Hawaii Five-0 Review: Talk Derby to Me

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Well, that was pretty down and derby, am I right, guys? Sorry, sorry. I'm just making some cheesy jokes in the spirit of "Na Ki'i (Dolls)", a delightful episode that fused fun action with a great sense of camp and the most Catherine Rollins we've seen in a long time.

Are you ready to talk derby with me? Okay, I'm really sorry this time. I swear I've gotten it out of my system (probably).

Catherine Undercover

First things first: I can admit when I am wrong. I had not previously been a huge Catherine fan, but in this episode - with her cool roller derby shorts and hot surveillance moves - she won me over (also, scientists have proven it is medically impossible not to enjoy the presence of someone referring to herself as "Alice Trooper").

Catherine hasn't gotten a chance to show her stuff like this on Hawaii Five-0 in a while, and this Catherine-driven episode was so fun, it (finally) made a believer out of me.

However,  the Hawaii Five-0 quotes game still belonged to Danny Williams - even though he only showed up in this episode long enough to let us know that he was raised by a woman who loved to watch vicious roller derby fights. Which is probably why he turned out so awesome (what can I say? You can't spell "relentless, borderline-pathological Danny Williams fan girl" without "Danny Williams").

The roller derby setting provided a nice contrast to the usual subcultures that come into play on this series, which tend to involve something highly unsavory, like smuggling or murderous underground fighting. Roller derby is merely a nice, friendly place where women with names like Nancy Raygun and Uma Vermin smash each other in the face while spinning around at high speeds on roller skates. Compared to the creepy-crawly communities the team usually has to dig around in, this was like a light-hearted trip to the Girl Scout jamboree - and I appreciated the episode's light touch.

I may have been swayed on the issue of Catherine; I have not, however, been fully swayed on the issue of Doris. While I believe that Christine Lahti does a great job with what she's given, the pacing of the Doris subplot this season has felt like a drag for a while. Though, judging by the closing moments of the show, that drag might be coming to an end.

Like so much else on the show, the Leahi Diamond Dolls and the South Shore Sirens are the real Hawaiian deal - actual working roller derby teams on the island (sadly, no team members appear to actually be named Ivana Kiss).

Though it's never explicitly alluded to as an homage, there was, in fact, a roller derby murder episode on fellow-traveler 70's action show Charlie's Angels. Even if it's not a direct homage, I felt that a distinctly retro spirit, which animates many of the show's most fun moments, was alive in this episode. It was lively, unique and it involved someone named "Crimson Bride," which is always a plus in my book. Yes, this was the most 5-0 fun I've ever had in an episode that didn't involve a cargument!

What did you think of Catherine as a derby girl? Do you think the Doris subplot is heading to a climax? What would your roller derby name be? Mine would be "Lady AghAgh."


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Do u think that even if Steve forgave Catherine he will still trust her and their relationship wont be in good terms in the future? I mean Steve still has trust issues and even if he forgave her he could still be hesitating toward her. I also believe that the story arc was a bit lame that was a case tht could easily could be resolved by HPD. H50 is a special task force and they are in charge of particular murder cases that HPD cannot solve. The case of the week could easily be solved by the HPD. The Dog Bounty Hunter thing, what a waste of time and air time. As for Doris, her character could had been better written but we all know her character was done in order not to like her due to the lies she still keeps from Steve and she will still have until her characted is doomed this season. Steve is going to need professional psychological help when he finally realizes and found out who his mother really is.


I gave up on this for a while when they added mom, the blonde, O'Ouinn and other actors they didn't need. But saw where Dog (the bounty hunter) was going to be on and so watched. I was hoping he would get a show of his own playin a cop or something. Wrong. Flashed by as dog. Then find a dark haired gal and mom still around. Some one let me know when they go back to the fab 4. Thanks.


Sorry, one last thing I meant to say... I don't get all the hate for Danno lately. I don't think his character has changed at all. He's always been the snarky, negative, sarcastic person he is now and I think it's great. He always has some of the best lines of the show. The McDanno scenes are still my favorite. The show was at its best when it focused on those two and the bromance. That was the formula to the original show also, and the more they detract from that (adding characters, splitting up the team, etc...), the more convoluted the show seems to get. Just my two cents.


@Alisa--where did you hear that Michelle is not nice to fans? I've heard the opposite.


i LOVE scott caan's danny...and LOVE his chemistry with alex....the show wouldn't work as well imo, with him.....you DON'T often find that kind of KILLER chemistry between male actors.....and i'll be honest: i'm GETTING SICK of the HATE TALK about scott....he's a GOOD guy....and he's FUN. alisa


Not up to standards IMO. Frankly, I wasn't "feelin'" the roller derby thing--the action scenes were WAAAAAAAAY too tame and safe and well, girlie...almost camp. Also, I'm with some of the other posters--how'd H50 land this case anyway? Was it because they were somehow associated with Dog's case and this girl just HAPPENED to fall to earth at the precise moment of capture? As for Doris' storyline, I had to rewind some when Catherine mentioned Mangosa because having been peppered with re-runs, these minor story elements went forgotten. And yes, what of Kono's boyfriend and his sinister brother? Let's move things along huh?


this got a 3 star rating.....because, i'm SICK of catherine and doris....i'm SICK of catherine NOT getting, that she is CONTINUING to HURT HER SON....she seems to think, he should just TRUST her after 20 years of NOT being in his life....she continues to LIE to him. and catherine: LORD GIVE ME A BREAK....she's USELESS when it comes to UNDERCOVER work ( as much as i HATE her), ziva from NCIS could have done BETTER....and she takes AWAY from the CORE 4 of the show....especially, from KONO.....and i just DON'T feel or see that MAGIC spark between she and steve....NOT in the same way i do McDanno......i could have done without the kiss at the end.....send catherine BACK out to sea....and from what i've heard, the actress is NOT very nice to fans. alisa


Thought this episode was pretty meh. I didn't really understand why 5-0 was brought in to investigate the girl's death in the first place. What was so special about it that HPD couldn't just investigate? So from the beginning the whole crime storyline was pretty weak. To me it almost seemed like a gimmick to give Catherine a main focus. People complain that she gets forced into episodes where she's not needed, so it seems like they created the episode just for her, which in its own way felt forced. Seems like the writers don't really know what to do with her. Regular character or not? Steve's girlfriend or team member? That being said, I did like the Steve/Catherine scene at the end. I'm glad that, after all she does for him, Steve was able to forgive her.


People, it is STORY ARC, not ARCH. Also, I rather like Doris, though I know she's always lying to Steve, but I have a feeling that the show writers have made her somewhat unlikable so that they can kill her off at the end of the season and have Steve grieve. Though she's too skinny, I also like Catherine and Steve together, but I have a feeling that time is running out on their relationship, too. I like seeing Steve in a stable relationship, because it leaves him more time to work on cases and his "bromance" with Danno. And why does it not surprise me that the aforementioned Jersey guy grew up on Roller Derby?! LOL. I love Danno, and I also love Chin (and Daniel Dae Kim) so I was glad that we didn't have any drama from Kono for this ep. Kono kind of leaves me cold anyway, she's got ridiculously bad taste in men and she's had to be rescued a few too many times.


Two different shows doing roller derby this year (Bones and H50) is the most roller derby I've seen since the sixties. Decent episode, though Steve Mother issues are getting annoying. Thanks to Danny I now know how they score roller derby, though it seems more rediculous than pro wrestling (which is tough to beat in the rediculous department).

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