Deception Review: Gone Clubbing

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"You're the Bad Guy" provided plenty of answers to Deception's conspiracy plot with Lyritrol, but it did leave one convenient answer out: who killed Vivian Bowers?

Joanna Is Busted

It finally fully hit me as Joanna and Julian were in bed together that their relationship is very much in peril because she’s a cop and she’s investigating his family; no matter how in love with each other they are, those kinds of obstacles are not easily overcome, and Joanna looks like she’s bursting at the seams wanting to tell him she’s undercover.

Will also made that this relationship point, but his jealousy is a little over the top for me. Will had his chance with Joanna and he blew it. Hurt feelings are one thing, but being cordial and gracious to your ex is the better route. I don’t think Will’s completely out of the game yet, but he’s quickly digging his own relationship grave.

Will shouldn’t hurt too much, though, considering he’s building quite the bromance with Edward.

My fears of the competing pharmaceutical company being the instigators of the entire conspiracy are confirmed, and, as must as I enjoy Deception proving that everything has been in place and moving towards this singular vision, these developments feel so far from the original premise of the show.

Of course programs should have avenues of growth to explore and expand to, but the original premise is Vivian’s killer; to have Vivian’s death be part of the plot of this overall conspiracy is a far cry from the show’s original intentions.

Nevertheless, the conspiracy is still fun to guess and play around with. It's also addictive, so Deception shouldn’t pay the review score price for a story critique.

Robert continues to grow scarier as Deception Season 1 heads towards its conclusion. It’s rather amazing the man continues to top himself as he runs over everyone in his way. His blackmail to Joanna’s mother was particularly frightening, and the scene shed light on why she continues to warn Joanna about getting into bed with the Bowers.

Her line to Robert about him being all about family with contempt lacing her every word rang so true. She’s not afraid of standing up to him or his blackmail if it means she can protect her family. She knows the true meaning of family. Robert, for the man continually yelling from the rooftops that he’ll do anything for his family, is the man who is continually betraying his own family for his own personal gain. It’s sickening. He even has the foresight to pay the FBI agent a nice sum to make sure it all gets pinned to Audrey.

Robert might be a very shrewd man, but it’s hard to see how he could have such foresight. Everything seems to be pointing towards Robert putting out the hit, or at least knowing about Vivian’s involvement. My guess is Robert soon figured out what his competitors were up to and saw an excellent news story about his company, so he let the entire thing play out and just played a waiting game until he saw the perfect moment to wrap it all up.

The only collateral damage has been his family, and he can’t quite figure out the one variability: Joanna.

Sorry Julian, your Dad is still a pretty dark dude.

Other Thoughts:

  • Nicole is simultaneously annoying and awesome.
  • They really didn’t try to hide that wire at all.
  • The dropping of the contact was pretty contrived.
  • Who killed Edward’s wife?
  • Sofia and her old prison flame were incredibly boring.
  • The flashback moment with Mia and Vivian was nice to watch.


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This was the episode where the whole series came together. I think S.Epatha Merkelsen is to thank. Her scene with Robert was ELECTRIC. You just got so many layers and so much history from both of them. Victor Garber is usually excellent, but prior to this he seemed restrained -- maybe not enough to work with or no one else playing the (acting) game at his level.


This episode saved this show! It hit all the right notes & gave the fans what they wanted. Joanna & Julian - read the show page on facebook, the fans are in heaven over it. And the relationship is not doomed - she is not investigating his family, she is trying to find out who murdered Julian's sister. While not coming clean at the beginning is not the best basis to restart a relationship, he can clearly understand that it was her job to be undercover. She has done nothing bad to anyone, so what is so horrible that he cannot forgive her? And actually, getting Joanna fired frees her up to explore a different path, and gives the writers the opportunity to do something different. Also, having Joanna & Julian as a unit blunts Robert, Julian is impulsive & the one child Robert still has in his corner. He will be careful not to turn Julian against him, so that may give Joanna some room to maneuver. I think the show's chance of a 2nd season just increased exponentially because of this episode


I love the show it keeps you glued to the tv for the whole hour. I love that Edward is trying to figure everything out and actually gave himself inn. But i do think he is innocent, i don't think he killed the girl. AS for Julian & Joanna i don't want them together. i want her with Will. I don't trust Julian, i cant believe Audrey is dead the father did good with that one. i do believe the dad had something to do with Vivian's death still. Now about Mia and her father, she kiiled him with her kind words. You're a pure soul he said and she stabs him by saying must've gotten it from vivian. ouch ! & now this stupid reporter, she doesnt listen as many times they told her to stay away she doesnt listennnn!! great show please ppl keeps watching i want season 2 to come.


It was a great show, so glad I stuck with it. Did I miss something? I thought Nicole was dead? Julian is going to leave Joanna unfortunately that relationship is doomed. I'm actually surprised she hasn't been found out yet. Poor will and poor Edward when he finds his wife dead.


Deception was actually good this episode.


I can't believe how bad this show is and how I can't stop watching it LOL. Geez, so contrived, so obvious and so addictive. I'm routing for Joanna and Julian, he has been in love with her since childhood. He was the one that wanted everyone to know about them, but Joanna refused. To bad, they might be an old married couple by now. Yeah, he's gonna be pissed when he finds out she's a cop. Maybe two three episodes Ha,Ha,Ha.


Great show last night. Those who gave up on this show early on should have stuck around because things are getting good. I don't know how they are going to rap up everything next week but it should be interesting. First of all I did feel bad for Will. He is a nice guy and really cares for Joanna. I do think though that her and Julian look so great together but she's lying to him so I can't see that turning out well. I so love when Will and Edward are in a scene together. I think Will is really starting to like Edward and that they might could have a friendship if it wasn't for the whole investigating him and his family for murder. Robert is all kinds of evil if you ask me. I just knew as soon as talked to the guy he wanted him to do something shady. The Nicole girl is so annoying and I just wish they would have deported her couple of episodes ago. She just keeps showing up where she shouldn't be. At this point I think her character deserves whatever she gets.

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