Psych Review: Lethal Weapons

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Psych has FINALLY RETURNED!And "Santabarbaratown 2" taught us three very important things:

  1. Henry is still alive!
  2. Few things are more attractive than Shawn with a gun in his hand.
  3. Lassiter has a favorite kind of land mine.
The Men of Psych

Despite the fact we've waited almost a year for Psych to return, it picked up right where it left off in the Psych Season 6 finale. Henry was shot by Jerry Carp, one of his old partners. Luckily for Henry, Shawn wasn't far behind - and neither was the ambulance.

Though Shawn was clearly shaken a little more than sleep deprived, he attacked the case with a renewed vigor to bring Jerry Carp to justice.

The pursuit, however, proved rather intense, starting with Shawn's cathartic dismantling of Carp's house, which I found to be a clever and simultaneously meaningful way to express Shawn's distress at the situation while still keeping it completely true to the show and the character.

Combined with his repeated encounters with glass - shattered at least twice with his elbow - and his psychic prowess, Shawn's body proved a rather lethal weapon as well.

His antics also caused a little bit of friction between him and Juliet, who worried about his erratic behavior at every turn, usually in an attempt to cover for him. It proved rather handy when Shawn found himself in a post-semi-Mexican standoff bind with Carp and faux-lanthropist Julian Drake. Had Juliet not shot Drake, we could have very well had another near-fatal incident on our hands.

That said, take note that now both father and son have been shot on the show. Perhaps the shared experience will bring these two even closer together?

Shawn also did a lot the shooting himself, which we haven't seen much of in a while. Leave it to him, though, to see shooting a semi-automatic gun as the way to advance the case. Then again, he was also making enemies left and right; J.E. Vest being one of them.

Vest, hands down, wins the award for Best Use of a Weapon in this episode. That landmine idea was genius, and I think it's probably one of my favorite Shawn and Gus moments to date. I have never known two grown men more willing to put their lives on the line for a plate of jerk chicken apology nachos in my life, let alone compromise their survival by enlisting a robot to grab their snacks for them!

Other highlights from the Psych Season 7 premiere:

  • Woody and the body bags. There is just something wrong with that man. God help us for loving him anyway!
  • The return of Chelsea from "Neil Simon's Lovers Retreat." May we never see, or hear, from her again.
  • Satchel Gizmo and Soup Can Phil. Can we get more of these epic disguises?
  • The Blueberry being ripped in half. May it's recovery be quick.
  • The Cranberry. Props to Gus for the dope name, but shame on him for not ensuring the rental with a friend like Shawn.
  • Karen not telling Shawn not to investigate---just another reason the Chief is badass.
  • The "Big fat kisses" sign-off between Shawn and Juliet on the phone. They are too cute!
  • Lassiter coming to Shawn's aid, clearly on Juliet's behalf. What a great partner!

It's SO GOOD to have you back, Psych! What was your favorite part of the premiere, Psych-O's?!?


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Clearly, the reviewer didn't realize (or know) that Shawn doesn't shoot a semi-automatic weapon at the range but a fully automatic. The rifle he called "old" and discarded was in fact the semi. But what are facts?




Good episode. But the ending was a bit disappointing (no psych-out anymore?).


WOW Psych is back and better than ever I have a good feeling this will be the best season EVER


Crap! I guess there are characters limits here it cut off the rest of what I wrote! Anyway, A+ episode, love the new Shawn Vision angles, hail to the chief, Poor Blueberry & RIP The Cranberry, and Shules at the end tied it up perfectly! Writers & actors alike deserve ovations for making the rumors likely about S7 being the best season true!


I loved this episode! What a way to start off the season! It was almost like watching an actual movie squeezed into only an hour! What I imagined would happen & what actually did were so different! I was prepared for a more dramatic, sulking Shawn while everyone worked hard together to catch Jerry. But they handled things in the best way to keep it being Psych & not any other detective show on TV! I would've liked to see Jules help Shawn with the investigation from the start but then the ending wouldn't have been as sweet! Every character had their shinning moment in this episode usually to help Shawn. Kudos not only to the writers but the actors as well for changing things up a bit but keeping our beloved characters who they are while dealing with this serious case! If this episode is any indication I think the rumors about S7 being the best season might prove to be true! Aside from the Gun Range scene which all tho showed how over-the-edge Shawn was, it was kind of an unnecessary scene and may cause backlash considering the problems with automatic weapon violence in the U.S. (however it was at s gun range, Shawn was detained quickly & only cans were hurt) I've gone on too long. Oh, another strong point is the change in "Shawn Visions" & camera shots in action which has been long overdue for a tune up. Speaking of... poor Blueberry & RIPs The Cranberry! Fruit was not meant to be driven! My favorite scenes however were of Shules towards the end. Also Chief Vick yelling at Shawn's friends for not supporting him in her own way! Hail to the chief! I usually have complaints about script or camera angles but I've got nothing! So A+ episode for me! :)


Excellent brand new episode. I loved it all.


No mention of the pineapple?


finally psych is back!! it felt like an eternity.. i missed woody, lassi, gus and SHULES! cant wait for next wednesday, it looks like epi 2 s going to be really fun


So um is that going to be the new way Shawn "Sees" things or was that just a one time thing for when he was out for revenge or something.

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