Revenge Round Table: "Sacrifice"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw the ABC melodrama finally show us what happened aboard The Amanda, while a number of events unfolded on and offshore that may prove series-altering.

Below, TVF's Miranda Wicker, Kate Brooks, Steve Marsi, Leigh Raines and Christine Orlando break down the latest installment and look ahead to March's return in our Round Table Q&A.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Sacrifice"?

Miranda: Simple. Four words. "I love you, too." Emily guards her heart and tries not to let people in. Even though she's used Amanda all these years, she did care about her.

Kate: The "I love you" and "I love you too" between Emily and Fauxmanda. Though I was sobbing during this scene it was nice to hear Emily say the words and mean it.

Christine: Emily holding Amanda as she died. It was the first time I think I've seen real pain and grief from Emily and it was heartbreaking. "You've given me the one thing I thought I'd never have. A real family."

Leigh: I want to vary this up but it's not even possible because that end scene between two girls who became sisters was so touching. I love that Emily told Nolan to leave with Jack that she had to go back for Amanda. Then when Amanda insisted on grabbing the necklace she seemed so stupid but that flashback was the best part.

Steve: Make it (almost) a clean sweep for the Emily-Amanda farewell. One of the most memorable moments in show history, putting the exclamation point on a terrific episode.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. Was this the best episode of Revenge Season 2?

Miranda: YES! Yes. It absolutely was the best. In fact, aside from Jack and Amanda being married, it didn't even feel like part of this season. It felt like an episode from Revenge Season 1. Easily the best of the season so far.

Kate: Yes. It had the same intense feeling I remember having during the end of Revenge Season 1.

Christine: Absolutely. I didn't get the ending that I'd hoped for but it kept me on the edge of my seat and I really cared about what happened at the end.

Leigh: Definitely. It felt like a different season altogether! Season 2 has kinda dragged but this had me in tears.

Steve: This is the first time in awhile that I'm still thinking about it days later, and genuinely excited to learn where Revenge will take us next ... so that has to mean yes, right?

3. Will Jack survive?

Miranda: Yes, he will. While I love Emily with Aiden, I think she's supposed to end up (many, many seasons from now) with Jack. Or Jack is at least destined to know the truth about Emily's real identity. He can't learn that if he dies. And Carl needs his dad!

Kate: Of course! Jack and Emily are endgame and I was wondering what they would do to get FauxManda out of the picture. Sadly, they killed her.

Christine: Can I bribe the writers to kill him off? Amanda may have been crazy but she had guts and was never boring. I'm a fan of actor Michael Trucco so I was disappointed to see him die as well. I know I'm in the minority here, but I've always thought Jack was a bit of a wuss and dull beyond words. Now if he survives, which I'm sure he will, we'll be stuck watching a grieving Jack. Ugh.

Leigh: Well duh they already showed him at the funeral in previews.

Steve: I think so. As Miranda and Kate said, he's too central to the arc of the show to die in this fashion, and losing Amanda, while tragic, clears the way for a new path for his character - and Emily's

4. Will Emily regain her focus on "Retribution"? How/where will she start?

Miranda: She absolutely will, probably to the point of shutting people out again. She'll start with Conrad and ending his ridiculous run for governor before it really gets off the ground.

Kate: I agree with Miranda here. I think Emily will go "hard" again, which will be nice to see. Her main target will be Conrad and Victoria. Though, I do want her to expose Conrad at his most vulnerable point - how about when he is just ABOUT to be elected. That's the "old" style of Revenge, waiting until their most exposed to expose them for who they are.

Christine: Watching her pseudo sister in Revenge die will definitely light a fire under her. The Graysons won't know what hit them but I feel bad for poor Charlotte. That girl can't catch a break.

Leigh: Yes and she will always go back to Graysons. Sometimes I'm bored of them but Victoria and Conrad keep it interesting.

Steve: I'd watch my back if I were Charlotte. Or Daniel.

5. The Graysons' plan to throw off The Initiative: Will it work?

Miranda: I think it worked for the moment, but the Initiative is too smart for that to work for long. They'll see it as too convenient that Amanda is dead and will probably look into her death. Now I wonder if it was them on the diving expedition at the beginning of "Sacrifice." If they find her body and discover her identity, things will get really interesting for Emily.

Kate: Yes and no. I think they will always somehow circle back to the Graysons.

Christine: To be honest, I'm a bit tired of the Initiative plot. Victoria and Conrad are crafty enough to throw them off for a while but I doubt the Initiative ever plans to release them from their claws.

