The Vampire Diaries Return Teaser: It's Off...

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Turn it off.

So Damon ordered Elena on last night's moving episode of The Vampire Diaries, and so Elena obeyed. What will be the consequences of that sire bond act? The fallout?

Fans will need to wait until March 14 to find out.

That's when TVD returns with "Bring It On," as the following CW preview makes it clear that Elena's lack of humanity will be a major focus of the installment. Not teased but also worth considering for viewers: The status of Silas and his plans for our favorite Mystic Falls residents, in particular Bonnie.

Watch now and, to quote the move on which this episode title is based, prepare for it to be broughten...

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I'm really looking forward to that episode, especially because Joseph Morgan stated in an interview that he'll propably receive many hatemails after episode 16. I'm curious what Klaus will do! Not so interested in the Elena-Part yet, because I fear the lazy writers just turn her into Katherine 2.0 :-/ But I hope for the best.


I can't express how happy I am that Elana is finally having fun. I've been waiting for this since season 1.


I am so sorry to see Jeremy go! :"( But I guess something extreme had to happen for Elena to turn into a badass Vampire. Finally, I was so sick of seeing her get pushed around! I am ready to see Elena kick some ass. Yes!! What an appropiate title for the next show...BRING IT ON!! Can't Wait!!


i kinda agree with damon when he said "she lost her bro, i was not enough!" and to realize..jer was her only family left..wht she wants to do with her humanity after him gone??
There are handful of humans left now in MF..thts sad! i m gonna miss Jer! After Ric..he ws the human taking care of elena..


Damn! It looks like Elena is going to be like Katherine. Don't want that at all!


I, too, want the sire bond to go away. It would have been nice to explore a real relationship between Elena and Damon as we saw for almost 4 years with Stefan. The sire bond was a cop-out. It broke my heart to see that Damon does not consider himself worthy of love or enough for Elena. He was actually frightened to see her and experience her pain so he did what he knows best - avoidance. Instead of helping her through this so we could really explore their love he shuts down her humanity. Stefan realized that and i think he is starting to truly understand his brother. I hope Damon restores Elena's humanity so they can move forward. Would love to see Jeremy back on the show and sad that Klaus, Eliajah, and Rebecca are leaving the VD. Who will be left?


I hate the sire bond and I really wish Delena would get equal time with Stelena ( at least)! Damon has been pushing her and Stefan together and frankly I'm sick of it. Julie it's ok if u think ian is hot... We do too. I totally support you letting him and nina have some delena scenes that are happy and don't have Caroline's voice in the background.


I can't wait to watch that episode. Elena will behave like Damon did in s1, lying on the street, feeding on Cheerleaders, running around naked lol
I don't think that the sire bond is broken because Elena turned off her humanity. The sire bond will be broken, when Damon becomes human and I think he will. Elena threw Jeremy's ring at him, to me that was foreshadowing that Damon will wear this ring one day. It'll be interesting to see if Elena will develop or rather still have feelings for Damon while her humanity is turned off. That would be a parallel to Damon's storyline in s1.
I'm sure Katherine will be back in one of the upcoming episodes, I'm really looking forward to the showdown between Kat and Elena.


@HellyJelly: Maybe turning off her humanity will free her of the sire bond. At least that's what I'm hoping, because I, too didn't like that storyline.


Elena is gonna become far less entertaining verson of Katherine... I mean Kathrine was/is one crazy b... but she is an endlessly entertaining character every time when writers decide to randomly bring her back to the show. I whish there was a way to undo everything related to sire-bond this season. Such a colossal nonsense.

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