The Vampire Diaries Return Teaser: It's Off...

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Turn it off.

So Damon ordered Elena on last night's moving episode of The Vampire Diaries, and so Elena obeyed. What will be the consequences of that sire bond act? The fallout?

Fans will need to wait until March 14 to find out.

That's when TVD returns with "Bring It On," as the following CW preview makes it clear that Elena's lack of humanity will be a major focus of the installment. Not teased but also worth considering for viewers: The status of Silas and his plans for our favorite Mystic Falls residents, in particular Bonnie.

Watch now and, to quote the move on which this episode title is based, prepare for it to be broughten...

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The past two episodes were really strong. In my humble opinion, last night's episode AND the season 3 finale were the best of the whole series. I'm very excited for the Silas story to play-out, and the near certain Elena-Catherin showdown. Also, I hope the Originals spin-off does NOT get picked up. I want Rebeka to stay in Mystic falls. She fits-in so well with the rest of the cast. PLUS, Klaus should just die already!! Tyler should come back with an army of wolves and do away with him somehow.

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It may a shame for Elena to feel all down but as long as she stays in the sire bond and there's too many lame random couple shenanigans,the show will never feel normal again. ;P =|


I honestly think that Jeremy's death changes the story and makes the show interesting (sire bond is kinda getting in to my nerves lately). I am also excited to see the transformation of sweet human Elena -> still a bit sweet vampire Elana -> totally emotionless probably badass vampire Elena.


I agree with the why's of Damon suggesting to Elena that she turn it off. Elena knew exactly what Damon was talking about & she did what would bring her out of that dreadful state of mind. Like with every other Vampire, Elena will go through the 'No Humanity' stages as a new Vampire and she'll overcome all obstacles with her man by her side. Damon's right. Let her do what she's going to do until the time comes for her to let her Humanity back in. She needs to time, a mental break away from what she lost or she'll lose it forever. 04x16 looks promising. We'll see another part of Elena that has been waiting to surface.

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When 9 Russians tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

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