Grimm Review: Code Breakers

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"Natural Born Wesen" was a return to procedural form for Grimm, but it also explored the scope of the Wesen world while doing so.

Munroe In the Middle

Monroe’s interactions with his fellow Wesen in the dive bar, and in general, is always an entertaining situation. The poor guy just seems to get along better with humans and the mild mannered Wesen (although he certainly knows how to protect himself) than with the more aggressive Wesen.

These interactions shed some light on Monroe’s own conflicting viewpoints, as he played with a Grimm as well as with Wesen tradition and culture. It’s an idea that isn’t always played around with on Grimm since Nick is usually the one with competing identities.

Nevertheless, Monroe’s continual support of Nick is truly admirable because the perks of being Nick’s sidekick and ally, at this point in time, is mostly one sided. He’s always putting his neck out for him – and while Nick definitely sparks Monroe’s morality and courageousness that just wasn’t there for his reformation – and I’m hoping Monroe begins to have a better give and take with Nick since it feels like Nick is taking him for granted.

One of the best aspects of tonight was how far the boundaries of the Wesen world stretched. In other words, since Renard and Nick’s tentative truce, more of the inner workings of the Wesen world are coming to light. And it’s surprising how much clout Rosalee herself has in this world.

One of Grimm’s greatest storytelling abilities is having the advantage of literally showing what is directly underneath the surface of its characters, using it to quickly give the audience a characterization; this technique has been used with Rosalee, but she’s continually breaking out of her meek shell now. This might be due to Nick, like Monroe, but some of it is due to her taking up her family’s business and finding her place in the Wesen world.

She clued DeGroot in on what was happening, and, naturally, Renard sent the pictures of the code breakers so DeGroot knew exactly how to take care of the situation. Renard seems to have his fingers in just about every pie.

Juliette was a little more tolerable here, probably because she was mostly alone dealing with her own issues. Issues, I must say, are a very welcome change of pace. She’s literally trying to traverse her own forgotten memories with Nick. Deep down, Juliette knows what Nick told her in the trailer, and this limbo of no memories and unexplainable feelings for Renard might have been the perfect escape from something that scared her. If she can overcome that fear, then her memories and love for Nick might coming rushing back.

A Few More Other Thoughts:

  • Apartment 214
  • Nick killed Adalind’s Hexenbiest self with some of his blood, why didn’t Renard’s half-Hexenbiest self go floating away too?
  • Thank goodness for Hank’s nutshell recap, things were a little hazy after the ridiculously long break.
  • Nick has the good sense to not put things in drawers that can be opened by anyone, but is hanging the key around his neck a better place?


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Poor main story, promising implications. The idea that the procedurals will morph into a modern "Lord of the Rings", where Renard and Nick go off to fight the good fight against the Legion of Darkness makes me salivate.


Bitsue Tulloch is not a good enough actress to carry the weight of story that has been heaped on the character of Juliette. Her moments of solitude dealing with the visual equivalent of the hole in her memory were a complete snooze. I found myself yelling at the TV "you stupid b!tch" several times during some of the more extended moments of her hallucinations. I keep wishing they had cast someone as good as Jennifer Jason Leigh in the role. My other favorite new show, Person of Interest, is going through some perfunctory by-the-numbers episodes now, too, after some penultimate meta eps. I'm more than happy to suffer through the same for Grimm given how pretty and weird they make my hometown on the screen.


@Nick McHatton - I asked myself the same question about Nick's blood and its interaction (or lack thereof) with Renard. Substances often don't react the same way when they're in solution. I'm guessing that since Nick's blood was a component of a potion, it didn't have the de-Hexen effect it did on its own with Adalind. Either that, or that property doesn't work on a half-Hexen. On a side note, it was great seeing Nick and Renard finally able to communicate on the level. Renard's brother better watch out - it's a whole new ball game, now!


I agree that Nick has been kind of taking Monroe for granted but I think Renard will actually help that situation. My theory has always been Renard wants a return to the original Grimm/royal relationship in which it seems to me (based entirely on Kelly's story and my own understanding of the templar knights and arthurian legends) where the Grimm is loyal knight and advisor to the Royal there in Portland. I think Grimms have likely been outcast or treated like hired guns. But Renard will be able to point out probably more abilities Nick will have and that he has this relationship with Monroe has proof he is the right Grimm. i do find it funny Monroe is like one of the scariest Wesen but he is such a lovable dork. It might be interesting if he starts to be targeted by Eric's people as a way into Portland. I found Juliette's story very interesting especially because it is freaking her out so much but we know she is actually starting to hear the last thing Nick total her.

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