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Downton Abbey Season 3

We jump ahead many months on the Downton Abbey Season 3 finale. Read on for a recap.

Bates is freed from prison on this episode of Downton Abbey. Much to the chagrin of Thomas.

Everyone is still reeling from the death of Lady Sybil on this episode of Downton Abbey.

Edith Wedding Pic

Downton prepares for Sybil to give birth as Anna secures the information to free Bates.

This episode features Tom Branson and Sybil running from Dublin, Isobel helping Ethel with her personal problems and the introduction of some new household staff.

The future of Downton hangs in the balance this week. In response, Mary and the Dowager Countess work to show Downton at its grandest.

"Season 3 Premiere"

Cora's mother makes her presence felt on the season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey.

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