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I am not some God damned yoyo that you can just toy with.


Dani: How do you know when that ship has sailed?
Nico: When it's so far out to sea that you'd drown trying to catch up to it.

I don't want to be Jackie Robinson, I just want to play ball.


TK: You come to ballet often?
Joe: How do you think I get these sexy damn legs.

Happiness is fleeting and we don't live forever.


Joe: You sponsor shopping.
TK: Yes and it's kind of like speed dating except slower and less sexy.

Fan: I even bleed Hawks red.
TK: We all bleed red, it's kind of a human thing man.

Matt: It's like he's Dr. Hyde.
Dani: It's Mr. Hyde. Jeckyll's the doctor.

Sobriety is war, Terrence and you can't win any war without losing some battles.

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