Switched at Birth Review: Love Isn't In The Air

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There were some pretty weighty issues tackled in "Human/Need/Desire" and it made for a swift 60 minutes.

For an hour that focused around the Valentine's Day holiday, the one mildly romantic moment came when Emmet told Bay she was the only person on the planet who could have pulled off the goofy cupid outfit she was wearing to collect money for the drama club. I admit it, he made my heart pitter patter. Geez, I've missed Emmett.

Too bad that was about all the romance we saw, as we moved into much deeper topics.

Noah & Travis Fight

Something that I really like about Switched at Birth is that the adults are as full of problems as the children. It's a great character study about growing older versus growing up and how different the processes really are. I think when you're young, you tend to think that age make you something, and I don't know exactly what that might be - smarter, dorkier, more wise, wealthier, less fit - but each older character has as many ups and downs as the younger ones and I hope that helps all generations get a better feel for the other.

For example, it struck me that Angelo is going through something with an unintended pregnancy that one of the teens could very well be going through at the exact same time. Age has nothing to do with it. The stakes are the same. The mistakes are the same, and the repercussions have to be dealt with whether you're 16 or 40. 

I didn't even realize that Angelo was struggling to tell Lana that he wanted to raise their daughter on his own. Instead I was thinking more along the line that he was expecting her to change her mind about having the baby and raising it. It's a bold move to want to raise a child on your own, especially after facing so many challenges in life thus far. If he does end up raising his baby daughter, what will it mean to his marriage to Regina and the immigration deal they have going on? I'm proud of him for wanting to do it, but we'll see if it pans out.

Then there are the times when all the adults fight about the kids. John and Kathryn reacted very poorly to the Daphne situation, as was expected, and the way they treated Regina was just awful. But, wow, did Adriana have the right thing to say at the right time. Who was thinking about Daphne? They were all so busy being indignant and placing blame that nobody was really thinking about what it must have been like to have been in that truck and to be dealing with the aftermath.

Instead of this week being about Daphne and what happened, it was more about John, Kathryn and Regina learning some more about each other and their ability to co-parent. John's desire to rule the roost was squashed by the chicks when they put the kibosh on his selling of Daphne's food truck, only to turn around and agree it should go just moments after he bought it back. At least the women won!

Another big issue that was tackled during the episode was the idea that being deaf gave you, according to Melody, a richer, deeper life. Frankly, I found that offensive. While I understand that people who have to deal with different circumstances than the majority put a positive spin on their lives, does it make it any better to make the "other side" a target? The assumptions made about hearing people made the deaf seem as shallow as those they spent a lifetime fighting against. I'd like to think that life is what we, as individuals, make of it.

That's not what I was taking away from the lecture.

It turned out the hearing kids didn't take much away from all of her pro-deaf arguments, either, because Noah, who's going deaf himself, and Travis actually came to blows over the volume of music at Bay's Anti-Valentine's Day party. Noah is going to have to share his secret with everyone eventually, especially when his hearing "goes" more often than it sticks around.

Other thoughts:

  • Bay got kissed on Valentine's Day, and it wasn't a kiss from Emmett!
  • Did I mention how much I missed Emmett?
  • Do you think Daphne is really dating Travis just to prove she can date a deaf guy?
  • There were no aftereffects to Regina's drinking. I expected some. Did you?
  • Why did Nikki tell Toby she loved him if she was already wavering on his not being into the whole God thing?
  • I like Natalie more every week. We learned she's gay. Who could she date? Hmmmmm....
  • It was so funny when Toby asked Bay if she had kissed Zara since she gave off that "vibe."

That's all I've got for this week. Share your thoughts in the comments and meet back here next week for more Switched at Birth Season 2!


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I just caught up on this episode yesterday, and I'm personally mad at the adults in their overbearing assumption that they know what's best for Daphne, without even beginning to understand what she went through, or that it may still be her dream to run the food truck, instead their going to sell a gift that Angelo gave her, (Would it not still be in Angelo's name, therefore they shouldn't have the right to sell it?) Personally I think they should have put restrictions on where she could bring the food truck, selling it is going to backfire in the long run.
Still if anyone should have been irritated throughout the episode with any parents, it should be Daphne, no one checked up on her, even after Regina was one upped, she didn't see Daphne, she went to John and Katherine, who then didn't even really go into what Daphne would feel, just that they should sell the food truck without consulting anyone but both parent sets, without even informing Daphne.


I'm hard of hearing and I found Melody's lecture offensive too. I mean I GET wanting to have the Deaf Culture identity, wanting to feel like you're part of a community, but that doesn't mean we all are going to feel that way. There's nothing wrong with "hearing loss" because yes it damn well is a disability for some people. I have a hearing loss and yes I would take a pill to fix it if I could. But I also know there's no simple fix to hearing loss so I have to do the best I can to fit into the world I live in. Being angry at all hearing people just for existing helps no one.


I loathe the Kennish adults, Regina and her mother are only a tad more likeable...regina moreso than her mom. That is probably why the way they treat Angelo is so frustrating to me. Loved him in this episode. I did figure he wanted to raise the kid on his own. I think it would be good for him and he'd be good at it. Plus the unconditional love.I too found melody's speech offensive and yet unsurprising. It's very common and it's why I hold the deaf as responsible as the hearing in perpetuating misunderstanding and prejudice. The fact is there's a difference between speaking positively of whatever group of anything you fall into and putting those different from you down to build yourself up. I like and feel bad for both Noah and Travis. In many ways they'd make spectacular friends. Noah has to accept what's happening to him and let people in. Travis is doing better at that but Daphne has to stop leading him on. And he's so not an angry guy.


I must be the only one who doesn't miss Emmett. For me he is the least interesting character and the actor isn't bringing much either. I love Bay and Noah, I hope the end game isn't Bay and Emmett because I never saw any chemistry there. It was a great episode all around.


I kind of feel for Noah (I have the same condition and I now hate the phone, I feel like an eighty year old woman, what, and that is the scariest thing, when you are in a really loud place, your ears get overwhelmed..what I experience because I think I have plataeued is you can't actually hear anything at all because you are hearing everything and can't separate the sounds so just get more and more frustrated because you can't really hear and you feel like you are being battered with almost white noise) he does need to tell someone, if only for them to understand. Remember way back at the beginning of Bay and Emmitt, Daphne was confused over her feelings for him...I actually sense that she and Noah could have a better camaredie. Like, during that whole class, a thing that Daphne can't really sympathize with is that for the first three years of her life, she was hearing and this was something she had to get used to. Noah needs to talk to someone who might not have clear memories of that, but certainly remembers having to learn ASL probably later than her peers.

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