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The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Hot Hybrid Sex Alert!

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There. Do we have your attention?

A couple of sites have provided us with a couple intriguing Vampire Diaries scoops and spoilers, starting with the baddest Original of them all finally finding some action between the sheets. Read on for more...

Klaus at the Door

According to TV Guide, Klaus will "finally get some lovin" in an upcoming episode. It will air in March and the identity of the partner in question will be... unknown for now.

But might it be related to this second item?

TV Line reports "an imminent, shocking and much-anticipated return" is on the way, also leaving out any name behind the teaser of course.

Our best guess: the bedmate and the returning character are one and the same... KATHERINE!

Let your own theories fly now in the Comments section below and/or our Vampire Diaries forum.

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    yes I agree with the last post. He and Caroline have hot hybrid sex and Elijah shows up to help with Silas. And the world is right again.


    I don't think Kat and Klaus will be shacking up - because she couldn't sleep with the man WHO SLAUGHTERED HER WHOLE FAMILY!
    I think Klaus will shack up with Caroline (yay!) and I hope the «much anticipated return» is Elijah... and he can sleep with me ;-)


    Sometimes I think that this moment is going to be a big whoop when I just want the show to run normal again. ;P ;P


    How about Klaus and Rebecka only half siblings?


    If it is Klaus and Kat the exciting part will be the razor blades in the cooch.


    I am afraid that he won't sleep with Caroline.. It will be someone else.. I don't want to presume but i don't think that they will have so many chances. I would like that but i am skeptical.. Hope for some good suprise :)


    i think its haley or katherine.


    Only if Klaus compels Katherine........otherwise its a load of BS


    Why would it be Katherine? She's terrified of Klaus - the writers said she won't come back until Klaus is GONE. No way she'd even willingly be in town with him there, much less sleep with him. It's a long way from now and a lot could happen - I wouldn't be shocked if it was Caroline, the way they've been writing her lately...


    omg i think klaus is gonna sleep with hayley. i am beyond disgusted by that idea because i cannot stand hayley or phoebe tonkin for that matter. ughhhhhh. this is not working out the way i hoped it would.