Blue Bloods Review: A Bonnie & Clyde Ending

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"Protest Too Much" featured almost everyone taking their concerns a little too far.  

Erin & Her Witness

With the Citizens for Police Accountability staging a vocal protests outside his windows, I loved how Frank reacted in this Blue Bloods quote

 You know, if we had a balcony and some water balloons we could really have some fun. | permalink

That was almost as funny as watching a bunch of adults dangle a giant donut, sprinkles and all. But they weren't Franks biggest problem.  hat came later in the form of his disgruntled daughter. 

I liked Whitney. She was gorgeous, smart and had a sense of humor. The best part was how not just Frank, but all of the Reagan men reacted to her. Every one of them clearly remembered, "the hot blonde with the cane," as Danny put it and they'd apparently only met her once at Erin's 40th birthday party.

As for Erin, she really needed to lighten up. Yes, having her father date one of her friends wouldn't be ideal but Frank's been alone a long time. The guy deserves to have a little fun and like he said himself…

 I know I'm not spring chicken but I'm pretty sure I'm not dead. | permalink

I felt badly that Erin's over-the-top reaction caused him to back off and tell Whitney they had no future. 

Danny was back on the partner merry-go-round but this time I wasn't nearly as dizzy. I liked Detective Jordan Baez and the fact that she and Danny's relationship apparently went back about 10 years. I wished we had gotten more details about that but at least we were able to avoid all of the getting to know you awkwardness yet again.

As much as I like Danny's chemistry with his female partners, I found it kind of ridiculous that he'd be partnered with four woman in the span of as many months…but then again, this is TV.

Bonnie and Clyde…or Sylvie and Dylan... made me roll my eyes. That they tried to pawn off their bank robbing as a protest against the bank's CEOs was laughable. As if the CEO's would somehow be punished if these two made off with a few grand. I'm sure their rhetoric sounded good for the newscasts but people rob banks for one reason. That's where the money is.

Danny's contentious relationship with the FBI grew tiresome fast. There seemed to be plenty of fault on both sides. Having Jordan be a former FBI liaison fell flat as it never really got woven into this story line with any purpose.

Should Detective Baez stick around or should Danny get back on the partner merry-go-round? And was Frank right to walk away from Whitney? What's your opinion on this week's Blue Bloods?


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Your blog is great. You write about very interesting things. Thanks for all your tips and information.


Go Frank. I really liked Whitney. But once again no romance for Frank. Would be great to see him with someone. And it was none of Erin's business who he dates. She was annoying.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode.
Of all the rotating partners Danny has had this new one is my fave! I like how they are establishing a history between her and Danny, she made a couple references about how they have known one another a long time.
I wanted to tell Erin to grow up! So what if Frank dates a younger woman. Frank deserves to be happy and to date and if she is a woman in her 40's, more power to him!


Frank is way over-due for a romantic interest...and he seemed to realize why Whitney was not an option (and it had NOTHING to do with his daughter's rant IMO)Erin obviously does not want to share her dad, but she'll just have to get over it when Frank finds the right female. I liked this partner for Danny, haven't missed Esposito at all, and hope she sticks.


Oops sorry, posted before i was done! Let's try again:
Did anyone else notice in the scene where they're searching Sylvie's apartment and Danny and Detective Baez are talking, Danny used the name "Dylan" for Clyde before they actually found out that name from Diane Morris?? I rewound like 3 times trying to figure out if I missed it but I think they actually botched that one!


Did anyone else notice in the scene where they're searching Sylvie's a Danny and Detective Baez were talking with

Sue ann

He was an idiot for walking away from Whitney, yes. Jamie had the right reaction. However, the OTHER three reasons Frank listed when telling her "bye bye" in the restaurant were quite valid. Erin was so far out of line, she was on another continent. She acted like a jealous wife. Ridiculous. She is too old for that silliness.


Please let this be the last parnter for Danny. They have some history together. Frank needs to start dating someone that is his age, not a friend of his kid's.

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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

You know, if we had a balcony and some water balloons we could really have some fun.


Garrett: They call themselves the Citizens for Police Accountability.
Frank: That's a mouthful.