Tom Ellis Rumored for Key Role on Downton Abbey Season 4

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With Downton Abbey Season 3 now officially behind viewers in both Great Britain and the United States, attention can turn to the fourth season of this ITV smash.

Specifically to Lord Anthony Gillingham, the upcoming love interest for Lady Mary who will come on board next year following - SPOILER ALERT!!! - the death of Matthew via car accident.

Lady Mary

According to The Mirror, Tom Ellis has auditioned for the role and has made the cut to the producers' short list.

An unfamiliar face to American audiences, Ellis is best known overseas for his portrayal of Gary Preston on Miranda.

An ITV insider tells the newspaper it would be a "coup" for the network to "attract a major BBC star to a flagship ITV" show such as Downton Abbey, though no deal is in place yet.

Regardless of who plays the part, Mary's love life will be a major focus of Downton Abbey Season 4.

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The writers need to find a great woman for Tom first.
What kind of story would we have without unrequited love. I think Edith is beginning to enjoy her independence and may like the attention of several suitors.
Mary is smart, too.
I am loving this show. We just watched all 3 seasons in 2 weeks. The film work is amazing especially the final episode of season 3.


Can anyone tell me the real location of "Shrimpy's" estate or castle or whatever it is? I thought it was gorgeous. And is it really in Scotland?


Tired of hearing about that blasted Mary: lets hear about the smart one: Edith!!


Can we have real love life and life for Edith! Why are they putting her with and old man and now an old man who is married. It is just like Matthew said all Edith has to look for in life is being a mistress? Come on writers spend some time on Edith and just not Mary. Now that Matthew is gone I have no interest in Mary.


Just a suggestion...If DA wants to seriously compete for viewers, they might want to steal away Colin O'Donoghue (Hook) from ONCE UPON A TIME. He has fans so mesmerized over there, they don't care what his character does.

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