Vegas Review: Trouble Ahead

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What was Jack doing?!?

In "The Third Man," Jack Lamb lied to his girlfriend, his brother and the ADA. He switched out fingerprints to save himself and seemingly would have let an innocent man go down for murder. Was this really a better scenario than coming forward with what really happened between him and Rizzo?

Jack Breaks The News

On the one hand I understood why. Jack loves Mia. If he told her the truth - that he'd killed her father, even in self defense - it would likely end their relationship. Plus, killing a mob boss can't be good for one's long-term health and Jack wouldn't want to implicate his brother or anyone else in this mess.  

Unfortunately, the lengths he's had to go to in order to cover it up have been extreme. And does Jack normally wear a t-shirt to bed? How long can he keep the marks from that cattle prod away from Mia?  

The only other person who knew the truth was Savino... the man who set Jack up. In reality that wouldn't be so bad. Savino certainly knows how to keep his mouth shut.  Who would have thought that Katherine would be the biggest source of trouble?

Katherine had blinders on when it came to this case. She needed Savino to be guilty. Perhaps the guilt of those two deputies who were killed last week were eating away at her conscience.

I couldn't believe it when she threatened to tell Chicago that Laura was the rat. Vince was right when he told her in this Vegas quote

Savino: You do that she might as well be dead and it's as if you pulled the trigger yourself. | permalink

I agreed with Vince. I'll bet she's bluffing but we'll just have to wait and see.

Watching Jack dance with the devil completely overshadowed the other story lines. I couldn't believe Dixon's friend Pete survived that car crash. No one wore seat belts in 1960. Did they even have seat belts? Why wasn't he catapulted through that windshield?

I assumed we'll see more of Tommy Stone, the slick producer who weaseled his way into the Savoy. With that much set up, this story must be headed somewhere.

Vince thought that with Rizzo gone his problems would be solved. Unfortunately, between Jack, Katherine, and Mia it looks like there's nothing but trouble ahead on Vegas.


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Christine I think you're right: watching Jack go down the rabbit hole completely stole thunder from the rest of the show. This show is getting downright *interesting*. (Not that it wasn't before, obviously!)


Jack would probably be better off if he had confessed but we need stretched out drama. Ralph has to strongly suspect that Jack was involved. It's funny how Savino ended up in charge (Rizzo takes out Angelo, Jack takes out Rizzo). Now Savino is free(er) to pursue his dream for Vegas. This was nicely tied into Tommy's story. Enver Gjokaj played a character named Tommy on Made in Jersey too I'm not sure what to think of Katherine's threat to out Laura. Never mind the "ends justify the means" argument. If she did out Laura and when the truth come out, Katherine's career would be ruined if she isn't taken out by the mob.

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