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Elena: Matt, you suck at making tea. There I said it ,now where were we.
Matt: we were talking about rebekah
Elena: oh yeah that B*tch


Matt: They took it, they took my letter jacket.


Elena: So. . . since Damon doesn't think he's "enough" for me and Stefan's with Rebekah now, I was thinking maybe you and I could get together again. You know I can't be alone.

Matt: Um, yeah. . . I'm not comfortable with dating an arsonist.


matt: i'm the last human know in this group
elena: so
matt: so, i gotta get out of here!
elena: can i come with you?
matt: no


I'm really sorry Elena but all I can think about is your cleavage!

I know Matt, I know!


Elena: They really gave you 2 minutes of screen time just to cry?


Elena: So, you're the last human standing. That makes you kind of sexy again! Maybe we could reunite..
Matt: I'm really sorry to disappoint you Elena but I prefer elder women now.
Elena: Don't tell me you're back with Rebekah!
Matt: No, that bitch tried to kill me! But Sheriff Forbes, on the other hand, will always know how to protect me and my Varsity letter jacket.


Elena: Matt I'm telling you it won't just can't pull off platinum blonde.

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