Burn Notice Season 7: Jack Coleman and Stephen Martines to Recur As...

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Heading into what may be its final season, Burn Notice has made a couple big casting moves.

Jack Coleman - who has most recently appeared on The Office and Castle - will recur this summer as Andrew Strong, a veteran CIA officer.

According to Deadline, which broke the news, the character will push Michael  "to do whatever it takes to complete the mission."

Jack Coleman as Senator Bracken

Stephen Martines, meanwhile, will portray Carlos Cruz, a bounty hunter and a new love interest for Gabrielle Anwar's Fiona.

Casting notes describe Gamble as "a cold-blooded freelance operative."

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please have these negative comments that are false removed immediately. my attorneys have filed suit for slander and defemation of character. We have the IP address. Please kindly remove the post for it is affecting my work. thank you


This Stephen Martines guy is no good!! He is a class A cheat, con, thief and liar! Do not associate with him in any way.... you will forever regret it!!


As a fan of Stephen Martines back to his soap days on GH and GL as well as his recurring role on The closer I'm very excited. I'm sure some of the Michael & Fi fans won't like it but sometimes you need to shake things up and it may be just a temporary thing if this turns out to be the last season I'd say Mike and Fi would be reunited by the end of the season(series).


If you guys break up Fiona and Michael after all this time and all she has been thru to get his attention I am done with this show. They are thebest couple on tv, why can't they go back to saving people online on an international level? I've invested a lot of time in a show you just expect us to accept this complete upheaval of a perfectly already great show. THANKS A LOT..


NNNOOOO!!!! All good things as they say... but I truly hope Fiona and Michael end up together. I know things don't always work out in real life, but I don't watch shows like Burn Notice for 'real life' stories.


No wonder they said he probably won't be back to Castle this season.

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