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OMG!! Here I was getting all so happy and tingly in seeing Olivia with a possible new (handsome) love interest and WHAM! he has her under surveillance!! This does not look good!!! Could he be the mole??!! And Fitz, what's the hell is his problem??!! Ok, I get it! He is feeling betrayed and all that but turning to Mellie and listening to her and eating all the crap she is feeding him. Then treating the only two persons who have always had his back with disdain and contempt. You better wake up soon Fitz and toss the scotch far away from you while you're at it!


No on the Huck+Quinn! No, no, NO!


Oh my goodness what an episode! First off the Captain knows something about Olivia and Associates and that is why he is watching her, I was not sure but it seemed like he had cameras in her office as well (i could be wrong). Plus the scene with Fitz drinking in the oval office then them showing the camera, he is def being watched too. What the Heck is wrong with Mellie, hate her more this week than ever before....but its obvious she is tired of sharing Fitz and wants him to trust and turn to her alone, hence why she betrayed Cyrus. But it almost seems as if she is trying to sabotage Fitz himself by giving him that advice in the car about him being President and always right. My my cant wait for Huck to find those cameras.


WTF Scott Foley indeed! I was right there with you - totally wanting him to be a FAB love interest for Olivia, but that end reveal was pegging the "creepy" scale - way in the red! I am wondering how long he has had her under surveillance? Does he know about her history with Fitz? Is he the mole? So many questions! At some point you know he's gonna show up on Huck's radar - and then all hell is gonna break loose! Huck is nothing if not uber-protective of Olivia!

I kind of felt bad for Cyrus. And even a little bit for Mellie, although I was puzzled as to why she didn't place the blame for this whole thing on Hollis Doyle instead of Cyrus. Shower sex - that was sad. If Mellie knew what was good for the president and the country she would somehow get Olivia back in his life. As long as he's apart from Olivia it seems he's just a sad, alcoholic shell of a man!


UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Is this guy truly as stupid as he is turning out to be?! Seriously? I fell in love with this show until the last 2 episodes. Fitz finds out the truth about the election them turns on everyone EXCEPT Mellie? HUH?!?!?!?! He's so stupid and naive that all of a sudden he is trusting all the shit Mellie is shoveling and turning his back on the 2 people that have truly tried to protect him all along... oh, and to make it all the better, he basically turns Olivia into a whore! Every other aspect of the show makes sense, but if this man is that naive and stupid, he never should have been president to begin with. Yea, I get he is hurt over the betrayal, but if he TRULY loved Olivia as "the love of his life," he would have heard her out over Mellie.

DO NOT like or trust the Scott Foley character one bit! I'm waiting for Olivia to suddenly disappear, her team freaking out, and the pan of the camera to Olivia tied up in some secret room hidden somewhere...

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