Revenge Extended Trailer: Who is the Shooter?!

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Revenge returns Sunday night with the first of two episodes we've been waiting months for. The entire second season has been building up to Jack and Amanda's wedding, and the potentially tragic aftermath.

ABC has released an extended trailer for their "Union" and possible "Sacrifice." Take a look:

The synopsis for Sunday's episode hints that "emotions run deep when Jack and Amanda’s wedding reminds Emily of what could've been." The clips above (and photo gallery) drive that point home.

That's February 10. A week later, on February 17, "Jack and Amanda sail off on their honeymoon but the seas prove to be deadly, and this time Emily can't control the outcome."

Again, that ominous tease looks like an understatement based on the new trailer. What/who does Jack find down below? Who is the shooter on board the boat? Is Emily involved in the fight?

Revenge Season 2 began by showing us a body in ocean. We're almost to the point of the big reveal, but what happens in the aftermath of this game-changer may be the real story.

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Who will die on Revenge?

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No matter what happens this is the best show EVER


I think that this is a set up and that someone will save the day. It would shake things up to have one of the central characters killed. This would breathe new life into the show. Not to say that it is not good, but it is getting kind of stale and predictable. Looking forward to the shake up angle.


Was that Emily on the boat or am I officially going insane? What is she doing there? How the f*** did she even get there?? About time the Jack-Emily storyline got interesting. Now if Jack and Amanda die it would make my day.


i think the explosion is a cover up or perhaps an accident , i think amanda and jack have both jumped off the boat, they're fine :)


i was just about to give up on this show until i saw this promo


ok, so i really tried to look at the person emily was hitting in the boat and i swear it looked like Declan. same hairstyle, color, height.. i am most probably wrong though

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Jack: I was hoping you and Charlotte could look after Carl for a few days.
Declan: Yeah, man, we've got you covered. Does that mean you're going to do something fun for a change?
Jack: Guilty as charged.

In its purest form, a union becomes part of our very essence. And when that bond is broken, our essence is forever changed.