Leigh: For now or at least I'm hoping. I wonder if the writers know the audience is getting bored of The Initiative and their creepy voyeurism.

Steve: Obviously the Initiative will not be easily duped or defeated, but you almost have to credit the Graysons here. It takes SERIOUS brass to pull off, conceal and frame someone for a MURDER, then launch a high-profile political campaign in the midst of the cover-up.

6. Will Conrad be elected Governor of New York State?

Miranda: Oh no. No. Emily will see to it that his name never makes it onto the ballot.

Kate: No. Emily won't let that happen, she'll expose him before. Or at least I hope.

Christine: I think Emily will let him get this close and then snatch it all away in the most humiliating way possible.

Leigh: I doubt Emily would allow that but you never know on this show. He might get close but he's got too many skeletons in closet.

Steve: Will he actually win an election and serve in the position? It's hard to envision that ... the show's set in the Hamptons, not Albany. I hope they run with this storyline for awhile, though. He's pretty perfect as a smooth-talking, morally bankrupt, shady and corrupt political candidate.

7. Write a brief eulogy for FauxManda.

Miranda: Farewell FauxManda, we knew you sort of well. You had amazing hair.

Kate: Goodbye to the woman who stole Amanda's Clarke true love whilst posing to be Amanda Clarke. A character who should have only been around for a few episodes but ended up over welcoming her stay by getting pregnant. Rest in Peace FauxManda, well, the real Emily Thorne.

Christine: With a tire iron in one hand and a baby in the other, FauxManda you will not be forgotten.

Leigh: From the moment you came on the scene in a tire iron and pranced around in your red bikini, you had everyone's attention. Impulsive and careless at times you were still the sister the real Amanda Clarke never had. Rest in peace real Emily Thorne.

Steve: FauxManda. We hardly knew ye. Scrappy. Unabashed. Loyal. A fighter 'til the end. Your devotion to Jack, baby Carl and Emily will never be forgotten, nor will your hair by any woman who ever laid eyes on you. The Beaver Dam's profits will undoubtedly take a hit after this. [*points skyward*]

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1. Of course the end scene, but honorable mention to Amanda pushing Jack of the boat, just cause it shows that you don't mess with her family!
2. Aside from the pilot episode - YES
3. Yes he will. I'm with the team here-Jack is not the best character but he is part of the central story so has to survive for now at least. I do hope that he serves more than just being Emily's love interest, even though I much rather Emily/Aiden. By hooking Jack and Emily up they will invalidate his whole relationship with Fauxmanda which includes a child. I hope that Jack eventually fueled by Fauxmanda's death joins Emily in her revengenda.
4.I sure hope so. I miss her scheming! I would hope with Daniel, but agree with the group that she'll take down Conrad's political career (and based on how she already took down another politician I am excited to see what secret she will use for Conrad).
5. Nope. Fauxmanda is dead and I am sure that whatever Emily is planning will bring back the focus to the Graysons.
6. Emily is revamped- highly doubt it.
7. Oh Fauxmanda you got dealt a cruel hand in life, but darn it if you were spunky! Even though I thought you were super bonkers at the beginning you were one loyal friend to Emily. You fought till the end and will be missed


1. I have to agree with everyone else.
2. Definitely yes!!
3. It would be stupid of the writers to kill both Amanda and Jack.
4. Yes. Conrad's political career is DOA.
5. No, if someone is able to do that, it will be Emily.
6. See 4.
7. At times you annoyed the hell out of me, but right before your death I really wanted you to stick around. Karma... Rest in peace FauxManda, and don't worry; Emily will take care of baby Carl. And Jack.


1. Emily and Amanda " I love you I love you too"
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Yes and she'll start by going after the Grayson's
5. No because Amanda's dead and there plans going to fall apart because of it
6. No Emily wouldn't let that happen
7. When you first got here you were ok but then I started not liking you and honestly in this episode I was hoping you would die but Im still going to miss you because I kind of started liking you again.


1. Emily and Amanda last scene together.
2. Yes, it felt a bit like season 1.
3. Unfortunately yes.
4. She will and she start on taking down Conrad goverment nomination.
5. No, because everybody can account that Amanda and Jack got marry and left by the time Helen dissappear so stupid move there.
6. Not by a long shot because Emily will stop it.
7. When you first came I did not like you but I start warming up to you. Your death was the saddest one on Revenge so far and I hope you rest in peace.

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