be gay. Nobody WANTS to be gay. They just are and are born this way. I don't think it is a choice. The choice they have is to live it out in the open or in the closet. I am happy that a tv show addressed the matter of being an athlete and being gay because they're right. All the gay athletes are forced to stay in the closet, because professional sport hasn't evolved at the level of society yet. This a matter we still have to talk about as a society because it is not resolved yet. Gay teens still commit suicide after being bullied for being gay. We haven't reach total acceptance yet especially not in the professional sport's world.


I am so glad to see TK growing. Love the moments with him and Joe as his sponsor. TK had some great funny lines last night, especially the ones in the team meeting they had about who was first option. I was so Team Matt, so it hurt me just a little to see him turn her down. I do understand why he felt that way but to see her standing there looking so sad after he walked out just hurt. Interesting to see how next week goes. If TK helps out and supports Rex on coming out or not.


You know what, I get it. It's hard being a gay male in a sport. And I know some folks are going to lambast me for what I am about to say, but I'm saying it anyway. Deal with it. Being gay is a choice you make and like any choice there are benefits and consequences. You deal with it and move on.
If you want to be gay, be gay, but the "coming out" storyline is getting old. Yes, I know this was taken from the current headlines, but other shows have touched on it in other areas. Athletes can't be gay, action stars can't be gay. It is a stereotype, and stereotypes will fall. The world does NOT revolve around sexuality. I refuse to feel sorry for ANYONE because of their sexuality, even a fictional tv character. Go on...lambast away.


Ctd from bleow: I don't know many people who would want the media hassle of coming out, and what that would do to the team dynamics with the increased external scrutiny from everyone trying to guess what each team member is feeling and judging them. Competing on the national stage is intense. To compete in that kind of circus would be daunting. I can understand why no one has come out until they retire.


Two of my best friends are gay (a couple). One of them hasn't come out to his folks. He just can't. His partner isn't forcing him, and they've been together for over a decade. So seeing Rex get pressured into this huge reveal was just sad to watch. Of course I understand that Jim wouldn't want to put his life on hold, even for a few more years. But to force someone in Rex's position (quarterback) to come out was just so sad to watch. The cynic in me wondered in Jim wanted to be the guy who is with the first openly gay active athlete in a major sport. Luckily the cynic in me was quickly quashed. This is a timely storyline. Right now there's this increased focus on when an athlete will come out and who it will be and what sport. It feels as if the sports media has a bounty on players right now. I don't know many people who would want the media hassle of coming out, and what that would do to the team dynamics with the increased external scrutiny from everyone trying to guess what all the team members are feeling and judging them. To compete is pressure enough. To compete in a circus like that would be daunting.

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