The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Hot Hybrid Sex Alert!

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There. Do we have your attention?

A couple of sites have provided us with a couple intriguing Vampire Diaries scoops and spoilers, starting with the baddest Original of them all finally finding some action between the sheets. Read on for more...

Klaus at the Door

According to TV Guide, Klaus will "finally get some lovin" in an upcoming episode. It will air in March and the identity of the partner in question will be... unknown for now.

But might it be related to this second item?

TV Line reports "an imminent, shocking and much-anticipated return" is on the way, also leaving out any name behind the teaser of course.

Our best guess: the bedmate and the returning character are one and the same... KATHERINE!

Let your own theories fly now in the Comments section below and/or our Vampire Diaries forum.

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I find it hard to believe that klaus would be with anyone but caroline from the begining klaus character has been more about hurting people and from all interviews it pretty much shows he has never let anyone that close to him. He has spent the last two season chasing caroline and I just don't see him with some random girl(or vamp). Unlike damon who would use sex as a weapon to hurt back when klaus is hurt he strikes back by killing his relationship with both hallie and catherine has been more of him striking out on them. This episode is also suppose to happen in episode 18 which joesph morgan has been reporting will be a good episode for the klaus/caroline fans so i would guess it will be her not sure how it will play out but i would guess it is her.


a little bird told me Klaus's ex is coming to town in season 4. Not sure what episode but it would make sense for it to be this one.


Klaus won't have sex with Katherine, he sees her as a parasite. A nuisance. I believe it may be Caroline, but after what he did to her... I don't know. Perhaps he sleeps with someone else just to spite her.


Calling it right now-I'm betting its Elena. It fits much of the hints ms.plec is throwing at us in interviews and spoilers


This is really interesting but has Hayley even got any scene time with Klaus? I don't even remember them ever speaking let along any chemistry. I think it will be Kat...shocking right? The man who killed her whole family line, but if you think about it, Kat will do anything ti survive. Including seducing the man who she's terrified of....OR it could be a flash back. TVD is good for that and they did say there will be flashbacks.


i guess it's hayley, because caroline would just be to obviously and tvd (especially julie plec) loves to surprise the audience. by the way in the spoiler for 4x16 is mentioned that klaus will try to get information out of hayley because she and katherine are partners and the cure is with...katherine! so hayley will appear in 4x16 and not in 4x20 and the sexscene is in 4x18. looks like everything fits together. i really can't imagine another girl for this sexscene


I think the hot hybrid sex will be in a flashback with Tatia ,or Katherine. However it might just turn out to be with Caroline. We know we get a Klaroline scene, so Klaus might have sex with Caroline.


This saddens me.. Klaus should get better action then Katherine..
Oh!! Maybe it's Elena! Stripped of her humanity trying to hurt everyone! It would be so funny!


Well, in page 2 I said it is Katherine, and she will kill Jeremy. Now we just wainting her sex with Klaus.


A shocking return? Elijah, Katherine, Hayley... all NOT shocking. Expected at some point. Maybe HOW one of them returns is the shocking part. And Katherine coming to help Klaus kill a hunter would be a bit shocking since he wants to torture and kill her. But the only one I could say would be Alaric. But I know he's all busy with "Cult" so my dream can't come true. :::sigh::: Him and Jenna were my favorite characters. (Although D is my fave of the 3. And NOT because I think he is perfect or can do no wrong. He does a LOT wrong. He's just the most interesting and pretty to look at!) I would like Elijah or Katherine as they are currently my two faves, with Klaus in close 3rd.

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