Pretty Little Liars Review: Who's Looking Cray-Cray Now

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Until those last few minutes, I was fully prepared to be disappointed this week. But watching Jason get the shaft added a little excitement to an otherwise meandering installment of Pretty Little Liars.

After last week's filler episode, I thought maybe "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" would continue to shift our focus away from the mysteries we desperately want resolved, and I was right...mostly. The show will spin its wheels occasionally to fill out the season, like most programs, and it's up to the fans to find something else to enjoy while we wait for the revelations. 

Hanna in the Middle

Jason's dangerous accident wasn't the only interesting part of the episode. Emily was working with Jason, hoping to keep him from running to Wilden before he had any proof and putting himself in danger. Together the two discovered a picture of Ali on a boat with both Wilden and CeCe Drake. Which was weird because CeCe had just told Emily she didn't know Wilden. 

This revelation causes Jason to share that the night Ali died he remembered seeing Melissa and CeCe talking. He never disclosed it because he was so messed up that night, he was never really sure that it was real. Plus, his being awake would make him suspect.

It seems like maybe Melissa was talking to Wilden that night when she said she'd have to call 911 to get his attention. Either way, it's clear that CeCe's involved somehow, and like all new people in Rosewood, she's got something to hide. Later on, we see her lying to Aria about her car being towed. What was she doing when she was supposedly "getting food"?

CeCe might be the blonde in the red coat, back to avenge Ali's death or to destroy the members of the N.A.T. club. Clearly, Melissa is involved as well, and I'm still baffled that the girls have never pressed her very hard for more information despite her shady actions.

I am also very suspicious of Jason. I know he just got majorly injured, and maybe he secretly left the hospital out of fear for his own safety. But wasn't it weird that once he got Emily out of the elevator he just let the doors close? Perhaps he's setting himself up as the victim to gain the girls' trust. It wouldn't be the first time a member of the A-team has allowed himself to be harmed to avoid suspicion. Remember Toby's fall in "Blond Leading the Blind?" Plus, Jason did have that strange injury that looked about the size and shape of a screwdriver.

As the only pertinent revelations on the episode came from Emily's diligent work, I have to ask: Is Emily the only one working to solve the show's mysteries now?

Just what were there other liars doing this week?

Hanna just had to reunite Caleb with his Uncle/Father Jaime. She's never really upfront about what's motivating her, but I'll bet it has something to do with her own daddy issues. I think it's great that she's trying to help Caleb, and I was happy to see him come around. However, her meddling was over the top and will cause her we can already see. Plus, the whole family-drama just seemed like a way to add drama to the Haleb relationship. Without A keeping them apart, they were in danger of getting stale.

Aria's time with Wes ended up just where we all knew it would, with a kiss. True, they both broke away from it quickly, but there's real chemistry between the two. Age-appropriate chemistry.

And Spencer. Ah, Spencer. This week Emily (who's doing all the heavy lifting lately) finally gave her a verbal slapping by telling her the world doesn't revolve around her and everyone has their own pain to deal with, so stop throwing yours around, Spencer! And Spencer retorted by saying this was the new Spencer so get used to it. If that's the case, I'm seriously considering checking out on this show.

New Spencer is terrible. She's self-absorbed and destructive and not just to herself. Now that A has finally banned Spencer from telling the girls about Toby, will she use that as her new excuse or will it just be something else for her to rebel against?

From the looks of the promo for next week, it seems like Spencer might finally give in and tell her friends. And it's about time!


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I do not thin that Cece is the girl in the red coat and I also don't think she is part of the A team. I find Aria and Wes disgusting because she is with his brother and he is shady. I cannot be sure about Jason flashback because he was drunk. I am glad that there was no Paige in this episode.


I've enjoyed this new Spencer to be honest. It could be based on the amount of trouble she's giving Mona, but it's mostly because it's hilarious.


I knew that there was much more to CeCe and Wilden than meets the eye. But somehow CeCe isn't involved in the A Team. I think she probably hated Ali as much as anybody else because she stole her man. CeCe is like that. Also think that Spencer may be putting on the cray cray act just so Mona can think that she is winning.


Uhm Katrina maybe you shouldn't blurt out the fact that you use torrents, TVFanatic can give your ip address to interpol! I agree with you Ms. Lopez once again. I thought that this ep was very lackluster till those last few minutes.
At first I really wanted to go into my tv and slap Spencer but I realize that she can't face her friends knowing what she knows especially when she knows what this will mean for them. Something tells me that Spencer won't tell them in the next ep. It will be dragged out and A will be the one who lets the cat out of the bag. I think this half of the season is about their friendship devolving and A gaining the upper hand in a major way.


thats all true an I love the episode play by play.. but my question, is Cece the girl in the red coat?? I know the Tv show and the books or going to be defferent but do you think there going to keep the same story line of Ali's evil twin sister Courtney that actually died and Ali is still alive? and if they go with that theory than why is jason D even around b/c his family would know the truth that courtney died and NOT ALISON. so why is he making it a big deal why wouldnt the family just come out and say Alison is alive it was her mental twin sister courtney that acutally died and Alison killed her???? Questions questions questions.......


ok episode (until the end). great review. pretty much agree with you on everything. you should put the video link of the preview at the bottom. I usually download the torrent and it doesn't show the preview


Great episode. Wes and Aria have a lot in common and are age appropriate and that's why I think they should be together. Once I knew CeCe lied about knowing Wilden I knew she was lying to Aria about her car which makes me wonder what she was actually doing. Jason getting Emily out of the elevator then falling was a little scary but I knew he wouldn't die but he was hurt very bad which makes me wonder how he just walked out of the hospital without anyone noticing and did he have help or did he do it on his own. Can't wait til the next episode it finally looks like spencer opens up and tells her friends about Toby.


I really think the sunglasses threat should have come last week because it would make Spencer's struggle so much more sympathetic. Like Daniel on Revenge pushing Emily away for her protection. Instead she already wasn't sharing so the threat was a little unnecessary and redundant. Heck, even after Emily would still be the person to tell...I am waiting for her to righteously kick some ass before the end of the season. I am unwilling to let go of my benefit of the doubt to Jason yet...basically because of the Spencer reason and I imagine how Melissa ever treated him. I have however been suspicious of Cece since she appeared...wondering if maybe Wilden is only guilty of cheating on his girlfriend (Cece) with Ali and Cece discovered but decided keeping enemies closer was better. I still have no idea who actually killed Ali and I actually wonder if it is any of our suspects or if Cece even knows.

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Aria: Pretty sure when you and Caleb broke up you locked yourself in your bedroom for two weeks and all you ate was Eskimo pies.
Hanna: They were skinny cows, and it was four days.

I think we would know if Spencer was here. People would be running for cover.


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