The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: A Horrible Homecoming

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Warning, Vampire Diaries fans: Watch the following sneak peek at this Thursday's "Stand By Me" with a box of Kleenex at the ready.

Following the startling events that concluded last week's "Down the Rabbit Hole," Stefan and Elena return home in the clip below, but they do not arrive alone. Much to the shock of Caroline - who is busy cleaning Kol's blood - Stefan's arms are full with the corpse of Jeremy.

What else even needs to be said? Nothing, really, as only silent looks are exchanged between Stefan and Caroline, while Elena races upstairs, desperate to believe her brother can be saved. Is she right?

Or have we seen the last of Jeremy Gilbert? Watch now. Tune in Thursday night for the next installment in The Vampire Diaries Season 4.

NOTE: Entertainment Weekly debuted this TVD clip.

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warum seit ihr vampiere warum eikendlich kanst du mir das mal sagen bitte


the vampiere diaries ihr seit der hammer ihr seit krass in der film wirklich jeten fals elena und stefan weil ihr basst echt gut zusammen

David and sabrina 2014

It still feels a shame that Jeremy died and if he'll ever be brought again to keep the search of the cure going. What I mostly want is the show to get better again. ;P =|


...and then she'll be "stuck" emotionless until she decides to turn her feelings back on...which, of course, won't happen for a few episodes...and, knowing how they want to "keep the love triangle alive," Stefan will be the one to help her turn her feelings back on... All guesses...we'll see...


I think losing Jeremy is going to affect Elena like nothing else has. I predict she will try to "flip the switch". I don't think she'll be able to on her own and will turn to Damon to tell her to turn off her emotions. He'll resist at first but she'll threaten to stake herself or something and he will finally agree to do it, thinking he can always tell her to turn them back on...But, turning off her emotions/feelings will break the sire bond.


I'd be surprised if Jeremy should remain dead... After all, this is TVD and they have the secret weapon - the allmighty witch aka plot device Bonnie who can do whatever is the most convinient at the moment. So I'm saving my Kleenex for some other time.


HA HA you fools! If Kol is watching as a ghost he's probably laughing his ass off!

Vampire Diaries Quotes

You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


Damon: You know what they are? Children. Like lighting a candle's going to make everything OK, or even saying a prayer. Or pretending Elena's not going to end up just like the rest of us murdering vampires. Stupid, delusional, exasperating little children. And I know what you're going to say: 'It makes them feel better, Damon.' So what? For how long? A minute, a day? What difference does it make? Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be. And a rock with a birthday carved into it that I'm pretty sure is wrong. So thanks, friend. Thanks for leaving me here to babysit. Because I should be long gone by now. I didn't get the girl, remember? I'm just stuck here fighting my brother and taking care of the kids. You owe me big.
Alaric: I miss you too, buddy.