Arrow PaleyFest Panel Teases Black Canary, Mystery Guest Star and More

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The cast and producers of Arrow took PaleyFest by attractive storm last night, as Stephen Amell and company gave fans an idea of what to expect throughout the rest of Season 1.

Starting with the bombshell dropped at the end of "Dead to Rights." Tommy now knows the truth. The Hood is out of the bag. Where will things go from here?

It “changes everything,” Amell said. “He saw me in the pilot kill three guys. And Tommy’s a good guy, he doesn’t want to have to reconcile that his friend would do that.”

Arrow Cast at PaleyFest

Among other scoops, spoilers and tidbits revealed during a fun Q&A:

  • Katite Cassidy said Laurel's life will be shaken up by the arrival of her mom: “She kind of gets sucked in by her mother a bit... [she] also has a lot more information than you necessarily think.”
  • Producer Andrew Kreisberg teased Malcolm as an "evil Bruce Wayne" and previewed: “You find out a lot more about Malcolm and what’s driving him, and about the very scary-sounding Undertaking.”
  • Yes, Laurel will turn into Black Canary, producer Marc Guggenheim assured attendees, but the evolution must be "earned," he said: “We don’t want to disservice Laurel or Oliver by saying she could have a bad day, put on fishnets and start killing people.”
  • Kreisberg offered up this mysterious casting tease: “There is an episode coming up with somebody who is one of the stars of a very popular genre show that you will all recognize and be happy that they’re on our show.”

Who could that possibly be?!? We have until March 20 until a new Arrow episode airs. So let the guessing games begin!

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Felicity is so hot, i'd want to meet her and ask her out.


Mystery guest? From Smallville? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Justin Hartley.


Isn't Black Canary her mother's legacy? Maybe that's how Laurel assumes the mantle... I loved reading that Felicity was supposed to be a one-off character and that the fans had a lot to do with her becoming more of a regular. Also, Susanna Thompson looks a heck of a lot better than Katie Cassidy in that picture above.

Sarah silva

I love this show too! I look forward to it every week and when it is off air for a few weeks I miss it.


Still think that this show s missing the Oliver - Laurel ship.
I really don't like dealing with ships in shows, but it really is missing here.. I hope the Black Canary thing will push this towards there..


I read elsewhere that they will never mention Gotham City or metropolis, which I find incredibly stupid and lame... that is like basing a show in San Diego yet never mentioning Los Angeles.


Can't wait to see how Laurel becomes the black canary it should be very interesting

Spindae 2o

I love the show. It got really intense! Besides the great as* kicking that is going on the character development is remarkable. Thumbs UP!
Laurel and Black Canary! I don't know how it will happen but I can't wait! I believe the show is going away from the supernatural it's just battling and archery.
Oli aka Arrow must to disappear so Laurel thinks she has to step up for the city.


I think the turning point for Laurel to become the Black Canary is either the death of Tommy or her father. I don't think it's something she'll just decide to do, so I am glad the producers are going to make the character earn it.

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