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Arrow Review: The Vigilante Sting

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The secret of Oliver's hidden identity is taking a toll on he and everyone - and it started to show during "The Huntress Returns."

Helena was a bit of a pain before she turned Huntress, but after tonight I'm fairly certain Oliver regrets his decision to take her under his wing. His teachings obviously didn't stick, as she's still unable to see right from wrong and tends to use every bit of training she has had for her own purpose, no matter who gets caught in the cross hairs.

Oliver's Disruption

Helena returned to town when she learned her father, Frank Bertinelli, made a deal to enter witness protection. He'd get a new identity and would be able to live happily every after. She wasn't going to have any of that... and I can't blame her. But as far as I'm concerned, if she couldn't do it on her own, then she was out of luck.

Instead, she decided to take the one man who showed her that she could survive in an ugly world and use skills to get what she needed without hurting others to do just that. She turned Oliver's world upside down in her desperation to get him to assist her in her plan to find her father.

It was kind of funny that the big deal going down, a two-van parade with one hiding her father so nobody would know in which he actually rode, was a sting operation to get the vigilante "The Hood" and the newly named "Huntress." Even funnier was that when face to face with Det. Lance and Oliver's girlfriend, she gave him up. By adding a few extra sentences of a personal nature behind the reveal of Oliver as the vigilante, they didn't believe her.

Oliver saved her again and added even more regret to a very long list. Not only had she already tied down Felicty for information on what turned out to be the sting operation, but McKenna was eventually shot; not by arrow either, by Helena and a gun, fracturing her femur and sending her off the force and out of Starling City for at least a year. She'll be moving to Coast City (If I heard that right, then maybe she'll run into the Green Lantern. She does like the "green" boys) to live with her sister since they have the best rehab around.

The only positive thing I can say about the Huntress is ya gotta give Helena credit for being a well-dressed badass. She never shows up to the party in her Huntress attire without full makeup. If I were going out hunting, I wouldn't give too poops whether I had lipstick and eyeliner on. I'd slap on some Carmex and call it good.

Also during the hour, Ollie's nightclub, Verdant, opened to quite the fanfare. It's also where Helena took her first victim, or leverage, in her attempt to get Oliver to help her. She hurt Tommy pretty good. At first I thought it would anger Tommy to find himself in such a position, but instead he realized just how horrible it must be for Oliver to be covering such a large piece of himself from those he loves.

Tommy was having a hard enough time keeping things quiet in front of Laurel, as she wondered why his hand was wrapped and knew he was lying to her. She was having issues of her own with her mother about Sarah and her father angry that he was even being asked to look into the charade.

As it turned out, Dinah didn't come with a lot of clues about Sarah's survival. Only a photo someone took of a girl on an island near where the boat went down and a few other clues we have yet to hear about. I was kind of hoping Dinah had been out there kicking up the stones herself, but instead she came home to Det. Lance to get him to do the hard work. That doesn't seem like a very first generation Black Canary thing to do, does it?

My questions about the photo were: what exactly did Oliver see of Sarah's disappearance from the boat? He made it to an island, so was she in good enough shape to have done the same? If she was out there and apparently well dressed and being photographed by tourists, why didn't she ask for help? Does she have amnesia and is living happily on that island? If that's the case, and Dinah somehow tracked down the one tourist who happened to take her photo, did she go to that island, and if so, where did the amnesiac go?

Aaack! Soo many questions. The one thing I don't want is for Sarah to be Black Canary. After Laurel's ass-kicking scenes, I have my mind made up for her character to be the one, and I refuse to accept a substitute. Plus, I like Katie Cassidy and she needs to be doing more than moping around. She's much more fun when in action.

Finally, Thea reached out to Roy Harper, got him a job at Verdant and he didn't show. But when she was attacked in his alley, he was there in a jiff! Aha! Speedy! I loved how he was running off the walls and all that fun cartoon stuff people do. He managed to get himself stabbed, but that also got him kissed by Thea. I'd call that a win.

I really enjoyed watching the people around Oliver who did and didn't know his secret be shattered in different ways because of it. I think that's going to be the most interesting part of the story to play out as the season ends; how he handles so many knowing, how to protect them and how to keep others from finding out without them getting hurt as well.


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Am I the only one that thought the kissing scene between Thea and Roy was REALLY awkward? I mean, come on!!!


