Scandal Review: Who Can You Trust?

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Scandal did the time warp this week, propelling the story 10 months from the end of the previous episode. Olivia's hair is straight and she's wading back into the dating pool. And the regular pool. She also looks fantastic for having not slept at all. Maybe it's the coffee. Or the red wine.

Fitz, however, is deteriorating under the weight of the world that rests on his shoulders without his trusty sidekicks to help him shoulder the load. 

Yes, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" was another sold episode of this breakout hit. One that, while a little sleepy at times, had a jaw-dropping, and creepy, ending. WTF, indeed, Scott Foley!

Fiz with Olivia

Poor David Rosen. The guy cannot catch a break. First he loses the Lindsey Dwyer case. Then he's made to look foolish in front of the Grand Jury and loses his job. And then he can't find a job at any law firm in D.C. and decides to build his own. But the clients don't come. So he ends up teaching civics and government classes.

And then he winds up with a dead girl in his bed and calls Olivia Pope for help.

Olivia and the team decide to move the body, with David's approval, and Huck teaches Quinn about clean-up, calling her a "natural" at stabbing corpses.

Sidenote: I'm not alone in thinking an interoffice romance between those two could be interesting, am I? Quck? Hinn? Quick? Okay, I'll stop.

If I have one criticism of Scandal over the past few weeks, it's that it got bogged down in the election rigging and everyone trying to cover their own tails. This was sort of a return to the case-of-the-week format. Sort of.

As it turns out, the dead girl in David Rosen's bed was actually after information on Defiance. Defiance will not die.

After talking his own way out of his own office while Harrison watched with his jaw on the floor, and after (rightfully) accusing Olivia of everything bad that has ever happened to him, David finds the dead girl's jump drive and takes it to Olivia. On it they find highly classified information that no civilian should have in his or her possession and now David absolutely needs Olivia's help if he wants to stay alive and out of prison.

Captain James Ballard, Olivia's new love interest, played by Scott Foley, had been in contact with the dead girl in David's apartment the day she died. His story is that she had been trying to sell him secrets. Top secret secrets. But after that scene in his living room at the end of the episode, I believe exactly nothing that he says.

He has cameras inside Olivia's apartment and who knows how long they've been there.

I should have put it together faster: them meeting in the coffee shop followed by the fact that he was the person she had to visit with at the Pentagon. His rather cocky insistence that they go out to dinner. There were warning signs that their chance encounters weren't so random. But I think I want Olivia to find happiness away from Fitz so badly that I was too eager for this to be someone to do that to stop and see the red flags that he's creepy.

And that TV monitor spy-cam setup he has is creepy. And intriguing. In true Scandal fashion, I have lots of questions.

I want to know his connection to Defiance. Did he kill Wendy or know who does? Is there someone in the Pentagon who suspects something happened with the election? Is this guy going rogue? Why the fascination with Olivia? Is he the mole connected to the White House?

Yes, there's a mole in the White House.

Fitz is growing increasingly paranoid about who he can trust after Verna's deathbed reveal. He knows Mellie and Cyrus enough to know that they're both animals who will stop at almost nothing to get whatever it is they want. His anger and distrust of them isn't misdirected or misguided at all.

For that matter, his anger and feelings of betrayal that are directed at Olivia aren't misguided either. Of the three of them, her betrayal hurts most, which is why their server-room sex and the following conversation was so hard to watch.

These two have certainly had their steamy moments. Tonight just felt angry, without the passion that usually causes me to want these two to be together against all the odds. (I'm not saying they weren't on fire, but angry sex is not as hot as Oval Office sex, right?) 

But even the angsty tryst in the server room was more inspired than Fitz and Mellie in the shower. Maybe it was all the scotch. 

Time jumps are always risky in television shows. They're an effective way to speed along a story that seems to be dragging, and Defiance and the election scandal were certainly dragging along. While we're not beyond that story by any means, at least now there are new avenues being opened up. There are new places for these characters to go and new stories to be told.

For instance, what will happen when Huck finds out about the cameras in Olivia's apartment? 

What did you think of "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"? What do you think of Captain James Ballard? Do you think the time jump worked? Be sure to check out the Scandal quotes page where you can rate the existing quotes and add your favorites!


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OMG!! Here I was getting all so happy and tingly in seeing Olivia with a possible new (handsome) love interest and WHAM! he has her under surveillance!! This does not look good!!! Could he be the mole??!! And Fitz, what's the hell is his problem??!! Ok, I get it! He is feeling betrayed and all that but turning to Mellie and listening to her and eating all the crap she is feeding him. Then treating the only two persons who have always had his back with disdain and contempt. You better wake up soon Fitz and toss the scotch far away from you while you're at it!


No on the Huck+Quinn! No, no, NO!


Oh my goodness what an episode! First off the Captain knows something about Olivia and Associates and that is why he is watching her, I was not sure but it seemed like he had cameras in her office as well (i could be wrong). Plus the scene with Fitz drinking in the oval office then them showing the camera, he is def being watched too. What the Heck is wrong with Mellie, hate her more this week than ever before....but its obvious she is tired of sharing Fitz and wants him to trust and turn to her alone, hence why she betrayed Cyrus. But it almost seems as if she is trying to sabotage Fitz himself by giving him that advice in the car about him being President and always right. My my cant wait for Huck to find those cameras.


WTF Scott Foley indeed! I was right there with you - totally wanting him to be a FAB love interest for Olivia, but that end reveal was pegging the "creepy" scale - way in the red! I am wondering how long he has had her under surveillance? Does he know about her history with Fitz? Is he the mole? So many questions! At some point you know he's gonna show up on Huck's radar - and then all hell is gonna break loose! Huck is nothing if not uber-protective of Olivia! I kind of felt bad for Cyrus. And even a little bit for Mellie, although I was puzzled as to why she didn't place the blame for this whole thing on Hollis Doyle instead of Cyrus. Shower sex - that was sad. If Mellie knew what was good for the president and the country she would somehow get Olivia back in his life. As long as he's apart from Olivia it seems he's just a sad, alcoholic shell of a man!


UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Is this guy truly as stupid as he is turning out to be?! Seriously? I fell in love with this show until the last 2 episodes. Fitz finds out the truth about the election them turns on everyone EXCEPT Mellie? HUH?!?!?!?! He's so stupid and naive that all of a sudden he is trusting all the shit Mellie is shoveling and turning his back on the 2 people that have truly tried to protect him all along... oh, and to make it all the better, he basically turns Olivia into a whore! Every other aspect of the show makes sense, but if this man is that naive and stupid, he never should have been president to begin with. Yea, I get he is hurt over the betrayal, but if he TRULY loved Olivia as "the love of his life," he would have heard her out over Mellie. DO NOT like or trust the Scott Foley character one bit! I'm waiting for Olivia to suddenly disappear, her team freaking out, and the pan of the camera to Olivia tied up in some secret room hidden somewhere...

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