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The "War" we waited for all year finally arrived on the Suits Season 2 finale, but the parties at issue were quite the surprise.

I always expected the battle to be waged between Harvey, Jessica and Hardman. Instead the real war was fought between Harvey and Jessica - and what a fight it was!

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It really all started when Harvey went at Darby, swinging with a wager that he was out of turn to make anyways. In all honesty, that bull-headed move really sealed his fate.

That said, it seems there was a conglomeration of additional factors, all of which conspired to bust him out of the big leagues and named-partner contention.

What sometimes gets me about Suits is how fast it moves. In an attempt to not miss the forest for the trees, I usually pick up big picture stuff in lieu of the minutiae. This week, that minutiae - in the form of the back and forth between Harvey, Darby and Jessica over the frozen assets of Pearson clients by Darby's - was a bit over my head.

What I did get, though, was that it was really just a power struggle between Jessica and Harvey. He wanted to do everything in his power to prevent a merger and she wanted to do everything in her power to make sure it went through for the future and security of the firm.

In all honesty, I feel like Harvey and Jessica's signals crossed like ships in the night. Harvey wanted to be out of the vulnerable position of having a single-partner and wanted to move up from his subordinate status in his mentor-mentee relationship with Jessica. She wanted to prove that she was on top and put Harvey in his place.

That doesn't excuse her behavior in trying to assert that relationship, however, as she proceeded to assert it by placing a firm wedge in the middle of Mike and Harvey's bond. That was uncalled for. Just because Harvey had one over on her, she squashed it like a bug and threatened to squash Mike with it.

Jessica will no doubt be paying for her sins and feeling the consequences of her decision to merge, which will likely include a second round with regards to the power she thinks she's secured.

While Jessica un-friended everyone at the firm, Louis made a new pal of his own in Nigel Nesbitt. Clearly the British version of Louis, Nigel provided one of the few comedic outlets of this episode. The mud back and forth was refreshing and fun. I really would like to see these two pal around. But if Louis' decision to place his new friend on the efficiency list, there may not be much more bromance in their future.

But from bromance to romance, two relationships took a turn for the unexpected.

Harvey and Scottie: Now we knew that Scottie clearly had feelings for Harvey, but I wasn't sure they were at the level of love, at least not with such force that she would seek out Donna to try and enhance her chances with him. That in itself was a little more than I bargained for. But I'll be darned if the next minute she wasn't giving up classified documents to prove her genuine desire to get Harvey's attention in a way that doesn't involve suing him.

Unfortunately for her, that choice came at the ultimate price in terms of getting her name on the door: it got her fired.

Color me impressed, though, that Harvey went to bat for her with Darby. Now if only we knew which location her chose to have her assigned to.

Mike and Rachel: The long overdue consummation of their relationship finally took place, but probably in a way some of us could have done without seeing so much of. Mike coming clean to Rachel has needed to happen since the early episodes of the season, but the fact it had to come out in the heat of the moment when Rachel confronted him about not getting himself any further engrained in the Harvard rejection mess might play badly once the adrenaline cools off.

That's something we're gonna have to keep tabs on when the show returns for season 3. But it's certainly a liability that there is now an additional person that know Mike's secret. Here's to hoping she'll keep it.

To everyone at Suits: Thanks for a great second season, we can't wait to see what you have in store for season 3!

Everyone seems to have accepted their current situations for now, but will they still accept them come next summer? Time to sound off below.


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Wow. A ton of hate for this ep. Can't anyone see that Harvey's big thing is trust? Harvey detaches himself emotionally from a lot of things. Mike is essentially Harvey's emotions. Harvey is who he is because the people he's put his emotions into have betrayed him in some fashion. His mother, Scottie, and Jessica put the icing on that cake. Jessica knows that Harvey could go elsewhere, but can he? He gets results but his manner of doing so wouldn't fly with others. Jessica knows he's good but his image is still tarnished. To her, he's an asset. To anyone else, a liability. Harvey knows this too. He's good at what he does for a reason though, I'm sure he'll think of something to nail Jessica to her holier than thou cross she's carrying.


One other thought about Harvey and Jessica: From now on, where these two and their relationship are concerned, I hear the words of Frank Pentangeli: "Your father did business with Hyman Roth. Your father respected Hyman Roth. But your father never TRUSTED Hyman Roth."


The intrigue in this episode was interesting. The mud battle between Louis and Nigel was excellent. Wow, did they bring the Anna Espinosa in Jessica out (same actress). She was absolutely ruthless and has now drawn a big, bright line between herself and her "young apprentice"--Harvey. Round One to the boss, but she has now made Harvey a prospective enemy, and in a coming episode, I think it is a safe bet she will need him as an ally. That "efficiency list" will probably loom again at some point in Season 3. Or maybe the corpulent Darby will try to get Harvey in on a palace coup. In any case, I am betting the character of Harvey is plotting and will bide his time, waiting for his opportunity. Jessica's shortsighted alpha play will end up costing her in the long run. Didn't much like the last scene with Mike and Rachel. Dialogue was stilted, and the end was predictable (and not a little gratuitous, imo).