Eclipse 1 said: "And also, something that is bothering me, last I checked, the Island didn't have a tattoo parlour. So where did Oliver her his tattoo. My feeling is he was not always on the Island. Maybe, when he was picked up by the boat, he probably did a Bruce Wayne, went and lived among thieves and criminal. In order to see their way of thinking. Of course, this is a just a theory of mine, what do you guys think? " Yeah he explicitely stated a couple of episodes back that he did not spend the whole 5-6 yrs on the island, hence the "Bratva" affiliation and tatoo. I thought this episode was incredible and like how they are handling Roy Harper's introduction. Seems like the critics are being a bit hard on it... With all of the drama and action I would prob put it in my top 5 arrow eps so far. Helena just kept pushing the envolope and freaking me out! She threatened Olivers fam in his own home, damn near broke Tommy's wrist, and then nabbed felicity AFTER Oliver saved her from the police station! I was on the edge of my seat lol. Not to mention some great jokes this week ie "the T-mobile girl" LOL.


[Plus, I like Katie Cassidy and she needs to be doing more than moping around. She's much more fun when in action.] This is a joke right, she sure as hell doesnt know how to do the moping around either. I hope they never make her Black Canary as long as Katie Cassidy is in the role, she is beyond the worst actress on TV I have seen in a while. The only action she needs is a death scene, hate to say it but they should just kill off the character. The writing and the acting breathe zero life to the character, what is even the point off keeping her around.


I said this before but the comment did not show up. I do agree with Jackie. One of the reasons why Smallville was so successful
Was how long they manage to keep Clarks secret. Between season 1 to 4, a few proleg he to find out but they all either died or memory loss or left. This always kept the tension and excitement going. This is not Banshee, the writers need to pace them selves. They're sucking the excitement out of this show with too much reveal in so little time. Oliver had to be put I'm situations where he'll always run the risk of exposure, that will keep viewers at the edge of their seat.


This might be a bit out there, but I think Walter is probably being held on the Island where Oliver was found. I can see the season ending with Oliver going back to the Island.
And also, something that is bothering me, last I checked, the Island didn't have a tattoo parlour. So where did Oliver her his tattoo. My feeling is he was not always on the Island. Maybe, when he was picked up by the boat, he probably did a Bruce Wayne, went and lived among thieves and criminal. In order to see their way of thinking. Of course, this is a just a theory of mine, what do you guys think?


P.S. I forgot about Thea and Roy! They are so good together. I would really wanna see where it will go with these to. and who gets the sidekick part! XD


Amazing EPISODE! How many developments! *_*
The Huntress story! Ohhhh we all knew it would go nasty! But the moment when he put the arrow to her, and she realized how wrong she's gone, was Tremendous. I have no doubt we will see the Huntress again in S2! Maybe for a ep or 2 cause she got a main role(believe Dracula). Oliver! Stephen is doing a great job. Really believable. U can just see how his buttons are getting pushed. The interactions between him Felicity, Diggle and Tommy were really well done. But the best part for me was the Lance family storyline. And the way they handling the not action drama is what makes this show good. every part of the Lance family did a great job, believable job. I can see Sarah come back but as an other DC comic character. Laurel most become the B.Canary. And a big KISS to McKeena. we will miss U!


I love Helena. "How many girlfriends do you have?" haha! When you skip the Thea, Tommy, Lance, Laurel, and Roy scenes, it's a lot better. The Roy fight was very, very poor.


(Cont.) Feels more like an after school club than a vigilante/superhero thing. I'm not complaining, exactly. I do like the additions, it just feels a little too much too fast.


Okay, Sarah had SO better not be alive, that would really change the feel of things and in a bad way. What happened to her is such a pivotal point in the characterization of both for Oliver and for Laurel that having her suddenly be alive would create a really strange hole in the foundation of the story. There has been a great deal created for the show that was not a part of the comic series, like Sarah and all the island stuff(the island that Oliver was stranded on in the comic was deserted, thus he had to learn all his special skills simply to survive) and so far I like what they have done. However, the appearance of a living Sarah would--to me anyway--make so much of the back story and drama that we have seen and heard about thus far seem pointless. Also, just a side note, I might be alone here, but I am not crazy about the fact that so many people are in on the secret already. For me it has killed a lot of the tension. Feels more like an after school club than a vigilante/superhero thing.