Once Upon a Time Review: Mushrooms Run Amok

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"Tiny" returned to run amok in Storybrooke and, thanks to Regina's magic mushrooms ,he got to do it at full giant size.

I really felt for Tiny. He had no real friends in either realm and the only brother that seemed to care about him was felled by Jack. 

A Giant in Town

Having Jack be a gorgeous woman and the villain of the story was a great twist. Too bad she hooked up with James. Apparently the guy was always a selfish, arrogant bastard. Could two twins ever be less alike?

It was good to see Hook out of the hospital, even if all he did was make snarky comments to my favorite Storybrooke characters. As he told Regina in one of the many entertaining Once Upon a Time quotes

I've been tied up in bed. Not in the good way. | permalink

When he told Snow he could see where Emma got her gumption from, I couldn't help but agree. I like Charming but Snow has the stronger heart.

There were several things I loved about Rumplestiltskin, Emma and Henry's journey. First of which was Rumple's conversation with Charming…

Charming: If anything happens to them...
Mr. Gold: Then you'll what? Cross the time line and David Nolan will hunt me down in his animal rescue van. | permalink

I literally laughed out loud.

That Charming actually didn't threaten Rumple was a nice change of pace. That he simply plead with the man to keep his family safe meant so much more and certainly had more of an affect on Rumple.

It was also quite a turn around to watch Emma looking out for Rumple. For as powerful as he was in Storybrooke and the fairy tale world, he's completely out of his element now. He needed Emma and she was there for him in the airport. She also tried to comfort him on the plane when he looked absolutely terrified. Do you think his fear was due to what was at stake on this journey or just the thought of flying at 30,000 feet in a giant tin cylinder?

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple's other half wasn't faring much better. Belle didn't even know her name and when she asked Ruby about the magic she'd seen, Ruby lied to her. 

Perhaps someone should share the truth with Belle. Could it be any worse than this? If she doesn't believe it and tells others they will only continue to believe she's crazy.  If they can convince her of the truth, that's a huge step in the right direction and Rumple, Ruby and her friends can help protect her. Of course first they need to get Greg out of town.

Other side notes…

  • Ruby's wolflike jacket was just awesome. I love it when they add little character touches to the wardrobe.
  • Did Henry's cinnamon buns make anyone else hungry?
  • Rumple's right. Having to remove your shoes and belt might be necessary but it is completely uncivilized.
  • Any episode that puts a bow and arrow in Snow's hands gets a thumbs up from me.

I was surprised that Charming seemed so willing to ditch Emma and Henry and head to the fairy tale world. I suppose he's never felt as though he's fit in in Storybrooke and he misses the power of running a kingdom. The problem is that Snow's not about to miss any more time with her daughter. This argument is far from over.

Speaking of Snow, could she please stop rubbing it in Regina's face that Henry is with Emma now? Why make an evil sorceress angry, especially when you know it's her sore spot?

And is Regina really working with her mother? I've wanted to hold out hope that Regina's playing both sides but without Henry physically there to remind her to be good, it's easy for her lose sight of her promise to become a better person.

It looks as though we're on the cusp of the big reveal and will finally meet Rumple's son as an adult in the real world. Will Emma use her bounty hunter skills to help hunt him down? Does Baelfire have any other connections in Storybrooke? One more week and we should get some answers on the next Once Upon a Time.


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Just throwing a questions out to anyone to ponder..... (in regards to 'what' was in the box that August showed Neil to get him to agree to stay away from Emma...... it has been mentioned a few times that it was Rumple's knife).... question: how could it be Rumple's knife?..... Gold had it with him when he came to Storybrooke as we saw in an episode in Season 1 where he buried it in the woods 'so no one could find it or take it away from him'... He explained this to August when he dug it up and showed it to him when he still thought August was Bael'
When and how did August get it(knife)away from Gold to show to Neil? Did he sneak into Storybrooke, steal the knife from Gold and then put it back allowing Gold to bury it at a later date.... If he took it from Gold why would he put it back? (seeing it's the center of Gold's/Rumple"s power.)


I know I'm an easter egg hunter but the "Ajira Airlines" Flight AND Belle watching "Exposé" on TV is such a big LOST Shout Out!! ahhh edward kitsis and adam horowitz, you've done it again!


Neal has got to be baelfire. i've suspected as much since the tallahasse episode, especially with the way august was able to convince him to stay away from emma. the thing is i wonder, did he lose any of his memories coming to earth or does he still remember the enchanted forest? this just makes henry even more special. grandson of rumple, snow and charming, adoptive son of the evil queen and son of the savior. what a legacy to live up to just another filler, had a few moments (LOVE seeing Tess from smallville as Jack hope they show some more of her past) but overall nothing special. glad to just have them back, too many breaks abc!!! if this was NEXT week's episode it would have been a wait worthwhile. oh well


My roommate and I though Gold was more freaked out about the loss of his magic than everything else. Just like Regina it's his crutch. He can't use it and it freaks him out. He's in a strange world now, not Henry and Emma. Henry was adorab;e with his cinnabuns. I've never been the biggest Rumple/Belle fan but I really hope Ethan Embry's character (Greg?) doesn't corrupt her. And I'm kind of glad Jack got what was coming to her. Girl needed to cover up and bit more.


I thought all along that it was Cora posing as Regina. She says things that just seem a little out of character, and she speaks more deliberately at times. She also has little gestures that seem like Cora more than Regina. Gold has lost at least some of his magic at the airport. He was not able to heal his knuckles after he punched the bathroom wall a few times. I am sure he is nervous about what happens to him without magic in this world.


Actually, it was August who sent him that postcard. My bad.


I enjoyed all the zingy one-liners and dialog in this ep, but I also have to say that I was amazed at how kind Emma was with Gold in helping him through the airport security and in the airplane. I laughed at Henry's love of frosted cinnamon rolls (they looked like Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls, yum) but was surprised at Gold's terror in flying. Still, this ep brought out a lot of interesting things in the various characters. Poor Tiny! His whole family was killed and it left him bitter against Prince Charming the first, and Jack. But I don't feel too sorry for Belle, who is acting like a spoiled teenager. She needs to get on with finding out who she is. She seems way too distrustful of everyone she encounters except for the guy in the car, whom she should distrust.


What ever happened to the guy who got the pigeon-gram Storybrooke Postcard in the season opener? There has been no more of him.


@Jason - I *completely* agree about Cora/Regina. Our family didn't believe for a minute that she was the real Regina. We all thought it was Cora the entire episode. Regina has never used mushrooms for magic. But, Cora was the Queen of Hearts, and obviously used the Wonderland 'shrooms to shrink Anton to get him in the cage. Plus, the real Regina knows Henry would be devastated if anything happened to his grandparents. She wouldn't want to alienate him further.


I do hope that Neal is Bealfire. I think it would be a another interesting twist for Henry to be Rumple's grandson. It will also be interesting to see Rumple without magic out in the real world next week.

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My name is Rumplestiltskin and we're going to find my son.


Charming: If anything happens to them...
Mr. Gold: Then you'll what? Cross the time line and David Nolan will hunt me down in his animal rescue van.