Holy crap so many negative nancies. Harvey tried to compete with Jessica, and she showed him why she was rightfully *the* HBIC, and furthermore vindicated Scottie about saying how he was *going* to have his name on the door, if not for his stunt. That said, Jessica had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get that victory, and it may come to be a pyrrhic one. I find the Mike/Rachel thing to be believable. The cases he's won--the things he's accomplished, the intelligence he's demonstrated--were they all a lie? Were they all something that he doesn't have? That makes no sense. In a way he's like Cloud from Final Fantasy 7--the guy never was a true SOLDIER, but nevertheless, got the skills, and became the hero that saved the day. Same deal with Mike--who cares where or how he got that knowledge? If Rachel lets herself get overcome with envy and resentment to the point that it overtakes her love of the person she previously knew, it'd be a tremendous disservice to the writers. After all, I remember I had a colleague in Chicago--he got a degree in classics from the University of London--and it was through sheer fortune that his father knew the CEO of a trading firm, got him a job there, and then a brilliant quant got hired that spent 9 months training him from a nobody into a substantially skilled coder, and now he's going to the University of Chicago pursuing a master's in mathematical finance. He would never have had that on his own merits--yet here he is, while I didn't get the same training because that same person left the firm several weeks after I began (the man that trained my colleague). Do I begrudge my colleague for that? Would him having or not having an opportunity change my life? No. I'd like to think that Rachel is more noble than allowing jealousy, envy, and spite to distort her. Oh, and one last thing--that beginning-of-sex scene? Wow. It was wonderful. Not because the sex was particularly hot, but because of all the emotions built up over the past two seasons. There's plenty of sex on the internet--but this scene was made so much more meaningful by all the build-up to it, and was completely unexpected. So it was so amazing.


I've felt let down this span of episodes, won, no lost, no won, no lost..and on and on and on. I like season 1 where they were incredible smart and won by being smarter and doing the right thing. This span left me feeling like I need a shower. The acting has been great but I'm let down with the story lines. Mike telling Rachel just gives another person (added to the other 6) to blackmail him. I'm sure someone is gonna tell Louis next season and surprisingly he was the only one who didn't cheat or lie this span.


I was really disappointed with this episode.. The first half was pretty boring. And the end scene was just ridiculous.
Definitely not the best episode of this season, but I am looking forward to next season.


I was very disappointed in this season finale. It was unnecessarily convoluted and hard to follow because it didn't address the cental issue. What was the purpose of the merger and how would the partners be affected? The constant gamesmanship is getting annoying. The writers keep relying on deus ex machina plot devices that depend more on luck and betrayal than a Harvard law school education. Everyone has an ulterior motive and no one is trustworthy. Please give us someone honorable because every not every lawyer is a shark and a liar.


Are you a fucking homophobic? Seems like it, so maybe you should shut the fuck up. Suits sucks now, by the way. There are very few likeable characters left, and as d2 said before, the show is beyond belief. Everything is so overly dramatic, I really can't stand watching it anymore.
Especially the whole last scene (Rachel slapping Mike and stuff) was just so ridiculous.


I have mixed feelings about the last episode. It was good but like the other comments before, too much in fighting esp the Harvey/Jessica power struggle. Mike and Rachel hooking up is just a one time thing. I don't think Rachel will look at Mike without his Harvard law degree...and remember she just knows that he didn't go to Harvard not that he didn't go to ANY SCHOOL and is not even a lawyer. Not sure how safe the secret is with her? Harvey warned Mike last season about telling her. I also didn't appreciate Jessica pulling the "I will call the DA" card on Mike..My gut tells me that the envelope didn't have any letter to the DA in it (Remember Mike and Harvey have pulled that stuff many times before). Considering if Mike did go to jail, Pearson would still be liable for ALL the cases that Mike touch regardless if they knew or not!! So Mike should have called her bluff. Harvey has come to bat for Mike many times and he was right to be annoyed with him and fire him at the end..Funny how Jessica "unfired him". Mike is just a pawn in their game :-)


I still love Harvey Specter - episode 3 - not so much. Where does the quest for power and control stop. Jessica went too far to establish her position and put Harvey in line. She obliterated relationships and in the process castrated Harvey, alienated Harvey and Mike and got Scottie fired.
Rachel needs to get over herself and I don't foresee a Mike and Rachel relationship lasting. The Harvard issue with Mike needs to go away asap.
The most enjoyable scenes in this finality were Lewis and Nigel and Donna is always fun to watch.
Can't imagine how the writers plan to clean up the carnage.

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